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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 270 - : Because of Him

Chapter 270: Because of Him

Lu Huaiyu heard that Ning Li’s voice was a little off.

Ning Li rarely called his name. The only time she had ever called him by his name was the night she was drunk, but Ning Li did not seem drunk at this moment.

His brows knitted slightly and he stood up.

“What’s wrong?”

A gentle, deep voice came from the phone and reverberated in Ning Li’s eardrums with a reassuring rhythm.

Ning Li held her breath. The anxiety that filled her heart was slowly suppressed.

She clutched her phone tightly and closed her eyes.

“Lu Huaiyu.”

Her voice was dry as she clenched her teeth.

“I…nothing…I just wanted to…listen to your voice.”

Ning Li wanted to hear his voice to make sure that the nightmares had dissipated and to make sure that he was there.

Her tone was a little different from usual.

It was very soft, as if she was exhausted and trying to hold on to something in a panic.

There were doctors, patients, and visitors coming and going in the hallway.

Lu Huaiyu heard the noisy and confusing sounds coming from the other end of the phone.

He asked in a deep voice, “Where are you now?”

Ning Li moved to the side and leaned against the cold wall.

“Xijing University First Hospital.”

Lu Huaiyu took his jacket and walked outside as he asked, “Are you sick?”

Ning Li shook her head. Thinking that he could not see her, she said, “No, Ye Ci has gastroenteritis, so I came with her.”



Listening to his voice, the stuffiness in her chest that made it hard for her to breathe greatly dissipated.

Ning Li took a deep breath. The cold air finally cleared her head a bit.

Afterward, Ning Li heard the sound of a door closing. Lu Huaiyu seemed to be heading out.

“Wait for me,” he said.

She froze for a bit.

‘He…he’s coming over?’

It was almost 10:00 pm. Even if he took a plane, he probably would not get here soon.

“There’s no need for such trouble. We’re leaving soon. I just…”

‘I just wanted to call you for a little while…’

Yunzhou was very far from the Capital, so by the time Lu Huaiyu got here, they would have already gone back to Capital First High.

Not to mention, it was so late.

“It’s no trouble,” Lu Huaihe said, “I’m in the Capital.”

More importantly, her matters were never considered a trouble to him.

Ning Li was stunned.

‘Lu Huaiyu’s back in the Capital? When did he come back? Why didn’t I know about it?’

Seemingly sensing her thoughts, Lu Huaiyu said, “I came back two days ago, but since you’re in camp, I didn’t tell you.”

Lu Huaiyu had not wanted to disturb her classes and only planned to tell her after her winter camp was over.

He had not expected this to happen today.

Ning Li was still a bit unresponsive. She seemed to hear Lu Huaiyu talking to someone.

“Uncle Fang, drive to Xijing University First Hospital.”

‘He’s really in the Capital and he’s coming over.’

Ning Li was stunned. Her throat felt as if it was blocked by something and she could not say a word.

Fang Qingyun drove the car out and gauged Lu Huaiyu’s complexion. He asked with concern, “Second Young Master, are you not feeling well? Do you want to call Dr. Yan?”

“There’s no need.”

Lu Huaiyu pulled open the car door and sat in the backseat. His voice was unprecedentedly light and gentle. “I’ll be there soon.”

Only then did Fang Qingyun notice that Lu Huaiyu was still on the phone.

This sentence was clearly directed to the person on the other end of the phone.

In all his years working for the Lu family, Fang Qingyun had never heard Lu Huaiyu treat anyone like this.

Thinking about the previous situation, his eyes widened slightly.

‘That’s probably the girl that Second Young Master likes! She’s in the Capital?’

Fang Qingyun immediately started the car and drove towards Xijing University First Hospital.

Hearing no sound from Ning Li after a while, Lu Huaiyu called out to her. “Lili?”

Fang Qingyun looked at the rearview mirror.

‘Lili? So that’s the girl’s name?’

Ning Li answered in a soft voice.

She looked up and found that the light overhead was a little blinding.

A few nurses passed by and they were talking about what had just happened.

“That patient from Bed 8 just now was too scary. She made such a commotion!”

“Luckily Dandan was right next to her and reacted in time. But that patient was really strong! It took several people to hold her down.”

“She should be asleep by now, right?”

A nurse looked back and shook her head helplessly.

“This isn’t the first time that this has happened. She’s manic so it’s difficult to control her when she’s in one of her episodes. She even scratched someone last time. We’ll monitor her condition tomorrow. If she’s still resistant, we’ll have to use Valium again.”


They walked away as they talked.

Ning Li lowered her head and moved her lips. Her body seemed to get colder.

“Lu Huaiyu, please don’t hang up the phone, okay?”

Lu Huaiyu paused for a moment.


“Have you eaten dinner? Should I bring you some?”

“I’ve eaten.”

“Is the winter camp training tough?”

“It’s alright.”

“Who are your instructors?”

“Mr. Li and them…”

“Are you having a good time at Capital First High?”


“I’ll show you around sometime.”

It was mostly Lu Huaiyu asking questions while Ning Li gave simple answers.

She seemed very tired, but she still answered all of his questions obediently.

It was a casual conversation about all topics, and Lu Huaiyu was extremely patient.

Fang Qingyun was driving and listening. He could not help but smile and sigh lightly.

‘Huh, I can’t believe our proud and nonchalant Second Young Master has this side to him! Old Master complained that his grandson was dull and did not know how to coax girls, but if this isn’t considered as making an effort to chase the girl, then I really don’t know what is…’

The distance between the Lu mansion and Xijng University First Hospital was not too far.

Twenty minutes later, Lu Huaiyu got out of the car and went to the emergency department.

When he got to the third floor, he saw Ning Li standing at the end of the corridor.

She was leaning against the wall with her head lowered, so he could not see her expression clearly.

People were walking around the corridor, but she looked so lonely standing there by herself.


Hearing his voice, Ning Li lifted her head.

Lu Huaiyu sighed with relief, but his heart tightened when he saw her slightly pale face.

He walked towards her and stood in front of her. His brows were slightly furrowed.

“Have you been waiting for a long time?”

He asked and leaned down slightly to look into her eyes.

His voice rang out in front of her and from the phone at the same time.

Only then did Ning Li realize that she had not hung up yet.

She shook her head and disconnected the call.

The call duration was 27 minutes and 13 seconds.

This was how long he had taken to come to her.

She could smell his familiar refreshing scent of cedar, and his handsome and elegant face was right in front of her eyes.

It almost felt like a dream.

In fact, Ning Li had not expected him to come.

She had only wanted to call him and listen to his voice.

Ning Li had thought that she might feel better that way.

After knowing that he was coming, Ning Li found it very difficult to endure the anxiety she had felt even for a minute.

She seemed to have turned into a very fragile person because of Lu Huaiyu.