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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 287 - Choose a Major

Chapter 287: Choose a Major

“Do you mean Lu Huaiyu, Second Young Master of the Lu family?!”

At the mention of his name, another girl quickly responded.

“Is he the youngest one on the wall of distinguished alumni in Capital First High?”

“Who else but him?” Cao Jingxuan looked a little proud.

“If that’s him, he’s really good-looking…”

“I saw his photo when I came here. He looks like a Greek god!”

A girl asked, “You’ve all seen it? What does he look like? I didn’t pay attention to that Wall of Fame.”

The girl who spoke at the beginning sighed.

“I took a picture of it, but I don’t have my phone now. You’ll know when you see for yourself! He’s really hot!”

She looked at Cao Jingxuan. “By the way, I remember that he graduated several years ago, right? The popular guys I was talking about came after him. If we count him as well, then he’s definitely the winner!”

Cao Jingxuan nodded.

“Well…he went to Xijing University after only a year or so in high school. That photo was taken when he graduated.”

The girls who had not seen Lu Huaiyu’s photo felt that they were exaggerating.

“Really? Is he that handsome? It’s just a photo…”

Cao Jingxuan blinked and said.

“Two years ago on the 110th anniversary of Capital First High, Senior Lu came back for a visit. At that time, I happened to be part of the team to receive him.”

When these words came out, several girls immediately marveled and envied Cao Jingxuan.

“You’re too lucky!”

“Really?! Is he as handsome in person as he is in the photo?!”

“What’s he like? Did you guys talk?”

Cao Jingxuan’s face was a little red as she nodded her head.

“Yup, that picture isn’t even half as handsome as he is in person. He’s also very nice, polite, and modest. I even took a picture with him. If you want to see it, I can show you tonight.”

Several girls nodded excitedly.

Ning Li returned to her seat.

She opened her book and could vaguely hear the girls in front of her pestering Cao Jingxuan to tell them more about Lu Huaiyu.

Lu Huaiyu was a legendary figure in Capital First High.

Even after graduating for several years and changing batches of students, Lu Huaiyu’s name could still easily make waves.

Ning Li turned her head and saw the confession that occupied half of the wall.

Lu Huaiyu’s name had taken up the youths of countless girls.

That was something she did not participate in.

Suddenly, Ning Li remembered something.

Besides that photo of Lu Huaiyu on the Wall of Fame, Ning Li did not have any other photos of Lu Huaiyu on her phone.

Time passed quickly.

There was an exam every three days at the winter camp. In the following days, they had two more exams one after another.

Ning Li and the top three still remained the same.

As for the others, except for the two boys who made particularly obvious progress and barely made it into the top ten, the rest of the rankings did not change much overall.

The bottom few’s rankings were also very stable, especially Ye Ci.

Even after minimizing her sleeping time and using up all her energy to study hard, it was still not much use.

In both exams, she was still at the bottom of the class.

Even Zhang Yanyan did not bother to comment about Ye Ci’s grades anymore.

It was just too bad and she was not qualified enough.

Zhang Yanyan preferred to worry about her own grades.

The last day of winter camp.

Everyone’s scores from the three assessments were summarized and a comprehensive assessment was made.

Ye Ci’s situation was special, so only two assessments were included.

Even so, it had little impact on her results.

Her scores did not differ much each time.

After the class, Zhu Jingyuan waved at Ning Li.

“Ning Li, come with me.”

Ning Li got up and followed the professor.

When she left, the classroom was abuzz.

“Is Professor Zhu going to ask Ning Li about her major?”

“Yeah, for sure! With Ning Li’s performance, she’s sure to win the prize in the finals. By then, all the top universities will definitely offer her a spot and she can take her pick. Professor Zhu is from Xijing University, so I’m sure he definitely hopes that she’ll choose his school!”

“I won’t even hope for Xijing University… There are only a few spots available, so it won’t even get to us…”

Ye Ci stared at Ning Li’s departing back. When she heard those words from the people around her, the jealousy in her heart surged wildly.

When the finals were over, Ning Li would get an acceptance letter from Xijing University and the envy and best wishes from countless people.

What about her?


Zhu Jingyuan looked at Ning Li with a kind expression.

“Ning Li, the winter camp is about to end. The professors at Xijing University and Hua University are both interested in you and want me to ask about your wishes first. Do you have a preference between these two schools?”

Xijing University was in the Capital, and Hua University was in Haicheng. They were two of the top universities in China.

Although the finals had not yet begun, from the time these students entered the winter camp for training, the professors from these universities were already paying attention to them.

Without a doubt, Ning Li was the most outstanding one here.

Ning Li nodded. “I choose Xijing University.”

The smile on Zhu Jingyuan’s face became much more obvious.


He was from Xijing University, so he was certainly happy to hear Ning Li say that.

“Then, do you have a major that interests you?”

Ning Li raised her eyes.

Generally speaking, the top twenty overall scores from the National Physics Competition would qualify for guaranteed admission, and those behind them would get conditional offers.

The first choice for students who had been guaranteed admission would usually choose a physics major.

Usually, only students that were ranked first were eligible to choose their own major.

Now, Zhu Jingyuan was already asking if Ning Li had a major that she was interested in.

Ning Li nodded her head.

“Yes, I do.”