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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 259 - I Like Her, So What’s Wrong With Admitting It

Chapter 259: I Like Her, So What’s Wrong With Admitting It

There were a total of four people from Capital First High that were attending the winter camp this time. Cao Jingxuan had placed first.

Cao Jingxuan was the best in the senior class at Capital First High.

Ning Li did not raise her head.

“The training is fully closed off, so there won’t be any time.”

Ye Ci was a little embarrassed.

Cao Jingxuan was quick to pick up the conversation.

“That’s okay. There are some very interesting places in the school itself. If you’re interested, I can show you guys around.”

She was polite and warm, a people pleaser.

Ye Ci smiled and responded. “Sure, thanks in advance, Jingxuan.”

“You’re welcome.”

Cao Jingxuan also did not seem to mind Ning Li’s aloofness and spoke with a hint of excitement.

“Actually, my house is quite close to the school, so I’ve always walked to school. This winter camp is the first time I’ve ever lived in the school.”

“Oh? Me too!”

Ye Ci and Cao Jingxuan continued to chat again.

Ning Li took out her headphones and put them on.

After a while, Song Mengtang came back. Only then did Ye Ci and Cao Jingxuan stop talking.

At 7:00 pm, Sun Qingyi sent out a notice in the winter camp WeChat group.

From tomorrow onwards, there would be morning and afternoon classes, and there would be a self-study period in the evening.

Three teachers would be taking turns to teach the classes.

One of the teachers was from Capital First High, and another was from Capital Fifth High. Both of them were always involved in the Physics Competition.

There would also be a physics professor from Xijing University.

However, the professor had fewer classes and the other two teachers would be responsible for most of the content.

Every morning when they arrived at the classroom, all students were required to hand in their phones. They would not get them back until the end of the evening self-study period.

It was a semi-militarized management.

These had all been mentioned before, so the students were already mentally prepared and quickly accepted it.

The Lu Mansion.

Lu Huaiyu accompanied Old Master Lu for dinner.

At the table, Old Master Lu glanced at Lu Huaiyu from time to time, with curiosity and inquiry in his eyes.

Old Master Lu had heard from Fang Qingyun that his grandson seemed to have fallen in love with a girl but had not pursued her yet.

This news really made Old Master Lu scratch his head.

His grandson had always been very outstanding since he was young. Many girls chased after him, but Lu Huaiyu had always kept a distance from them.

When Old Master Lu finally heard that his grandson had a crush, he was incredibly excited.

However, it would seem too abrupt to ask this out of the blue.

The old man felt torn and wanted to say something, but he stopped himself.

Lu Huaiyu knew what his grandfather wanted to ask, but he calmly ate his meal in silence.

Old Master Lu was very anxious.

His grandson was usually very sensitive and would take the initiative to speak when he saw him like this, but Lu Huaiyu was silent today.

When they were almost done with dinner, Old Master Lu could no longer hold it in.

“Huaiyu, what’s new in Yunzhou recently?”

Lu Huaiyu looked calm. “Nothing. It’s the same as usual.”

Old Master Lu was speechless.

‘This punk is doing this intentionally!’

Seeing that there was little hope of getting Lu Huaiyu to explain through his own initiative, Old Master Lu asked, “I heard that you have a girlfriend?”

Lu Huaiyu’s thin lips curled up slightly.

Fang Qingyun had always been precise in his words, so he would never have said this.

His grandfather was clearly trying to dupe him.

Lu Huaiyu put down his cutlery and looked straight at his grandfather.

“Where did you hear this from? Why don’t I know about it?”

Old Master Lu righteously said, “No rumors are unfounded. If you didn’t do anything, how did this news spread?”

He inched forward. “Tell me, which family is she from?”

“There’s no such thing, so it’s no use for you to inquire about it.” Lu Huaiyu calmly replied.

Old Master Lu knew that his grandson was tight-lipped, so he sighed.

“Both you and your brother really make me worried. Your elder brother has no hope, but at least you’re still young. You can still try hard and have a glimmer of hope! Huaiyu, you can’t be so unmotivated. If you really like the girl, put in more effort!”

How could he still not pursue the girl?!

Lu Huaiyu was speechless.

Although Lu Huaiyu felt that his grandfather’s words were somewhat reasonable, at this time, it was still inappropriate.

After a while, Lu Huaiyu said, “Don’t worry. I will take care of it myself.”

“Girls need to be coaxed. You’re such an arrogant and difficult person. No wonder the girl doesn’t… Wait… What did you say?”

The old man was rarely at a loss. After recovering himself, he finally understood what Lu Huaiyu meant.

He widened his eyes slightly and could not hide his shock. “You’re…admitting that you have a crush?”

This was unprecedented!

Lu Huaiyu leaned back in his seat and turned his head slightly. He smiled slightly and his voice was nonchalant and deep as he said, “I like her, so what’s wrong with admitting it?”


Old Master Lu walked an extra round today after dinner for digestion.

Fang Qingyun was next to him and said helplessly, “The doctor said that you should eat less. Why can’t you remember that?”

Now, Old Master Lu still had to exercise at this late hour.

Master Lu waved his big hand with a smile on his face. “Hehe… You don’t understand!”

‘I have a granddaughter-in-law now, so I deserved to eat an extra bowl of rice!’

Fang Qingyun could not help but laugh. “You don’t even know who the girl is. Why are you so happy?”

“He won’t say, so what can we do?”

OId Master Lu had already asked several times, but Lu Huaiyu refused to say anything. He was so secretive, that all he could do was give up.

Even so, Old Master Lu still had confidence in his own grandson.

Lu Huaiyu stood in front of the window and looked at the yard with a cup of black coffee in his hand.

He could vaguely see the old man’s figure. His grandfather’s words echoed in his ears.

“If you like her, why don’t you pursue her?”

Lu Huaiyu sipped his coffee.

‘I like her too much… She’s so precious, so I can’t risk it.’