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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 291 - How Can She Be Related to the Lu Family?

Chapter 291: How Can She Be Related to the Lu Family?

It was the school holidays, so there were not many people at Capital First High. It was a little more lively today only because the students from the winter camp were leaving school.

However, these three luxury cars were really eye-catching.

Sun Qingyi did not recognize the first two, but the last one was quite familiar.

He took a closer look and saw a familiar side profile. ‘Lu Huaiyu?’

Sun Qingyi froze. “Why are you here today?”

‘Did he come back to visit his teacher? It didn’t look like it…’

Lu Huaiyu glanced at him. “To pick someone up.”

Sun Qingyi was even more surprised. “What kind of person would make you pick them up personally?”

He asked as he subconsciously tried looking into Lu Huaiyu’s car.

However, besides Fang Qingyun and Lu Huaiyu, there was no one else inside.

Lu Huaiyu laughed lightly. “I didn’t get to.”

Sun Qingyi was dumbstruck.

There was too much information contained in these two sentences.

‘What kind of person in Capital First High is actually worthy of Lu Huaiyu picking them up personally…yet he didn’t even get to receive them?’

The corner of Lu Huaiyu’s lips curved slightly. He did not answer his question.

Since Sun Qingyi still had to send the students away, he did not delay further and left after a simple greeting.

At the lobby of the dormitory building.

After Ning Li and the others had left, the girls took a while to recover their senses.

“Did Ning Li actually call Lu Huaiyu ‘Second Brother’? Didn’t you say that she’s from Yunzhou? How does she have such a relationship in the Capital?”

“I heard that she’s not from Yunzhou, but from Lincheng. Still…Lincheng can’t even compare with Yunzhou, let alone the Capital!”

“Wait, we were talking about Lu Huaiyu like nymphomaniacs before! Will Ning Li tell him? OMG… That’ll be so humiliating…”

“Honestly, I don’t think the handsome Lu Huaiyu will even care. At his level, there are too many people chasing him, so we’re nothing to him. He must be used to all this by now.”

“Right…but the point is…that man is absolutely amazing! That face! Those legs! He looks so cool in the photo, and he treats Ning Li so well…”

A few girls were still discussing the matter, but Cao Jingxuan did not say anything.

After the car had completely driven out of sight, she turned around without an expression on her face.

Zhou Meng and the other girls glanced at each other. They could sense that Cao Jingxuan was in a bad mood and quieted down.

For Cao Jingxuan, what had just happened was a little too awkward.

Earlier, she had told everyone that she met Lu Huaiyu before, which made many girls envy her.

In the end, Lu Huaiyu had not even remembered her at all. Instead, he had personally come to pick Ning Li up and had even helped her carry her suitcase.

From the looks of it, Ning Li and Lu Huaiyu were pretty close.

Cao Jingxuan’s face stiffened. She then returned to her car.

The person driving was her father. “Jingxuan, was that guy Second Master Lu?”

Cao Jingxuan gave a faint “mm”.

Her father looked a little excited.

“He’s your senior, right? That classmate of yours seems to have a good relationship with him.”

Cao Jingxuan was annoyed. “I’m not sure. She didn’t mention…”

“You should get in touch with this classmate more often in the future!”

Her father admonished.

They had their own business and were considered a rich family, but they could not compare to the Lu family.

Countless people wanted to have a relationship with the Lu family.

“Second Young Master has always been reserved, but he seems to be very nice to that classmate of yours…”

Cao Jingxuan closed her eyes. When she recalled the scene earlier, she still felt a scorching pain on her face.

She said with some impatience, “It’s just a pickup and doesn’t mean anything. Ning Li’s family is from Lincheng. She’s from a single-parent family with very ordinary conditions. How could she be related to the Lu family?”

“Really?” Her father was dumbfounded.

‘That’s even weirder… I’ve never heard of Second Master Lu taking such good care of anyone…’

He was about to ask a few more questions, but seeing that his daughter was in a bad mood, he finally swallowed his words and drove away.

“Song.” The man sitting in the car called out to Pei Song. “It’s time for us to go.”

Pei Song withdrew his gaze and responded lightly.

“Lili, how long do you plan to stay in the Capital this time?” Yu Pingchuan asked with concern in the car.

Ning Li thought about it for a moment. “I haven’t decided yet.”

“Since you don’t have anything to do back there, why don’t you stay in the Capital for the Chinese New Year?” Yu Pingchuan was careful with this question.

Ning Li’s grandmother had passed away, so there was no one to spend Chinese New Year with her.

As for the Ye family, there was no need for Ning Li to go back to them.

On the contrary, it might be better to stay in the Capital.

Ning Li was stunned and quickly understood what he had in mind.

She actually did not think too much about Chinese New Year.

For her, she had lost her grandmother for many years and would not purposely celebrate these holidays by herself.

Chinese New Year was all about family reunions, which was meaningless to her now.

Thus, Ning Li was a bit surprised when Yu Pingchuan had brought this up all of a sudden.

Yu Pingchuan saw that Ning Li was silent and thought that she was saddened to recall the death of her grandmother, so he lightened his voice and said, “Don’t worry… Take your time to decide. There’s still some time before Chinese New Year, so you can think about it. You can also use this opportunity to go around the Capital.”

Warmth filled Ning Li’s heart. She smiled and said, “Alright.”


Shuiyuan Shijia.

This was a high-end neighborhood located on the third ring road in the south of the Capital, with one apartment per floor. Yu Pingchuan owned two adjacent floors here.

Yu Pingchuan took Ning Li upstairs.

“I’m staying in 1001, so you can stay in 901. If you need anything, just tell Lil Lin.”

Ning Li nodded her head.

Yu Pingchuan asked, “By the way, did you get to go to Jinse Bay the last time you came to the Capital?”

Ning Li replied, “Yup.”

Yu Pingchuan nodded. “That’s good. Your painting is exhibited there now. Do you want to go and take a look with me some time?”

Ning Li chuckled. “Sure.”