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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 289 - Lili Never Mentioned Me?

Chapter 289: Lili Never Mentioned Me?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The scene went silent.

Three luxury cars were lined up, blocking the road at the dormitory building.

Ning Li felt a bit of a headache coming on.

She had not told anyone about leaving camp today and had thought that she would just take a taxi from here. She had not expected that so many cars would come over and that all of them would bump into each other.

‘Why is Gu Siyang so free?! Did Master Yu come back to the Capital early? As for Lu Huaiyu…’

Ning Li raised her eyes and met Lu Huaiyu’s gaze. He had a relaxed smile, but for some reason, she inexplicably felt a chill in the back of her neck.

Cao Jingxuan also froze when she saw the cars.

She did not know Yu Pingchuan, but his SUV was worth a lot of money.

Needless to say, the supercar next to Gu Siyang had “I’m expensive” written all over it.

Were both these people here to pick Ning Li up? Wasn’t she from Yunzhou? How did she know such people in the Capital?’

However, Cao Jingxuan’s attention was on the man who had arrived last.

At first, Cao Jingxuan thought that she was mistaken when she saw that face. However, after staring for several seconds, she was able to confirm that the man in front of her was indeed Lu Huaiyu.

Her heart was racing because she had not expected to run into him at this time.

Although they had met two years ago, such a handsome and noble person was truly hard to forget.

Currently, a few girls who were standing downstairs also stared at Lu Huaiyu dumbstruck.

One of them could not help but murmur, “OMG! He’s too handsome! Why does he look so familiar?”

The girl next to her smacked her and said, “Do you think all handsome guys look familiar?”

The other girl froze and shook her head. “No… He really is familiar! I’m sure I’ve seen him somewhere before…but where…”

She thought hard for a few seconds and suddenly remembered something. “Wait! Isn’t that Lu Huaiyu?!”

Lu Huaiyu.

Once this name came out, the other girls quickly reacted.

“Lu Huaiyu?! The one on the Wall of Fame?!”

“Who else could it be? It must be him! That picture of him is still in my phone… Ahem, anyway, I’m sure it’s him!”

“Let’s ask Jingxuan, hasn’t she seen him before?”

They looked at Cao Jingxuan in unison with curious and excited faces.

Cao Jingxuan blinked and nodded gently.

“Yeah, it’s him.”

The other girls grew more excited.

Lu Huaiyu’s photo, with his youthful vigor, sharpness and an innate pride that he exuded all over his body, was already eye-catching enough.

Now, he looked even cooler and more elegant with an unparalleled aura. He appeared to be as unattainable as the snow on top of the highest mountain.

Just one glance was enough to convince others to submit to him or be charmed by him.

It was only after witnessing it that one could understand how impactful this man’s aura was.

One of the girls nudged Cao Jingxuan.

“Jingxuan, what are you waiting for? Go say hello! If possible, please introduce us too?”

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so how could they miss it?

Cao Jingxuan took a deep breath and put on a beautiful smile on her face. She stepped forward and greeted Lu Huaiyu. “Senior Lu.”

Lu Huaiyu looked over with his clear eyes.

Cao Jingxuan was actually nervous and did not dare to look him in the eyes. Her heart was beating fast.

“You probably don’t remember me. I’m Cao Jingxuan. I was responsible for receiving you during the school’s 110th-anniversary celebration two years ago.”

The team that had been selected to receive guests from the school were all slim and beautiful girls.

Cao Jingxuan had been one of the best among them.

She subconsciously straightened her shoulders and back as she met Lu Huaiyu’s eyes.

Even the few girls standing behind her were also shy and nervous.

Lu Huaiyu inclined his head, seemingly in thought, before nodding.

Cao Jingxuan held her breath as her heart surged with joy.

In the next moment, Lu Huaiyu said in a lazy voice, “Indeed. I don’t remember.”


The smile that had just risen on Cao Jingxuan’s face suddenly froze.

Lu Huaiyu did not show any interest in her and quickly moved his gaze. He looked past them to Ning Li, who was standing at the innermost area.

“Am I late?”

Everyone followed his line of sight.

After realizing that Lu Huaiyu was looking at Ning Li, everyone was shocked.

“Was his question for Ning Li?” The girl who had first recognized Lu Huaiyu mumbled.

Cao Jingxuan frowned extremely lightly.

Another girl said, “How could that be? Isn’t Ning Li from Yunzhou? Lu Huaiyu’s from the Capital. How could they know each other? Jingxuan is his junior yet he doesn’t even remember her, let alone Ning Li…”

Her voice came to an abrupt halt because Lu Huaiyu was walking towards them.

He was very tall, so as he walked over, his long legs looked particularly striking.

Lu Huaiyu seemed to be surrounded by a layer of invisible charm. He was so noble, casual, cold, ascetic, and untouchable.

He walked through the crowd and finally stopped in front of Ning Li.

Lu Huaiyu leaned down slightly, and under the shocked gaze of the crowd, he raised his hand to lift Ning Li’s hood. He looked into Ning Li’s beautiful and clear eyes and let out a low chuckle. “Hmm?”

He had indeed been asking Ning Li that question.

Ning Li shook her head. “No.”

Everyone saw this and were silent from shock.

They actually knew each other!

Only then did Lu Huaiyu straighten up in satisfaction and extend his hand.

“Hand me your things.”

Ning Li obediently pushed her suitcase over and handed him her black backpack.

Lu Huaiyu weighed the suitcase.

“It’s so heavy! Why didn’t you wait for me to come over before moving it?”

Ning Li did not know what to say.

‘You didn’t say that you were coming…’

However, she did not dare to say that and only said, “I stayed on the second floor, so I could just bring it down myself.”

Lu Huaiyu took a step forward. He suddenly paused and turned to look at Pei Song.

“Thanks for earlier.”

Pei Song had already retracted his hand. His expression was distant and calm.

“We’re classmates, after all.”

Lu Huaiyu smiled. “Classmates should also be thanked.”

Pei Song did not speak.

Lu Huaiyu turned back and gently patted Ning Li’s head.

“Get in the car. It’s cold outside.”

There was dead silence in the lobby of the dormitory building.

Even a blind man could see that Ning Li not only knew Lu Huaiyu, but she also had a special relationship with him!

When they passed Cao Jingxuan and the other girls, one of them could not help herself and called out to Ning Li.

“Ning Li!”

Ning Li stood in place.

The girl looked at Lu Huaiyu and then at Ning Li. She really could not hide her curiosity and asked cautiously, “Y-You know…”

Ning Li nodded.

“What? But why didn’t you mention it before?”

The girl had a complicated look on her face.

If she had known that Ning Li and Lu Huaiyu were close, she would have tried to get closer to Ning Li.


Before Ning Li had a chance to speak, Lu Huaiyu looked over.

He raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Lili never mentioned me?”

This was directed to that girl.

The girl had not expected Lu Huaiyu to ask her a question, so her face instantly turned red. She stammered and said, “I-I…d-don’t think so…”

Lu Huaiyu laughed and asked unhurriedly, “Oh? Not even once?”

Ning Li instantly felt a chill at the back of her head.