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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 275 - Questioning

Chapter 275: Questioning

This was also the question that Ye Ci was thinking about.

Ye Ci looked at Li Guangyuan who was on the podium and shook her head.

“I don’t know…”

Since Ye Ci had left halfway through the exam, she was not considered to have completed the exam.

So, her paper should not have been graded and included in the final assessment either, right?

“Your results are out. Just like before, I’ll read out your names according to your ranking.”

Li Guangyuan took out the results sheet.

“When I call out your name, please come up to get your own paper.”

The classroom immediately became silent, and everyone subconsciously became tense.

The last test had already killed their arrogance. The arrogance they had when they had first arrived had almost dissipated.

It was only here that they realized how fierce the competition was. The ones who did particularly poorly in the last test were expected to make a comeback to gain back their reputation.

Not to mention, this time, the results would be credited in the final evaluation.

“First place, Ning Li. Full marks.”

Li Guangyuan read.

After a short silence, the class stirred up.

“She’s first again?! Another perfect score?”

“She has a good foundation so she scored well in the last test, but the test this time was what we learned in the past three days… Did she actually solve them all?”

“This is insane… We really can’t compare to her. How many times do you think she can get a perfect score for this winter camp?”

“She probably has a solid spot at Xijing University…”

Ning Li got up, walked over, and took her paper.

Her expression was always calm even with so much chatter surrounding her, as if she did not care very much.

“Second place, Pei Song. 147 marks.”

Everyone looked at Pei Song again.

Someone murmured.

“What?! Is Yunzhou Second High determined to bag the top two places for this competition?”

They had sent three students from their school!

“Don’t worry… There’s still Ye Ci, so at least it can be evenly distributed…” Another girl lowered her voice and scoffed.

Ye Ci instantly felt like her heart had been stabbed.

She turned her head and looked to the side.

The person who had said this was Zhang Yanyan, the one who had repeatedly mocked her before.

Sensing Ye Ci’s gaze, Zhang Yanyan also looked over.

She was not afraid that Ye Ci had heard that and even sneered as if she was concerned that Ye Ci could not understand the contempt and mockery she was showing.

Previously, Zhang Yanyan had been in 15th place. Although she could not compete with Ning Li and Pei Song, she was definitely considered one of the top students.

Especially when compared to Ye Ci, Zhang Yanyan had scored so much better.

Zhang Yanyan was also from another province and had been a top student since she was young, so she was very arrogant.

Even after coming here, she was still the same.

Ye Ci gripped the pen in her hand, but finally held back.

“Third, Tan Ruiqun. 143 marks.”

The top three were the same as the last time.

However, Pei Song and Tan Ruiqun, who had originally been tied for second place in the last test, now had a slight gap between them.

Of course, one test did not mean anything. It only proved once again that these three had extremely strong learning abilities.

In fact, the top ten were basically the same people with not much change.

Cao Jingxuan and Song Mengtang’s rankings had been swapped, and Song Mengtang was now in front.

As for those at the back, the ranking had changed quite a bit.

Some people were happy about their scores while some were disappointed.

The further Li Guangyuan read, the more nervous Ye Ci became.

She did not know what would happen to her paper.

“51st place, Li Peng. 93 marks.”

That boy had expected this ranking, but compared to his last score, at least he had passed this time.

Ye Ci was the only one left.

Many students looked at her.

Li Guangyuan looked at the last paper in his hand and said, “Ye Ci did not complete the examination yesterday, so it counts as missing the examination and her results won’t count in the final assessment.”

Ye Ci breathed out a long sigh of relief.

She walked to the podium and took her paper with both hands.

“Thank you, Mr. Li.”

Li Guangyuan asked, “Are you feeling better?”

Ye Ci nodded. “Much better.”

“That’s good.” Li Guangyuan was relieved to hear that. He paused for a moment before he said, “Work hard and try to do well in future exams.”

Ye Ci felt that his tone was a bit strange, but she still nodded.

After she returned to her seat, she inadvertently glanced at her own paper and suddenly stiffened.

There was a score on her paper.

The number 37 in bright red ink stabbed her eyes like a sharp knife.

Ye Ci subconsciously picked up her books and covered up the score.

Her heart was still beating fast and her limbs felt cold.

Li Guangyuan had said that her exam was considered a missed exam and would not count as an official grade, so Ye Ci had thought that she had escaped it.

She had not expected that Li Guangyuan would have actually marked half of her paper and given her a score!

Although she had only used half of the time, the questions she had solved were far less than half.

That was why she had gotten this extremely embarrassing score…

Ye Ci quickly lifted her eyes and glanced at Li Guangyuan.

As a teacher with many years of teaching experience, Li Guangyuan saw the paper that was only partially written and could already judge Ye Ci’s real standards.

That was why he reminded her to work hard.

On the one hand, he had indeed worried about Ye Ci’s health, but on the other hand, he did not want to embarrass Ye Ci in front of so many students.

However, Ye Ci knew very well that Li Guangyuan understood everything.

She just felt so dizzy and muddled.

The afternoon passed by in a flash.

When the bell rang, Li Guangyuan called for Ye Ci. “Ye Ci, come with me.”