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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 290 - Who Are You Going With?

Chapter 290: Who Are You Going With?

Ning Li turned sideways. “Second Brother, this is my classmate, Zhou Meng. Zhou Meng, this is my Second Brother.”

Zhou Meng had not expected Ning Li to introduce them, so she did not even stop to think about why Ning Li called Lu Huaiyu “Second Brother”. She immediately greeted him. “Hello, Ning Li’s Second Brother!”

Lu Huaiyu looked at Ning Li with a smirk.

‘This girl is quite good at avoiding the main issue and making light of it…’

However, in front of these people, Lu Huaiyu respected Ning Li’s wishes.

He nodded gently at Zhou Meng. “Hello.”

Zhou Meng screamed inwardly.

‘He’s so handsome. He looks so cold and ascetic, but he’s actually gentle and friendly!’

Since Ning Li had introduced one of them, she had to introduce the rest as well.

“This is Sun Mengmeng, and this is Li Fei.”

Although Ning Li usually looked indifferent, she was still quite familiar with these girls because they would come to borrow her papers and ask questions.

Both girls were quite shy. They stood aside after greeting Lu Huaiyu and were too embarrassed to even say more than one word.

Ning Li’s gaze eventually fell on Cao Jingxuan.

“This is Cao Jingxuan. She’s also from Capital First High.”

Only then did Lu Huaiyu look squarely at Cao Jingxuan, as if this was the first time he had seen her. “Hello.”

Cao Jingxuan’s face was a mixture of red and white.

She had taken the initiative to talk to Lu Huaiyu earlier, but he had not even bothered to say hello.

Now, Cao Jingxuan had only gotten a hello because she was Ning Li’s classmate…

After the introduction, Ning Li breathed a sigh of relief.

“Second Brother, then…let’s go?”

Lu Huaiyu let out a faint “mm”.

Ning Li also fled towards the car, but she soon realized that she seemed to have a bigger problem.

‘Which car should I get into?!’

Standing in front of the three cars, Ning Li once again fell silent.

Gu Siyang also got down from the car, and rushed straight to Ning Li and Lu Huaiyu.

He was very happy to see Ning Li, but he was also delighted to see Lu Huaiyu.

It was double the happiness!

“Second Master Lu, when did you return to the Capital? I didn’t even know! I didn’t expect to run into you here…hahahaha!”

Gu Siyang was excited and was very attentive in helping with Ning Li’s bags.

“Allow me to take these!”

Lu Huaiyu glanced faintly at Gu Siyang.

“It doesn’t seem like your car can fit these.”


Gu Siyang looked back, feeling that Lu Huaiyu’s words were somewhat reasonable.

He had only thought about picking Ning Li up and forgot that Ning Li would have brought her suitcase.

This did seem inconvenient.

Gu Siyang slapped his thigh and instantly regretted his decision.

“Damn! I should’ve driven my dad’s off-road…”

Ning Li was speechless.

‘What in the world was I thinking when I told Gu Siyang about attending winter camp in Capital First High?!’

Yu Pingchuan did not know Gu Siyang, but knew that he was probably a Young Master of an affluent family that seemed to be quite familiar with Ning Li.

In addition, he had not expected that Lu Huaiyu had also returned to the Capital and would come to pick Ning Li up.

“Master Yu.” Ning Li greeted him. “You came back to the Capital early! Why didn’t you tell me?”

Yu Pingchuan smiled. “It was a last-minute decision and I wanted to surprise you!”

He had thought that since this was the last day of Ning Li’s winter camp and that she was not familiar with the Capital, she would probably need someone to take care of her. Thus, he had finished his work in advance and returned to the Capital ahead of schedule.

However, this situation seemed to be a little different from what he had expected.

Yu Pingchuan tentatively asked. “Lili, are you not going back with me?”

When these words came out, Gu Siyang and Lu Huaiyu both looked over.

