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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 262 - Ranking

Chapter 262: Ranking

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Everyone heard this and felt very frustrated.

‘No need to rush? Take our time?! Ning Li has already turned in her paper, so how can we not be in a hurry?!’

Even if there were still 50 minutes left, some questions were so difficult that they could not solve them even if they had more time.

Ning Li handing in her paper earlier deeply motivated the other students that were present. They all lowered their heads to write quickly.

Ye Ci froze in place. She felt like she was sitting on needles.

She had not even finished a quarter of the paper, but Ning Li had finished the entire test.

Ye Ci looked towards the door and only saw the closed classroom door.


Ning Li had already gone out.

Ye Ci forced herself to retract her gaze and put her attention back on the paper.

After Ning Li left the classroom, she casually strolled around the campus because she did not have her phone with her.

Capital First High’s campus was huge. They even had several old buildings with a long history.

There was a man-made lake in the northwest corner of the teaching building.

It was so cold here in winter that ice had formed on the lake, and two black swans were walking slowly on it.

Ning Li then sat down on the bench next to it.

It was a rare moment of peace.

She gently let out a breath, which formed a puff of white mist.

‘When Lu Huaiyu was studying here, this must have been the kind of scenery that he saw during winter, right?’

Compared to Ning Li’s relaxed and calm attitude, the others in the auditorium were under pressure.

Everyone had originally had the intention of competing with each other in the first test.

Who knew that Ning Li would be so unpredictable and hand in her paper early?

The rest of the students also became anxious and wrote swiftly.

After a while, someone else got up to turn in their paper.

This time, it was Pei Song.

After Pei Song, there was another tall and buff boy who handed in his paper.

Li Guangyuan put their papers aside. “There are still fifteen minutes until the end of the exam.”

Song Mengtang looked at her own paper.

Actually, she had already finished writing it. However, there was only so much time left, so it did not make much difference if she turned in her paper early or not.

She had always taken a very steady path and rarely turned in her paper early.

Song Mengtang recalculated the two questions she was unsure about.


The bell rang.

Li Guangyuan stood up.

“Okay, the exam is over! Everyone, stop writing immediately and turn in your paper!”

Cao Jingxuan quickly wrote down the last number before she put away her pen.

Li Guangyuan came down from the podium and put away the papers and draft papers.

“Your paper will be marked before noon and will be covered in class at 2:00 pm.”

After saying that, he left with the folder.

The classroom suddenly became noisy after he left.

“Exam in the morning and our results will be out by noon?! They will go through it in the afternoon too… Clearly they already arranged this beforehand!”

“I’m done for. I didn’t answer two of the big questions!”

“The ones who could finish the paper are crazy, especially those three who turned in their papers early… Are they even human?”

“Hey, for the third last question on atomic mass decay, how much did you get?”

“Don’t ask me… Ask Ning Li and those few…”

“I just want to ask who came up with these questions! I’ve only heard of an SSD image sensor but I haven’t seen one!”

“The professor at Xijing University seems to be studying semiconductors. Maybe he came up with the questions?”

Ye Ci silently packed her things.

“Phew! I almost didn’t finish writing!”

Cao Jingxuan let out a long breath. She looked back at Ye Ci and asked, “How do you feel about the exam this time?”

Ye Ci was stunned and forced a smile. “I didn’t do too well.”

“Me too! The topics covered in this paper were a bit off. I’ve never reviewed so many of them…”

Cao Jingxuan shrugged, seemingly a little helpless and a little envious.

“Hey, but your sister seems to have done very well! She was the first to turn in her paper…”

The classroom was noisy, so Cao Jingxuan did not intentionally lower her voice. Thus, many people around her heard it.

“Jingxuan, what did you just say? Ning Li is Ye Ci’s sister?”

Although they were from the same high school and were even from the same class, they had different last names and did not look alike, so how could they be sisters?

Cao Jingxuan nodded. “Yeah, Ye Ci told me yesterday.”

Everyone looked at Ye Ci with eyes filled with curiosity and a little suspicion.

Although they had only been there for two days, everyone could tell that Ye Ci and Ning Li did not have a close relationship. Neither of them talked much.

Sisters would not behave like this, right?

Ye Ci lowered her eyes. “We’re a reorganized family.”

Everyone understood.

“Then, do you guys usually live together?”

Ye Ci nodded gently.

A girl sighed and said, “No wonder you both got in! How can the rest of us compare to two geniuses?”

She said this from the bottom of her heart.

That was because most people had not managed to finish the paper. Ning Li had not only finished it, she even turned in her paper early.

They had to admit that this gap was too big.

When Ye Ci heard this, she just felt suffocated.

She forced a smile.

“I can’t compare with Sister Ning Li. She’s very smart.”

The girl was not convinced.

“Ye Ci, don’t be so modest. After all, you’re also fifth in M Province!”

M Province was a large province that was notorious for producing geniuses in the college entrance exams.

Many of them were arrogant like Song Mengtang, but that was because she was one of the top students.

There were still others who were not as good as Ye Ci.

Ye Ci pursed her lips and did not speak.

At 2:00 pm, Li Guangyuan walked in when the bell rang.

He still had this morning’s folder with him, but there was an extra sheet of paper in his hand.

Li Guangyuan stood at the podium and looked around.

Everyone quieted down.

“The results of this morning’s test are out. I’ll announce them according to the ranking.”

As he said that, his eyes fell on Ye Ci.