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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 278 - I Wrote the Notes

Chapter 278: I Wrote the Notes

When Ye Ci found Ning Li, she was eating dinner.

There were many other winter camp students in the cafeteria.

Ye Ci walked over.

“Sister Ning Li, Mr. Li wants you to go to the office as well.”

The few people around who were closer heard this and looked up with curiosity and confusion.

‘Mr. Li had called on Ye Ci earlier and now wanted to call on Ning Li as well?’

Seeing Ye Ci’s expression, it did not seem very good.

Cao Jingxuan looked over and said, “Ye Ci, you haven’t eaten dinner, right? I’ll order one portion for you.”

Ye Ci smiled reluctantly.

“No, thanks. I don’t have much of an appetite right now. I’m going to go over with Sister Ning Li later.”

Ye Ci could not eat anything right now.

Ning Li glanced at Ye Ci and saw the bag that she was carrying.

It seemed to contain a book.

Ning LI raised her eyebrows slightly.

“Okay. I’ll go as soon as I finish eating.”

Ye Ci was speechless. ‘How can Ning Li still think about dinner at this moment? She can’t imagine what’s coming for her next, right?’

Thinking of this, Ye Ci sneered in her heart.

‘Ning Li was only calm and relaxed now because of her good grades, right?’

In this winter camp, Ning Li had gotten a perfect score in the test and formal exam.

It was no wonder that she was so arrogant.

‘Let’s see if Ning Li can still be so calm when she gets to the office…’

“Then take your time to eat, Sister Ning Li. I’ll wait for you.”

Ye Ci sat down opposite Ning Li.

Ning Li did not care about her.

Since Ye Ci was willing to wait, then she would make her wait.

The people around them looked at each other.

The situation did not seem right.

Moreover, knowing that Ye Ci was waiting for her, Ning Li still ate slowly.

Cao Jingxuan said, “Ye Ci, you have gastroenteritis, so you should at least have some porridge. I brought an insulated lunch box, so I can bring some back for you.”

Ye Ci hesitated for a moment before finally agreeing.

“Okay then, thank you.”

Cao Jingxuan smiled brightly.

“You’re welcome.”

Ning Li had not said anything since the beginning, as if these things had nothing to do with her.

After being here for a few days, everyone could see that Ning Li and Ye Ci had a very average relationship even though they were a reorganized family.

Fifteen minutes later when Ye Ci was already anxious from waiting, Ning Li finally got up.

“Let’s go.”

Ye Ci felt annoyed and silently grabbed her bag.

‘Let’s see how long Ning Li can be smug for!’

The two of them went into the office one after the other.

Seeing that all three teachers were there, Ning Li figured out what was going on.

This was Ye Ci’s investigation, but Ye Ci had dragged her down again.

‘Very well then…’

“Ning Li, Ye Ci, please have a seat.”

Li Guangyuan looked at Ning Li with a complicated expression.

He had not expected the investigation to involve Ning Li.

In fact, several of them felt that with Ning Li’s grades, there was really no need for her to cheat, but Ye Ci had said it so blatantly that they had to investigate.

Otherwise, they would not be able to explain it.

Li Guangyuan weighed his words.

“Ning Li, we called you over because of Ye Ci’s preliminary round results. She said that before the preliminaries, she read your notes, and most of the questions on it coincided with the test paper. Did such a thing happen?”

Ning Li seemed to be a little surprised.

“Is that what Ye Ci said?”

Li Guangyuan nodded.

Ye Ci sat on the side with her head slightly bowed.

“Sister Ning Li, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say this, but…they had doubts about my preliminary results, so I can only tell the truth. I really didn’t cheat… I only scored so well because of your notebook. Sister Ning Li, you can testify for me, right?”

Ye Ci wanted Ning Li to prove that she did not cheat. It had all been because of that notebook, but that only meant that Ning Li’s notes were fishy.

Zhao Ping asked, “Ye Ci, did you bring that notebook?”

Ye Ci nodded, took it out of her bag, and handed it over.

Ning Li looked at it and said in a light voice, “I can’t imagine that you would be so attached to this notebook that you even brought it with you from Yunzhou…”

Ye Ci bit her lip and did not say anything.

Since Ye Ci had gotten fifth place in the province and knew that she still had to participate in the winter camp as well as the national finals, she had been afraid that such a situation would arise.

Thus, she had been carrying this notebook with her.

It really came in handy now.

Zhao Ping took the notebook.

Ning Li suddenly laughed and said, “Ye Ci, didn’t you tell the teachers that I specifically wrote these notes for you?”

Ye Ci suddenly stiffened.

Li Guangyuan looked at the two.

“Ning Li, what do you mean by that?”

‘Specifically wrote it for Ye Ci?’

Ning Li leaned back in the chair.

“When Ye Ci couldn’t keep up with the competitive physics class which had affected her other grades, our teacher asked me to help by tutoring Ye Ci. I never take notes for any class, including the competitive physics class, so I wrote this one specifically for her. The content in this notebook does have a large number of colliding parts with the preliminary exam paper. However, it’s just the knowledge points and types of questions, not the actual question itself.”

Ning Li lifted her chin.

“You can take a look at it. The questions on here are partly what Mr. Zhou Fei has taught us. Part of it was purposely selected from the past years’ papers for the physics competition. Of course, those are also the key points that Mr. Zhou Fei has mentioned. For each key point, I’ve only done one question, but each question had the types and derivations which were related to the provincial physics competition exam questions in the past ten years. Since I had limited time and energy, I only wrote a part of it for her first. This is just the first revision.”

The corners of Ning Li’s lips slowly curved into an extremely faint arc.

“There’s a second revision which I just finished writing encompassing the topics that weren’t covered in the previous revision. My intention was to give it to Ye Ci sometime during the winter camp. Unfortunately…”

Ning Li looked at Ye Ci, whose face was already white, and said lightly, “She doesn’t seem to need it anymore.”