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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 261 - Take Your Time to Write

Chapter 261: Take Your Time to Write

Everyone else in the classroom started to do the questions.

The surrounding area was so quiet that Ye Ci could even hear the sound of her heart beating nervously.

Her palms were also sweaty.

For a moment, she took a deep breath and tried to calm her mind.

This exam could not be avoided, so she could only try her best.

She then picked up her pen and looked at the first question.

It was a question on thermal energy conversion.

Ye Ci stared at the question for a while and worked it out on her draft paper.

Zhou Fei had taught this type of problem in class before, but it was tough because the values in this problem were very tricky and required a lot of calculation.

After a while, Ye Ci’s answer was a negative number.

This was obviously incorrect.

She frowned and went back to check the steps, not knowing where the problem was.

After looking back and forth twice and redoing the problem, she finally wrote out the answer.

She was relieved and subconsciously looked up at the wall clock above the blackboard, only to realize that ten minutes had passed.

‘This is only the first sub-problem!’

Ye Ci’s lips turned a little pale.

The first fifteen questions on this paper were all fill-in-the-blanks.

There were ten other long questions at the back.

These fill-in-the-blank questions took up a very high percentage of marks.

If she simply filled in the blanks, it would be equivalent to abandoning this paper.

Based on her current speed, Ye Ci might not even be able to do the first long question within two hours.

The classroom was well heated, but Ye Ci felt extremely cold as she sat here.

She looked to the side, but everyone was writing with their heads down. The person on her right seemed to have finished several questions.

It seemed that she was the only one who was still stuck on the first problem.

Li Guangyuan glanced at her.

Ye Ci hurriedly lowered her head and began to look at the second question.

Time always seemed to be stretched out during an exam.

Suddenly, the sound of paper flipping rang out in the quiet classroom.

It was a subtle sound, but now, it stood out.

Some people could not help but look in the direction of where the sound had come from.

In the corner of the last row of the classroom, Ning Li had already flipped to the second page and started writing.

Many people were secretly surprised.

‘Is she…already done with the first page?!’

Ye Ci also noticed this.

Somehow, she could guess that it was Ning Li without turning around.

She looked at her own paper.

The first page had fifteen fill-in-the-blank questions and three long questions.

She had only made it to the sixth fill-in-the-blank question, yet Ning Li had already started the second page.

Ye Ci felt like there was a fire burning in her chest which made her feel anxious and helpless.

‘I know this question… How did I do it before?’

Ye Ci would panic when she was nervous and then feel horrible because she could not solve any problems.

It was a vicious cycle.

Gradually, other people in the classroom also started on the second page.

The two boys next to Ye Ci also turned over their papers.

Ye Ci was the only one that was slow. She had not even made it to the first long question yet.

Seeing that everyone was writing fast, Ye Ci simply gave up on the remaining few fill-in-the-blanks and turned to the long question.

After looking through the question, she still could not figure out how to solve it, so she wrote out a few formulas that she had memorized for kinematics.

“Mr. Li.” The boy sitting on her right suddenly raised his hand. “I’ve run out of draft paper. Can I please get another one?”


Li Guangyuan walked over with a new stack of draft paper and gave one to the boy.

“Thanks, Mr. Li.”

The boy took it and continued to write vigorously.

Li Guangyuan did a half-turn and his glance unintentionally swept over Ye Ci’s paper.

Ye Ci’s heart clenched. ‘My first page is still mostly blank!’

She quickly turned the paper over and pretended to start writing on the second page.

Li Guangyuan did not notice her abnormality and moved away after just a glance. He looked at the class and asked, “Who else needs more draft paper?”

A few more students raised their hands.

Ye Ci hesitated and followed suit.

Her draft paper was indeed quite full, but it was filled with a lot of her previous miscalculations.

Li Guangyuan handed out the draft papers one by one, then walked around the classroom again before finally returning to take a seat at the front.

He looked at his phone and reminded the class.

“There’s still one hour left!”

Once the students heard this, the sound of writing in the classroom sped up a lot.

So far, Ye Ci had barely even solved two long questions.

She had looked through the rest and did not know how to solve them.

At this rate, even if she was given a few more hours, she would still not be able to solve them.

Suddenly, someone at the back of the classroom stood up and walked towards the podium.

Everyone subconsciously turned around.

It was Ning Li.

She held her paper in her hand.

Everyone was stunned seeing her like this,

‘She’s going to turn in her paper early!’

She had actually finished all these questions at this difficulty level, ahead of time.

Li Guangyuan was also surprised and sat upright.

Ning Li came to the front. “Mr. Li, I’m done.”

The classroom was dead silent.

‘OMG… Seriously?!’

Li Guangyuan asked skeptically, “Are you sure you want to turn it in now? There’s still plenty of time, so you can check your answers.”

Ning Li shook her head.

“I’ve checked them.”


Li Guangyuan took her paper and scanned it.

It really was done.

Moreover, it seemed that she answered it well.

Out of the three questions that he had seen at least, the answers were all correct.

Li Guangyuan understood at once. When he looked at Ning Li again, his expression became more gentle.

“Okay, put the paper here. By the way, please hand in your draft paper as well.”


Ning Li went back to her seat to get the draft paper and came back to hand it over to Li Guangyuan.

Li Guangyuan took a casual glance at her paper and was immediately stunned.

‘Why is this student’s draft paper so clean? Even if she knew the answers to these questions, there were a lot of calculations, so how did she do it?’

He looked up at Ning Li with some disbelief.

Ning Li looked calm. “Mr. Li, is there a problem?”

Li Guangyuan was momentarily stunned before recovering himself.

“Oh, no…you can leave first.”

Ning Li packed her backpack.

Just as she was about to leave, Li Guangyuan suddenly called out to her.

“By the way, you’re from Yunzhou Second High School…Ning Li, right?”

Her face was so recognizable that it was hard to forget.

Ning Li nodded her head.

Only then did Li Guangyuan wave his hand. “Alright, go ahead then.”

Ning Li then walked out of the classroom.

Li Guangyuan watched her leave and looked at her paper again.

The three teachers had come up with these questions together, so he was very clear about the answers.

After a quick sweep, Li Guangyuan carefully folded the paper and put it into his folder.

He then looked at the other students in the classroom again.

“There are still fifty minutes left. No need to rush, take your time!”