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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 272 - He Said, Baby

Chapter 272: He Said, Baby

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lu Huaiyu hugged Ning Li so tightly that her voice became a little muffled.

However, it was very noisy where they were, so Sun Qingyi did not hear much through the phone.

Since they were on the same floor, Sun Qingyi also heard the movement of the gurney and knew roughly where Ning Li was.

Her friend also sounded quite protective of her.

Thus, Sun Qingyi put his heart at ease and said a few more words before hanging up the phone.

The gurney passed by in a hurry.

The middle-aged man with burns was crying in pain that the whole corridor echoed with this heart-wrenching cry.

Ning Li’s body stiffened.

Lu Huaiyu felt it.

His brow wrinkled slightly.

This kind of scene was not suitable for girls as it was too gory.

With Ning Li’s character, she could even do a whole lap around Xiaosong Hill without changing her expression, so how could she be afraid of this?

There was also the phone call she had made earlier.

Although Lu Huaiyu did not ask about it, he knew very well that she had not been in the right mental state at that time.

She was not sick, nor was she in any other urgent situation.


Lu Huaiyu patted her head gently, which gently stroked her heart.

“It’s okay. He’s already in the operating room.”

Next to him, a young woman walked over with a little boy around three or four years old.

The little boy was crying. “Mommy, I don’t want to get an injection…”

As his mother walked away, she said, “Baby, you’re a big boy now. How can you still be afraid of needles? You won’t be the bravest boy in class anymore, will you?”

The little boy pouted with tears in his eyes. Suddenly, he pointed to the side.

“But that big girl is scared too!”

He was pointing at Ning Li.

His mother looked over.

“This girl is older than me, but she also cried…”

When Ning Li heard this, she instantly recovered herself. She was at a loss for words and immediately tried to struggle out of Lu Huaiyu’s arms.

Lu Huaiyu suddenly laughed and lowered his voice to whisper in her ear.

“If you raise your head now, the kid will know what this crybaby looks like.”

Ning Li paused for a moment.

It would be shameful to lift her head.

Not lifting her head did not seem much better, but at least the little boy would not be able to see her face.

While Ning Li was dumbfounded, Lu Huaiyu looked at the little boy.

He smiled and said, “Kid, you’re a boy and she’s a girl, so you’re not the same.”

The little boy froze.

His mother also froze when she saw Lu Huaiyu’s face.

She looked at the two again and showed a look of understanding.

He was probably accompanying his girlfriend to see a doctor.

“A girl…”

The little boy murmured and thought that what this guy said made sense, but also felt that something was off.

“But…but…she’s old!”

Lu Huaiyu raised an eyebrow.

“Who said that? She’s still a little girl.”

The little boy probably had not expected someone to say this with a straight face and was immediately baffled.

‘That girl is obviously an adult! I’m not blind, okay?’

“Yeah, she’s still very young.” The boy’s mother took advantage of the situation to speak.

The little boy was confused, and the tears in his eyes stopped.

The boy’s mother hugged him and said softly, “Just like how you’re Mommy’s baby, the young lady is also that guy’s baby, so she’s still a little girl to him, right?”

The little boy bit his finger, looked at his mother, then looked at Ning Li and Lu Huaiyu.

‘Oh… Mommy’s hugging me. The guy is also hugging that lady…so that makes sense…’

“Okay, let’s go for the injection. You have to be brave and set an example for that girl, okay?” His mother coaxed him.

The kid was persuaded.

He wiped away his tears with his chubby little hand. His voice still had a crying tone, but he still nodded vigorously.


His mother finally sighed with relief and led him inside.

The little boy wrapped his arms around her neck. He looked at Ning Li, clenched his little fists, and cheered for Ning Li and himself. “Missy, don’t cry… Don’t be afraid!”

Ning Li really did not want to raise her head at this moment.

Lu Huaiyu smiled and waved goodbye to the boy.

“Thank you… You’re braver than her!”

Hearing this compliment, the little boy felt greatly encouraged.

He shouted at Ning Li again in his baby voice, “Missy, my teacher said that brave children are all good babies, so you should be a good baby too!”

Ning Li closed her eyes in despair.

After hearing that the mother and son had finally left, Ning Li took a deep breath and struggled out of Lu Huaiyu’s arms.

Lu Huaiyu let go of her at the same time.

Ning Li moved back. Lu Huaiyu smiled and let go of his other hand.

A small distance separated the two of them.

Ning Li almost did not dare to look at him and tried to defend herself to regain her reputation. “I…I didn’t cry…”

As soon as the words left her mouth, she regretted them.

‘Why do I have to clarify and explain such things so seriously?!’

Lu Huaiyu leaned back in the chair and propped his head up with one hand.

“Are you angry?”

Ning Li froze.


She just felt very embarrassed, but not angry.

Lu Huaiyu’s lips curved slightly.

“I said that he’s braver than you just now. Don’t take it to heart.”

Ning Li shook her head.

‘Why would I bother with this?’

“I didn’t…”

“Because it’s okay if you’re not brave,” Lu Huaiyu said.

Ning Li was speechless.

The rest of her words were suddenly stuck in her throat. She lifted her eyes and met his gaze.

Lu Huaiyu looked at her.. He recalled the small episode earlier and inclined his head slightly. He laughed lightly as if he was joking and said, “Baby?”