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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 255 - The Young Lu Huaiyu

Chapter 255: The Young Lu Huaiyu

Ning Li had brought a 24-inch oversized black suitcase, which made her look even more slender and tall.

Su Yuan frowned slightly.

The camp was only for two weeks. Su Yuan had not expected Ning Li to bring so many things.

When Ning Li had first come to the Ye family from Lincheng, she had only carried a backpack.

Now, she was only going to the Capital for two weeks, yet she had brought such a big suitcase.

Originally, Su Yuan had wanted to tell Ning Li to take care of Ye Ci since she was the older sister, but after several failed communications, Su Yuan had already given up on this.

Ye Ci said to Ning Li, “Sister Ning Li, please wait for me.”

She pulled her own suitcase from Ye Cheng and said, “Mom, we’ll go in now. You guys can go back.”

Su Yuan hugged Ye Ci.

“This is your first time going away by yourself, so make sure you take good care of yourself, okay?”

“Sister, always remember to call us if you need anything!”

Ye Cheng had wanted to follow Ye Ci to the Capital for fun. However, his mother did not allow it, so he had to give up on the idea.

Ye Ci smiled and nodded. “It’s only for two weeks. It’ll go by quickly. I’ll bring you a gift later, but you must listen to Mom during this time, okay?”

As soon as Ye Cheng heard that he would get a gift, he was happy and quickly agreed. “Deal!”

Su Yuan tapped his forehead.

“You only know how to get gifts from your sister. If you were even half as good as your sister, your father would buy everything for you.”

Ye Cheng stuck his tongue out. They looked so happy together.

Ye Ci turned back and saw that Ning Li had already gone into the departure hall without looking at them.

“Mom, Lil Cheng, I’ll go first then,” Ye Ci said as she pulled her suitcase away and quickly followed after Ning Li.

Pei Song had already arrived and was at the check-in counter.

He had only brought a small white suitcase. Compared to Ning Li, he was travelling very light.

Ning Li was checking in at the next counter.

Ye Ci was waiting in line, with only a few people between her and Ning Li.

Ning Li and Pei Song nodded in greeting. Ning Li looked at her boarding pass, which was a window seat.

After a while, Ye Ci walked over.

She was very reluctant to be with Ning Li, but that would only make her seem more guilty.

Besides, Pei Song was also there.

After thinking about it, Ye Ci sat down on the seat opposite Ning Li.

Ning Li was looking at her phone.

No one said anything.

Ye Ci took the lead in breaking the silence.

“Sister Ning Li, the last time you went to the capital, where did you go?”

‘Interesting… So much time has passed since then, yet Ye Ci only mentions this now?’

Ning Li did not even raise her head as she said in a light voice, “Just around.”

Ye Ci was rendered speechless.

She knew then that Ning Li did not want to say another word to her.

At that moment, Pei Song’s phone rang.

He answered it. “Hello, Mr. Sun.”

Sun Qingyi was the teacher in charge of receiving them at the airport. He was calling to ask about the trio’s schedule.

Since Pei Song was the Class President and the only male student in that group, Sun Qingyi contacted him directly.

After making sure that all three of them had arrived at the airport, Sun Qingyi gave them a few more instructions before hanging up the phone.

Soon, it was time to board the plane.

Pei Song got up.

“It’s almost time. Let’s go.”

The plane tickets had been booked by the school, so their seat numbers were connected.

Ning Li was in the window seat and Ye Ci was next to her. Pei Song and Ye Ci were separated by an aisle.

Ning Li buckled her seat belt and saw her phone light up.

It was a message from Lu Huaiyu.

[Safe journey.]

He knew the departure time of her flight, so he had purposely sent it at this time.

[Thanks, Second Brother.]

She replied to the message and turned off her phone before looking out the window.

This time, Ning Li would stay in the Capital for quite a long time, so it would be a while until she could see Lu Huaiyu again.

She put the phone in her pocket and closed her eyes.

Two hours later, the plane landed at the Capital Airport.

After getting off the plane, Ning Li went to the carousel to pick up her luggage.

Pei Song stood not far away and called Sun Qingyi, who was already waiting at the exit.

Soon, Ning Li pushed her luggage over.

“Let’s go.”

As soon as the trio came out, they saw a young man in the crowd holding up a sign.

Their names were written on it.

Pei Song took the lead. “Mr. Sun.”

Sun Qingyi had already noticed them and immediately smiled as he stepped forward.

“You’re Pei Song, right?”

As he looked, he secretly sighed.

It was really impressive for Yunzhou Second High to take up three out of five places to represent the province for the National Physics Competition.

Moreover, these three students were all so good-looking.

“Hello, Mr. Sun.”

Ning Li and Ye Ci greeted him.

Sun Qingyi was very friendly.

“The two others from your province are only coming over in the afternoon. I’ll send you guys to the school first and pick them up later in the afternoon. Let’s go to the car!”

The car left the airport and drove to Capital First High.

An hour later, the car stopped in front of the main gate of Capital First High.

Sun Qingyi said, “We’re here!”

Ning Li got out of the car.

Capital First High was one of the top high schools in the Capital that was centuries old.

Since it was the school holidays, there were not many people around. The place appeared to be quite desolate.

However, just standing in front of the main gate gave one the feeling of this school’s profound heritage.

Sun Qingyi led them inside.

“I’ll show you to the dorms first. You guys can take a good rest today because the course doesn’t officially start until tomorrow.”

As he walked, Sun Qingyi introduced the campus.

“The two buildings over there are both teaching buildings, and that’s the office building next to it. Right in front is the playground. Oh, there’s also a plum garden behind the playground…”

Ning Li followed behind unhurriedly. Suddenly, her gaze was transfixed by something.

It was a wall of photos.

The top read: Distinguished Alumni of Capital First High School.

On the upper right side, there was an extremely familiar face.

The young man was wearing a white shirt with his head slightly inclined. The corners of his lips seemed to carry a nonchalant smile, but his eyes looked cold.

He looked so unattainable, like the moon or the snow on top of a mountain.

That was…the young Lu Huaiyu.