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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 256 - The First Is Different

Chapter 256: The First Is Different

That appeared to be the sixteen-year-old Lu Huaiyu, looking very different from the noble and aloof Lu Huaiyu that Ning Li was familiar with. The teenager in the photo looked very youthful, and his eyes had a natural arrogance in them.

He was like the sun in the clouds, hard to reach but carrying a fatal attraction. One only needed to take a glance at him to become fully immersed in his eyes.

Sun Qingyi found that Ning Li was not following them. He looked back and saw that she was looking at the wall of photos. He then sighed helplessly.

Lu Huaiyu’s photo had been placed here for so many years, yet he still managed to capture everyone’s attention.

“That’s Lu Huaiyu,” Sun Qingyi said. “He was my high school classmate and also your teacher, Zhou Fei.”

However, they had only been classmates for a year or so.

Both Lu Huaiyu and Zhou Fei had eventually moved on to university, leaving them, a group of poor devastated people, to complete three years of high school.

Hearing him say this, Ye Ci and Pei Song also looked over.

Capital First High was built a hundred years ago and had a rich history. Countless significant figures in various fields had been produced here.

Having a photo placed here was proof of excellence in itself.

Lu Huaiyu was the youngest on this wall.

His young and handsome face was a bit out of place and too conspicuous here.

Ning Li recovered her senses and nodded. “Mr. Sun, I’m sorry for delaying you.”

“It’s okay!” Sun Qingyi was very good-tempered and did not mind this. “My main task today is to familiarize you all with the environment here. After all, you’re staying here for two weeks. Besides, I’ve been through that and I totally understand!”

He then lamented. “Back then, he attracted so many girls with that face. This photo has been here for so long, yet every year when there are new students, this place always becomes very crowded. It’s normal. Everyone’s used to it.”

Sun Qingyi was extremely young and only a few years older than Ning Li and the others, so he was casual when he talked about these topics.

Besides, this was a fact.

Being classmates with Lu Huaiyu had been both great and painful.

The great thing about it was that Lu Huaiyu was undeniably spectacular, so it had been an honor to be classmates with someone like that.

The pain was precisely for the same reason. That was because everyone seemed lackluster compared to him.

Even now, Sun Qingyi in person still could not beat his photo from years ago.

It was truly frustrating to be compared with Lu Huaiyu.

Ning Li took another look.

The young Lu Huaiyu really had the capacity to attract so many girls.

She then dragged her suitcase and caught up with the group.

Sun Qingyi took them to the dormitory.

“Building 7 is the girls’ dorm, and opposite it is Building 6 which is the boys’ dorm. There are 52 of you in this camp, 15 girls and 37 boys, so four of you will be sharing one room.”

Capital First High was the top high school in the Capital, so their standards in all aspects were great. The dorms were also based on university standards.

The participants in the winter camp this time were the most outstanding students from various provinces and cities, so they would definitely not neglect these star students.

There was also a resident teacher on duty in both buildings.

Sun Qingyi took the girls to Building 7 first.

The resident teacher was a middle-aged woman with a kind smile on her face as she handed them a form.

“Please fill out the form to register first.”

Ning Li took it and noticed that a few people had already moved in.

Fifteen girls were split into four rooms. Ning Li and Ye Ci were assigned to the same room, No. 202.

“The dorms are divided according to your school and region,” The resident teacher explained with a smile.

This would make it easier for the students to get acquainted as soon as possible and take care of each other.

“There aren’t many students who are from the same school here.”

Sun Qingyi smiled and pointed outside. “It’s not just two. Their school has three representatives! There’s a boy with them who is waiting outside.”

The resident teacher was surprised. “Wow, really? That’s very impressive!”

There were more than fifty students from the whole country yet this school had taken up three spots. It was indeed an amazing achievement.

Ning Li filled out the form and handed it to Ye Ci.

“Thanks, Sister Ning Li.” Ye Ci said softly and saw that she had been assigned the same room as Ning Li.

The smile at the corner of her lips stiffened slightly, but she quickly recovered and filled out the form.

Sun Qingyi helped them carry their suitcases upstairs and stood outside Room 202.

“This is your dorm. You can rest first in the afternoon. I’ll message you girls in the group regarding any arrangements.”

All the students had scanned the QR code before they came and joined a WeChat group. Sun Qingyi was the group leader.

“Thank you, Mr. Sun.”

Sun Qingyi quickly left and went to find Pei Song.

The room door was locked from the inside.

Ye Ci knocked on the door, but no one answered.

She knocked harder and increased her volume. “Is anyone there?”

This time, someone finally came to open the door.

It was a very thin girl with short hair and black-rimmed glasses.

Ye Ci smiled and greeted her. “Hello, I’m Ye Ci.”

The girl nodded and took two steps back to let them in.

“Song Mengtang. Sorry, I was doing some practice questions just now and didn’t hear you knocking.”

She already walked back to her desk.

Each of them had their own elevated bed with a desk below in the four-person dorm.

Song Mengtang had chosen the bed on the right side of the window. There was a thick physics book spread open on the desk.

Ye Ci smiled and said, “It’s alright.”

However, Song Mengtang’s attitude was rather cold. After greeting them, she continued burying her head in her book.

She was the typical hardworking genius that only had her mind on her studies.

Ye Ci could see through Song Mengtang’s personality and did not say anything. She turned to look at Ning Li.

“Sister Ning Li, where do you want to sleep?”

Hearing this, Song Mengtang suddenly stopped writing and turned back to look at Ning Li.

Ning Li chose the bed next to the door on the left.

She was not picky about this since it was the same wherever she was.

Ye Ci pointed to the bed on the right side near the door.

“Then I’ll sleep here?”

Ning Li did not say anything and put down her backpack.

Most of her belongings had been kept in her suitcase, and her backpack was only stuffed with small things like charging cables, her water bottle, and so on.

“You’re Ning Li?” Song Mengtang suddenly spoke.

Unlike the coldness when she had faced Ye Ci earlier, Song Mengtang seemed to know of Ning Li and even took the initiative to talk to her.

“First in the preliminary competition in M Province?”

Although most of the students who attended the winter camp had not met each other yet, they were all very clear about each other’s achievements.

Song Mengtang had obviously heard of Ning Li’s name.

Ning Li nodded. “Hello.”

Song Mengtang glanced at Ning Li’s desk.

Ning Li had already taken everything out from her backpack, but there was not a single book or paper with her.

‘Did she put them in her luggage?’

Ning Li did not unpack her suitcase. After simply putting aside some things, Ning Li just sat in her chair and played with her phone.

Song Mengtang looked at Ning Li for a while before she continued doing her practice questions.

Ye Ci bit her lip.