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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 258 - Ask Lu Huaiyu to Stop Duping Little Girls

Chapter 258: Ask Lu Huaiyu to Stop Duping Little Girls

Ning Li turned around and saw that Sun Qingyi was walking over with two boys.

They were probably participants in this winter camp as well.

“Mr. Sun.”

Sun Qingyi introduced the three of them.

“These two boys are also from the same province as you, Ge Yu and Wei Mingming. This is Ning Li. You guys should’ve heard of her.”

When the two boys saw Ning Li’s face, they looked amazed. When they heard her name, they were even more surprised.

Ning Li had placed first in the preliminary round of the Provincial Physics Competition.

She had such excellent grades yet she was so beautiful.

It was not that they had a stereotype. It was because Ning Li’s face was just too striking and impossible to ignore.

“Hello, guys.” Ning Li greeted them.

Both boys were a bit nervous and panicked.

“Hello! Hi!”

They were both seventeen or eighteen years old, so it was normal for them to react like this when they saw a good-looking person of the opposite sex.

Sun Qingyi smiled and did not think much of it.

He casually glanced to the side.

“Are you here to look at Lu Huaiyu again?”

Ning Li replied, “N-No, I was just strolling around casually.”

Sun Qingyi gave her a dubious look.

“Then, what did you just take a picture of?”

Ning Li was speechless. She had not expected him to see this and felt inexplicably embarrassed for a while.

Sun Qingyi laughed, looking like he was used to this.

“Don’t worry, there’s no need to be embarrassed. Since his photo has been here, so many people have taken a photo of it. In the past, someone even secretly smashed the glass and stole the photo.”

For this reason, Capital First High had purposely replaced the glass with a thickened tempered glass.

Compared to that incident, Ning Li snapping a picture was nothing at all.

Ning Li did not know what to say.

“Continue to enjoy looking at him then. I’ll take them to the dorms,” Sun Qingyi said.

Ning Li’s lips twitched as she wanted to defend herself, but it felt a bit redundant.

It always seemed fishier to defend one’s actions.

“Goodbye, Mr. Sun.”

Sun Qingyi sent the two boys to the dormitory. When he came back out, he could not resist calling Zhou Fei.

Zhou Fei took a while to pick up. His voice was lazy and groggy.

“What’s wrong?”

Sun Qingyi paused. “Don’t tell me you just woke up?!”

“Yes, I slept at 5:00 am,” Zhou Fei said and yawned.

Since he had been destroyed by Lu Huaiyu again, Zhou Fei was so devastated that he vowed to win against Lu Huaiyu at least once, no matter what.

Zhou Fei was finally on vacation, so he had been nestled at home playing games.

Sun Qingyi thought of how he had been going back and forth between the school and the airport all day, working tirelessly like a dog, while the shameless Zhou Fei actually had the nerve to say that he had been playing games all night!

Sun Qingyi suddenly felt how unfair the situation was and gritted his teeth. “You’re too idle!”

Zhou Fei then remembered that he still had three students who had been sent over to Sun Qingyi and coughed lightly.

“No, actually I’ve been thinking about Pei Song and the girls. How are they?”

Sun Qingyi grunted. “They’re fine!”

He was responsible for all the students this time. Even if Zhou Fei had not said anything in advance, he would still have made proper arrangements for them.

“The training will start tomorrow, so it’s free and easy today. After all, they’re all top students and can adapt well.”

‘Better than that even…’

Sun Qingyi remembered the scene earlier and silently sighed in his heart.

He did not know about the others, but Ning Li looked so relaxed that she even had time to think about Lu Huaiyu.

Zhou Fei felt at ease. “That’s good.”

“By the way, Lu Huaiyu is in Yunzhou too, right? When you see him later, get him to change his photo on the Wall of Fame.”

“Huh? Why? What’s wrong with that one?”

Sun Qingyi sighed and intoned.

“There’s nothing wrong with it… It’s just that he already graduated so many years ago. Can he stop keeping that picture to dupe little girls?”

It was such a headache to think about.

Zhou Fei pondered for a long time and asked in all seriousness, “Then, do you think that it would be better to replace it with his current photo?”

Sun Qingyi said, “Forget it!”

The young Lu Huaiyu had been sharp and striking, but now with his mature temperament and looks, he looked even more stunning.

In the large Capital, everyone knew of Lu Huaiyu.

Changing the photo would probably cause more trouble.

Sun Qingyi hung up the phone in annoyance.

Ning Li saw Lu Huaiyu’s reply.

Since the two weeks of training were completely closed off, there would definitely be no time to go out.

After the training, she had made some arrangements, but did not necessarily have time to go sightseeing.

However, Ning Li still replied. [Sure.]

Capital First High had opened three stalls on the first floor of the cafeteria to provide three daily meals for the students participating in the winter camp.

Ning Li finished her dinner and went back to the dormitory. When she arrived at the door, she heard the sound of laughter coming from inside.

One of them was Ye Ci and the other…

Ning Li’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Cao Jingxuan.

She was familiar with this person.

In her past life, Cao Jingxuan had been one of the main witnesses who had reported Ning Li for cheating in the competition.

By the sound of it, Cao Jingxuan and Ye Ci got along very well.

Ning Li recollected her expression and pushed the door open.

Ye Ci and Cao Jingxuan immediately became silent and looked at Ning Li.

Song Mengtang was not there, so the two of them could chat happily.

Ning Li’s arrival had clearly interrupted their pleasant conversation.

The room was quiet for a moment.

“Sister Ning Li, you’re back.”

Ye Cheng was the first to react.

Cao Jingxuan merely gave Ning Li a once-over.

She was slightly stunned by Ning Li’s clean and beautiful face.

In the afternoon, someone in the winter camp had chatted with Cao Jingxuan privately, saying that among the girls who came this time, there were two particularly beautiful ones. One named Ye Ci, and the other Ning Li.

After Cao Jingxuan had arrived, she saw Ye Ci and felt that she was not as pretty as they had said, so she had assumed that Ning Li was probably the same.

However, Cao Jingxuan could see that Ye Ci and Ning Li were not on the same level.

She stood up and greeted Ning Li.

“Hello, I’m Cao Jingxuan. We’ll be roommates for the next two weeks, so let’s look out for each other.”

Cao Jingxuan was also beautiful. She was 1.7m tall and very slender, so she looked like a model.

Anyone who saw Cao Jingxuan for the first time would feel that she was a generous and cheerful girl who got along well with everyone.

Ning Li gently nodded and looked at her dully. “Hello, I’m Ning Li.”

After saying that, Ning Li sat at her desk without any intention of continuing to chat.

Cao Jingxuan was stunned.

Her people skills were always great. Even if she had just met someone, Cao Jingxuan would quickly get acquainted with them.

However, didn’t Ning Li seem a little too cold?

Ye Ci glanced at Cao Jingxuan and caught her momentary daze. She laughed and said, “Jingxuan, Sister Ning Li is just slow to warm up to people, but she’s very nice. It’ll get better with time.”

She then said to Ning Li, “Sister Ning Li, Jingxuan is from Capital First High. She can show us around some time. What do you think?”