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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 265 - Apply for Investigation

Chapter 265: Apply for Investigation

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Someone laughed.

“Xijing University? Her? That’s a bit of a stretch!”

Even the second-tier colleges would reconsider this kind of score, let alone Xijing University.

“Right… This score is really weird… How could she have gotten fifth place in M province with this kind of level?”

The surrounding area instantly became quiet for a while when someone said this.

Everyone here was a genius, so everyone could hear the meaning behind these words.

This silence made Ye Ci feel suffocated.

Ye Ci knew that she was not good enough, so she dared not slack off and had done a variety of practice questions and papers.

However, the scene that she had dreaded the most had still happened, and in such an embarrassing way at that!


In the past, when there had been rumors in Second High, Ye Ci could still pretend not to have heard anything, but it was different now.

These results would be recorded and handed over to their high school. It would also affect her application for the top universities when they audited her performance.

Ye Ci clutched the piece of paper and felt like shredding it to pieces!


Li Guangyuan soon returned to the class.

He picked the key points and went through the content quickly.

It was easy to miss a key topic with just a slight misfocus.

Ye Ci was in a very bad mood, so after listening for a long time, all she felt was dizzy.

Li Guangyuan said, “We’ll skip this electromagnetic field question because only two students got this wrong. Please borrow someone else’s paper and study this yourself in the evening study session.”

With that, he turned to the next page.

Other students also flipped their papers.

Ye Ci looked at it and saw that she had only written two formulas for this question.

She was one of the two who had gotten it wrong.

No, it was not even counted as a mistake because she had not written much at all.

Ye Ci did not know how the time passed the whole afternoon.

It was only when the bell rang and Li Guangyuan announced the end of class that she drifted back to her senses.

Many students were starting to pack their things up and prepared to go to dinner.

Ye Ci just sat there, feeling exhausted.

She slumped down at her desk.

Li Guangyuan walked to the classroom door and turned to look at her, before frowning slightly.


At 6:30 pm, Zhou Fei got up from bed and was about to order some takeout.

Before he could place the order, he received a call from Li Guangyuan.

“Hello? Mr. Li?”

Zhou Fei quickly answered it.

In the past, when he had been studying at Capital First High, he had been in Li Guangyuan’s class for the physics competition and had been considered his favorite student.

“Zhou Fei.” Li Guangyuan said frankly, “The three representatives from your school are all your students, right?”

“Yes, why?”

Zhou Fei was a bit surprised.

He knew that Li Guangyuan would be one of the teachers for this winter camp, so to avoid suspicion, he had not contacted Li Guangyuan beforehand and had only asked Sun Qingyi to take care of his students.

Based on what he knew of Li Guangyuan, he would not have paid attention to these.

Zhou Fei had not expected that Li Guangyuan would take the initiative to make a call regarding Ning Li, Pei Song, and Ye Ci.

“Umm…I just want to ask you something.” Li Guangyuan deliberated on his words.

“You’ve taught Ye Ci before, right? What do you think about her level?”

Zhou Fei was teaching in Yunzhou Second High and was responsible for the physics competition there, so he would be clear about his students’ performance.

The moment Zhou Fei heard Li Guangyuan’s words, he had a bad intuition and furrowed his eyebrows.

“Ye Ci? I can only say that she’s average. Why did you suddenly ask this?”

Li Guangyuan was silent for a while before he said in a deep voice, “Ye Ci’s score on today’s test was not as good as it should be, so I wanted to ask you about her situation.”

Zhou Fei’s brow furrowed even tighter.

How poorly had Ye Ci done in the test that Li Guangyuan felt the need to make this call?

“You know that these test results will be sent as feedback to your school, so I just wanted to tell you in advance to see if there’s any mistake in the middle…”

Li Guangyuan said this euphemistically, but Zhou Fei was very smart.

He immediately realized that it might be more serious than he had expected.

After a moment, Zhou Fei asked slowly, “Mr. Li, what do you mean by that?”

“I came up with the questions on today’s test with Mr. Zhu and them a few days ago. The topics were a little different from the previous preliminary round. Ye Ci…didn’t answer a lot of them.”

Li Guangyuan’s voice suddenly became more serious.

“To be precise, she only solved the questions that had been the same as in the preliminary round.”

If not for those few questions, Ye Ci might not even have scored 41 marks!

These students who participated in the physics competition were all very talented in physics, but they all had their own strengths and weaknesses.

Some were good at electromagnetics, while some were good at mechanics.

However, no one was like Ye Ci.

Ye Ci only seemed to be able to do the questions that had been tested in the preliminary round.

“Zhou Fei, I know your ability. You’ve trained Ning Li and Pei Song too, so I believe that you don’t have a problem teaching the content. However, regarding Ye Ci, you should see where the problem lies. It’s also best to communicate with your school as soon as possible.”

Zhou Fei already understood what Li Guangyuan meant.

In fact, when Ye Ci had gotten fifth place in the province, Zhou Fei already had his suspicions. However, there had been little evidence at that time, and he could not do anything based on just his feelings.

He had not expected that it would come to this.

“Okay, I’ll apply for an investigation with the school as soon as possible.”

Li Guangyuan gave a faint “mm”.

He had only made this courtesy call for Zhou Fei’s sake.

Otherwise, Li Guangyuan would have already sent Ye Ci’s results to the province.

“You’d better get this done as soon as possible.”