Ning Li held her breath and said, “There are quite a lot of hotels in the Capital…”

Lu Huaiyu, who had been standing next to her, suddenly laughed lightly.

Ning Li swallowed back the rest of her words.

Lin Yaohui got down from the driver’s seat and smiled at Ning Li. “Lili, Master Yu had someone clean up the apartment at Shuiyuan Shijia in advance, especially for you this time. You can just stay at the bottom floor.”

Yu Pingchuan had bought two floors of apartments there, so he had a spare apartment for Ning Li.

Lin Yaohui had also accompanied Yu Pingchuan to the Capital.

Ning Li let out a light sigh in her heart.

“Then I’ll go back with you.”

Yu Pingchuan was overjoyed. “Great! Get in the car then!”

He was ecstatic, but the remaining two were not so happy.

Gu Siyang looked at Ning Li bashfully. “Ning Li, are you sure? Our training…the conditions there are pretty good too! Are you really not coming to take a look?”

Ning Li believed his words, of course, but at this time, she did not care about him.

She looked at Lu Huaiyu and looked torn.

“Second Brother…”

Lu Huaiyu had personally come to pick her up, but she could not go with him.

“Since Master Yu has taken so much trouble, it’ll be a waste of his efforts if you don’t go with him.”

Lu Huaiyu smiled faintly.

Ning Li tilted her head to look at him, trying to search for some emotion on his face.


Lu Huaiyu smiled slightly deeper and gently flicked her forehead.

“Really…get in the car.”

Only then did Ning Li’s heart settle down.

“Then…I’ll go with Master Yu first!”

Lu Huaiyu nodded and walked over to put Ning Li’s suitcase in the trunk of Yu Pingchuan’s car.

Lin Yaohui and Yu Pingchuan got into the car.

Ning Li was last to get in.

When she got into the backseat, Lu Huaiyu pulled open the car door and handed over her backpack. “Let me know when you arrive.”

Ning Li nodded. “Okay.”

Lu Huaiyu looked at her for a moment before closing the car door.

Gu Siyang leaned on the other side of the car window and was still holding onto the last shred of hope as he asked tenaciously, “Ning Li! Ning Li! Then, will you be free tomorrow?”

Since he could not pick her up today, he could only try again tomorrow.

If tomorrow failed, then he would try again the day after tomorrow.

Gu Siyang would try every day that Ning Li was in the Capital to invite her to their training base.


“Gu Siyang.”

Just as Ning Li spoke, Lu Huaiyu looked at Gu Siyang and interrupted him. “Your car is blocking the way. Drive your car out first.”

“Huh? Oh, okay!”

When Gu Siyang heard this, he immediately replied and turned to go back to his supercar.

He started the car engine, which roared loudly.

Gu Siyang was the first to drive out.

His uncle had finally lifted his ban on touching cars, so Gu Siyang did not want to repeat the same mistake again.

Although this car was not very expensive, he knew that his uncle’s only concern was about his attitude.

Gu Siyang would have to behave well during this period of time.

After Gu Siyang had driven out, Lu Huaiyu took a step back.

Lin Yaohui drove behind Gu Siyang.

Lu Huaiyu was the last to get into his car.

The black Panamera followed in a low profile at the tail.

Fang Qingyun looked to the front and grunted.

Before coming over, he had not expected to see this kind of scene.

“Second Young Master, since Ms. Ning has left with Master Yu, are we still going to Rongyue Mansion?”

A few days ago, Lu Huaiyu had ordered people to clean out that mansion for Ning Li, but who would have guessed that she would not leave with him.

Lu Huaiyu leaned back in his seat and folded his long legs. His expression was dull. “Mm.”

Fang Qingyun secretly lamented. ‘All these years, I’ve never seen Second Young Master at such a loss…but since this is the lady’s choice, no one can say anything about it…’

The three luxury cars formed a flashy line-up as they drove away one after another.

Sun Qingyi, who was driving back, came face-to-face with them.

He was stunned. “What’s going on?”