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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 264 - Is This Score Even a Fraction of Ning Li’s?

Chapter 264: Is This Score Even a Fraction of Ning Li’s?

A low, calm voice rang out in the classroom.

Each and every word was very clear.

“52nd place, Ye Ci. 41 marks.”

Not only was Ye Ci in last place, but even her score was 37 points less than the person in 51st place!

Ye Ci’s mind suddenly went blank and her ears buzzed.

Everyone in the class was stunned and turned their heads in unison as they looked at Ye Ci incredulously.

The level of shock was not lower than when they heard Ning Li had gotten a perfect score.

The air in the classroom seemed to have frozen, and it was so quiet that a pin drop could be heard.

It was natural for someone to come in last, but no one had expected that Ye Ci would take first place from the bottom, and with such an absurd score at that!


Was she not in fifth place in M Province?

Ye Ci was from Yunzhou Second High School with Ning Li and Pei Song, who had come in first and second respectively.

How did Ye Ci get last place?

Her score was not even a fraction of those two people.

Setting aside Ning Li and Pei Song, Ge Yu and Wei Mingming who were from the same province had also come in 19th and 31st places respectively.

Ye Ci was too far behind.

The countless eyes around Ye Ci fell on her, which made her feel like an alien.

Ye Ci had never felt so humiliated after so many years.

She knew that she had not done well, but she had not expected that it would actually be this bad.

At this moment, all she wanted was to find a hole in the ground to burrow in.

Li Guangyuan put down the results sheet.

In fact, when the teachers had marked Ye Ci’s paper, they were also in disbelief. They were worried that it was a miscalculation and had re-examined the paper.

However, the fact was that she had really scored only 41 points.

There was also not really much room for a marking error because her paper was mostly blank.

Li Guangyuan coughed and said, “Some of you may not be very comfortable with the new environment since you’ve only just arrived and didn’t test well. The results of this test are just for reference. For the next two weeks of classes, I hope you will adjust your mindset as soon as possible.”

This was meant for Ye Ci.

It was a little overstretched and stiff.

Not adapting to the environment could not have such a big impact on one’s results, right?

How had she gotten fifth place in the province for the preliminary round?

Many students gave Ye Ci a dubious look.

Everyone here only looked at the results.

How the h*ll had she gotten so few marks?

Li Guangyuan distributed their papers.

Ye Ci got her paper and saw the bright red 41 marks on it.

A girl sitting next to Ye Ci subconsciously swept a glance at her.

Ye Ci bit her lip and leaned to the front so that her arm was blocking most of her paper.

The girl shrugged her shoulders and turned to talk to a boy on her other side. Her voice was not very loud but with a touch of mockery.

“What’s there to cover when nothing has been written?”

Ye Ci heard this clearly and felt like she had been slapped hard in the face twice. Her cheeks felt hot and painful.

A strong sense of shame surged in her heart, but she could not say a word.

Li Guangyuan knocked on the blackboard.

“Everyone got the first fill-in-the-blank right, so we’ll skip to the second one.

He swept a glance at Ye Ci and continued, “For those who didn’t get this question, please listen well!”

Ye Ci kept her head down and took out a pen from her bag.

Li Guangyuan turned around and wrote on the board.

Ye Ci took a deep breath before she forced herself to look up.

She mechanically took notes, but nothing was actually registering in her brain. She just felt so numb.

Ye Ci remained in this state until the end of the class.

When the bell rang, Li Guangyuan picked up a cup and took a sip of tea to moisten his throat.

“That’s all for now. Everyone, take a ten-minute break!”

With that, he walked out.

The classroom soon became very lively. Students gathered in groups and started to discuss the topics.

“How did you solve the fourth question?”

“I just wrote one solution. Did Mr. Li say that there were two more?”

“Same… Should we ask Ning Li?”

There were a few voices around.

When Ning Li’s name was mentioned, their tones were different.

A few people got up and ended up going to Ning Li together.

“Ning Li, could you lend us your paper?”

The boy who stood at the front and spoke was Ge Yu.

His ears were red and he was visibly embarrassed and shy.

Ning Li seemed to have a rather cold personality. After she had arrived, she hardly ever spoke in the group chat and had only said a simple hello when they met.

Ge Yu was not familiar with her, but since they were from the same province and had met briefly yesterday, he had worked up the courage to come over.

However, they also did not dare to have too much hope.

After all, they were all in competition. It would be reasonable for Ning Li not to share her answers willingly.

However, they soon found that they had worried unnecessarily because Ning Li merely nodded and handed over her paper.


Ge Yu and his group were shocked and pleasantly surprised. He hurriedly thanked her.

“Thank you! We’ll return it to you immediately after taking a look at it!”

The whole class was very lively. Only Ye Ci’s area was desolate.

What could they possibly discuss with someone in last place?

Ye Ci remained in her seat without moving.

Since no one had come to her, it was not appropriate for her to look for others.

There were a few people who were gossiping.

“Yunzhou Second High is really good. Both their students snagged the first two places in the winter camp!”

“Didn’t someone say that Ye Ci and Ning Li are in the same family? Even if it’s a reorganized family, this gap is a little too big, right?”

“Haha! I’m actually not interested in Ning Li’s paper. I’d rather see Ye Ci’s! I really can’t figure out how she managed to get this score…”

“By the way, you guys know that all the test scores during the winter camp will be summarized at the end and shared with each school, right? They’ll include the comprehensive assessment as well. According to the usual practice, top universities like Xijing University will look at these results before confirming the student.”

“41 points… I guess Xijing University will just reject this, right?”