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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 260 - : Small Test

Chapter 260: Small Test

The next day, classes officially began for the winter camp.

All 52 students were in the same class, so it was held at the big auditorium No. 501 at Capital First High.

The whole school building was quiet and peaceful, with only this one classroom being quite lively.

Students came in one after another.

Some students already knew each other, so they sat in groups to chat. Some were sitting alone in their own seats, seemingly not interested in making friends. They just waited for class to start.

Those who could sit in this room were the creme de la creme of the country, so they were naturally all arrogant.

When Ning Li came in, the auditorium went quiet for a moment.

She quickly scanned the room and walked forward steadily. She then sat down in the last row against the wall.

Pei Song arrived first and was also in the last row, separated from Ning Li by a few empty seats and an aisle.

“That’s Ning Li, right? I heard she got first place in M Province!”

“Yeah, that’s her! We already met yesterday.”

“I thought previously that Ye Ci and Cao Jingxuan were good-looking, but I didn’t expect that there would be someone even prettier! She’s probably really popular in her school…”

“The most popular girl in our school isn’t even as beautiful as her.”


“I heard that she was ranked first in the midterm exams in Yunzhou City. It’s amazing how she managed to achieve this result while participating in this competition!”

“You see the guy next to her? Pei Song. He’s only slightly behind Ning Li in the competition and that midterm exam. That’s pretty amazing.”

Ye Ci sat in the middle of the position and could hear these words clearly.

At Second High, Ye Ci had heard similar things and had not expected to hear this over here as well.

Many of the participants also paid attention to Pei Song, but in this class, there were more than twice as many boys as girls.

Thus, the focus of their discussion was, of course, Ning Li.

In this way, Ning Li really stood out.

Although some people greeted Ye Ci as well, the attention they paid to her was clearly far less than that of Ning Li because she could not compare to Ning Li in terms of looks or grades.

A teacher soon walked in with a folder.

He was a chubby man of about forty years in age. He wore glasses and looked very amiable.

His hair was also thinning.

The students went back to their seats and quieted down.

The teacher came to the podium and spoke as he smiled.

“Hello students, my name is Li Guangyuan. I’m the Head of the Physics Team in Capital First High and will be one of your teachers for this intensive training course. During our time here, I hope that we will get along well. I’ll start with a roll call so that we can get to know each other.”

He then pulled out a sheet from his file bag and started to call out names.

Before the students had arrived, many of them had already been familiar with each other because of the chat group. Today, they were just putting these names to their faces.

Li Guangyuan identified everyone and took out a stack of papers from the folder.

“Okay everyone, put away your things and get ready to take a test!”

The class was stunned when they heard these words.

Cao Jingxuan seemed to be quite familiar with him and could not help but ask, “Mr. Li, we’ve only just arrived, yet we have to take a test?”

Li Guangyuan nodded his head.

“Yes, but you all don’t need to be nervous. This is just a small test, mainly to gauge your level. It’ll facilitate the subsequent course arrangements.”

Li Guangyuan had said it would be easy, but everyone knew that this test was not that simple.

After all, this would be the first test they would be taking since their arrival here.

It would be fine if they did well, but if they did not, how humiliating would it be?

They were the top students in each school, so they were all very competitive.

No one wanted to be the one lagging behind when they were competing among other bright students.

“This is too sudden…”

“I wonder what will be tested? I haven’t revised anything lately!”

“Do you guys think that it’ll be harder than the preliminary round, or easier? This first test shouldn’t be too tough, right?”

The students were whispering to each other as they packed their things.

Ning Li had not brought much with her. She left her pencil case on the table and placed her backpack near the podium in front.

She raised her eyebrows slightly when she heard their conversation.

Of course, this paper would be more difficult than the preliminary round.

It would be much tougher than that.

Since their training time was only two weeks long, the curriculum was very tight.

The teachers were only concerned about their efficiency of getting through the content and would not care about the students’ feelings.

In fact, the moment they had arrived, the competition had already begun.

This was an intense competition where everyone was for themselves.

Ning Li raised her eyes slightly.

Ye Ci had just put her backpack in the front and returned to her seat.

Even if it was just a side profile, it was not hard to see how nervous she was.

Ning Li’s lips hooked up slightly.

‘What is she nervous about? This is just the beginning.’

All the students sat apart from each other while Li Guangyuan started handing out the papers.

“The exam duration is two hours, so everyone, please pay attention to the time.”

Ning Li sat in the last row and took the paper from the boy in front of her. She then started to solve the first problem.

The entire classroom was quiet with only the rustling sound of pens scratching through paper.

Ye Ci also got the paper.

Her habit was to browse through the whole paper once.

After skimming through it, her face quickly became glum.

That was because there were no multiple-choice questions in this paper. There were also a lot of questions.

What was more, after a cursory scan, she found that the knowledge points that this test focused on were completely different from the preliminary round.

Ye Ci knew very well that she could not solve some of the questions.