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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 269 - Lu Huaiyu

Chapter 269: Lu Huaiyu

Xijing University First Hospital.

It was already after 9:00 pm, but Xijing University First Hospital was still crowded, and the emergency department was brightly lit.

Sun Qingyi took Ye Ci to the emergency room.

Ning Li went with her.

The doctor on duty asked Ye Ci a few questions and did some simple tests.

“Irregular diet has caused your gastroenteritis. Let’s get you an IV drip first.”

Hearing the doctor’s words, Sun Qingyi was relieved.

“That’s good.”

Gastroenteritis was mild and would get better after a few days of taking medication.

The doctor wrote a prescription.

“You can get the medication from the pharmacy downstairs.”

Ning Li took the prescription and went downstairs to get the medicine.

Xijing University First Hospital was one of the top three comprehensive hospitals in the country that had a great reputation. Countless patients also came from abroad for medical tourism.

The beds were so full that even the corridor was full of patients.

Ning Li took the medicine and was about to go back when someone suddenly called out to her from behind.

“Ning Li?”

She turned around and looked back.

It was Gu Siyang.

“It’s really you! I thought I was mistaken!”

Seeing that it was really Ning Li, Gu Siyang quickly walked over excitedly.

“Why are you here? Aren’t you in winter camp? Didn’t you say before that it was a completely closed-off training?”

Gu Siyang glanced at the medicine Ning Li was holding. “Are you sick?”

Ning Li said.

“Not me. This is for someone else.”

Gu Siyang sighed in relief. “Oh okay, that’s good… That’s good!”

He was still waiting for Ning Li to finish the competition and college entrance exams smoothly so that she could sign a contract with him.

It would be bad if she was sick.

Ning Li glanced behind him.

Gu Siyang was followed by a few other boys around his age that seemed like his friends.

“Why are you here?” Ning Li asked.

The Gu family should have a family doctor in the Capital. Even if they needed to go to the hospital, according to Gu Siyang’s character, he would have chosen a private hospital instead of coming to Xijing University First Hospital, especially at this hour.

Gu Siyang scratched his head in embarrassment.

“My friend had acute appendicitis, so I sent him here. He just went into the operating room, so I was just waiting outside and didn’t expect to see you.”

Ning Li could smell a faint scent of alcohol from him and saw that a part of his sleeve was wet.

Gu Siyang probably did not drink and had only spilled wine on his body.

Just then, the few boys who were at the back also came over.

They were stunned by Ning Li’s face.

One of them smiled and asked, “Hey, Siyang, who’s this girl? Are you not going to introduce us?”

It did not make sense that they did not know that Gu Siyang was acquainted with such a beautiful lady.

“Get lost!”

Gu Siyang was scornful. “Are you guys even worthy? You guys had better know your place!”

Hearing his serious tone, the few of them looked at each other.

This was the first time they had seen Young Master Gu being so protective of anyone, but it did not seem like a romantic gesture.

Another boy sized Ning Li up and murmured, “This girl looks a little familiar… Wait a sec! Are you the Xiaosong Hill girl?”

Hearing “Xiaosong Hill”, the others also reacted instantly.

They had all watched the video of that race.

Ning Li was identical to the girl in the video.

She nodded and said, “Hello, I’m Ning Li.”

Gu Siyang took a step forward and blocked Ning Li’s view. He aimed a warning glance at his friends.

“What are you guys looking at? Go back!”

‘How can these rookies have thoughts about Ning Li?”

It was obvious that Gu Siyang was the leader of this small group. Seeing that he was so protective, the few guys understood and cooperatively left.

“Okay, okay! Have fun chatting then!”

“Hey girl, let’s race sometime.”

Gu Siyang snickered. “Wait till you can outrun me first!”

His standard was comparable to these guys.

With that kind of level, how could they even compete with Ning Li?

After getting rid of these guys, Gu Siyang looked at Ning Li.

“They’re just like this. Don’t mind them.”

Ning Li smiled and said, “Alright.”

Gu Siyang saw that she really did not care and smiled again.

“If I remember correctly, your winter camp is going to end in ten days, right? Do you want to come to our training base then?”

Ning Li did not immediately agree.

“Has Ji Shu arrived already?”

“Yes! He arrived the day before yesterday!”

After Gu Siyang had returned to the capital, he had not been to the base in person, but he had always been very well informed about the situation there.

Ning Li nodded.

“We’ll see when the camp is over.”

Gu Siyang was happy to hear her say so.

“Okay then, go ahead with what you have to do. I guess I still have to stay here for a while, so you can just look for me if you need something.”

Ning Li answered and turned to go upstairs.

Sun Qingyi was sitting with Ye Ci in the corridor with an IV bag hanging by her side.

Ning Li put the medicine into Ye Ci’s backpack.

Ye Ci’s face was very pale as she said softly, “Sister Ning Li, thank you…”

Ning Li said in a light voice, “No problem. Are you going to call or should I help you?”

Ye Ci had almost forgotten about this, so she said, “I’ll make the call myself.”

She took out her phone from her pocket and called Su Yuan.

Su Yuan was worried when she heard that Ye Ci had gastroenteritis and even wanted to go to the Capital, but Ye Ci persuaded her not to.

Finally, Su Yuan only dismissed the idea after talking with Sun Qingyi for a while to confirm that it was not a serious problem.

The phone call had been very long.

Ning Li stood aside and felt annoyed listening to it.

She gestured to Sun Qingyi and turned to walk in the direction of the bathroom.

The hallway was filled with the pungent smell of disinfectant.

Ning Li was expressionless when she entered the bathroom and stood in front of the sink.

She turned on the tap and washed her face with cold water.

Winter nights in the Capital were very cold and the bone-chilling coldness made her shiver.

Ning Li looked up and saw her pale lips in the mirror.

She was actually very reluctant to step foot inside a hospital.

The white walls, long corridors, and the pungent smell were like a nightmare that she could not wake up from, constantly haunting and tormenting her.

Ning Li braced herself on the counter and took a deep breath before she went out.

However, after taking a few steps out, there was a sudden commotion in the corridor.

Several nurses ran in one direction and seemed to be chasing a patient.

It was a young woman in her early twenties wearing a hospital gown with disheveled hair, with a pale and weak face.

The woman seemed agitated and ran outside with bare feet.

“Bed 8! Bring her back! Sedate her!”

A nurse shouted sharply.

Several people swarmed around the woman.

The woman was still shouting, but she could not fight these people.

With a single injection, the woman gradually stopped struggling.

This commotion finally subsided.

Many people in the corridor were watching.

Ning Li was actually still some distance away from there.

She stood behind the crowd, feeling very cold.

Ning Li took out her phone and dialed a number with slightly trembling hands.

The other party quickly answered with a low, pleasant voice that carried a bit of surprise.


Ning Li’s throat tightened. “Lu Huaiyu.”