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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 253 - You Don’t Have to Thank Me for Her Matters

Chapter 253: You Don’t Have to Thank Me for Her Matters

After dinner, Lu Huaiyu accompanied Ning Li back to the Ye family home to pick up a book and went to Huacheng Avenue.

It was a neighborhood of townhouses, and Pei Song usually lived here by himself.

“This classmate of yours seems to have family in the capital, right?” Lu Huaiyu looked out the car window and asked casually.

“I think so. His parents are not in the country and his grandparents are recuperating in the Capital.

Ning Li did not know much about Pei Song. She had only found this out when Pei Song had mentioned it at the office when the school had misunderstood and thought they were dating.

Lu Huaiyu nodded gently.

Ning Li’s phone vibrated.

She clicked on it and saw a message from George.

He had probably found out that Ning Li’s exams were over, and wanted to urge her regarding the designs again.

[Ning, I heard that you’re on a school break, so you should have some time now, right? If you don’t have time, then can we at least just discuss the design theme?]

Since George could not get the drafts, he had finally taken the initiative to compromise.

It was rare for the heir of G&S to be so humble.

Ning Li finally replied to his messages.

[I have a winter training camp for the National Physics Competition, so I’ll be busy. Sorry.]

Ning Li had the drawings, but it was all still in her head.

In her past life, Ning Li had created a lot of sketches of high fashion dresses. Some of them had been stolen by Ye Ci, and others had been sealed forever in her laptop.

Ning Li wanted to set some time aside to present these slowly, so she was not in a hurry at this moment.

After a long time, George finally replied.

She could feel his desperation through the phone.

[Ning, you’re so much harder to handle than any woman I’ve ever chased.]

George was responsible for handling the team, personnel, materials, and staging. All he wanted from Ning Li was her drawings, but she did not want to give them to him because she had exams, competitions, and a winter camp to go to. Only God knew what that was…

He thought that perhaps his life had been too good in the past few years, that even God could not stand it and had gotten Ning Li to torment him.

Countless designers around the world would kill to join G&S because this opportunity was an excellent resource for anyone, but Ning Li did not care.

She also showed her full insouciance in front of him, the heir of G&S.

In a moment, Ning Li typed a few words.

[Thanks for the compliment.]

George took a deep breath and looked at his assistant. “What’s the National Physics Competition Winter Camp about?”

This assistant had been carefully selected from the G&S branch at the Capital for his great resume and capabilities.

Everyone had thought that George had come over specifically to attend that launch, but he had stayed behind after the event and even taken over some of the businesses in the country. They then realized that George was intentionally shifting his focus to China.

The executives in China were overjoyed and quickly assigned a senior assistant to him.

This assistant had also been doing a very good job.

When the assistant heard George’s question, he felt a little confused.

Physics Competition Winter Camp?

How were these words even associated with this prince?

However, the assistant remained professional.

He quickly searched for the details on his laptop and tried to explain it to George in the most concise and easy-to-understand way.

George finally understood after the explanation.

“So…this is a shortcut for students to get into a domestic university?”

His assistant replied, “Yes. Generally speaking, students who can participate in this winter camp can sign up for guaranteed admission with top universities in China as long as they get a good ranking in the finals. Of course, although it’s a shortcut, those who actually qualify are extremely few.”

George fell into deep thought.

The assistant paused for a moment and asked, “Sir, do you need me to compile the past year papers for the National Physics Competition for you?”

George waved his hand and messaged Ning Li after some thought.

[I can get Curton University to give you a degree. What do you think?]

Curton University was a top international university, and its overall ranking was not inferior to Xijing University.

When George had studied there, he had donated a library building.

It was not a problem to donate another one.

Ning Li was speechless and turned off her phone screen.

Soon, the car stopped in front of a house.

Ning Li was about to get out of the car when she received a call from Gu Siyang.

She already knew why he had called.

Lu Huaiyu sat next to her and glanced at the familiar number.

He raised an eyebrow. “You can answer the call while I deliver the book.”

After that, he took the book out of Ning Li’s backpack.

Ning Li was just about to go on her own, but Lu Huaiyu had already pushed the door open to get out.

The phone was still ringing frantically.

Ning Li answered it. “Hello?”

Lu Huaiyu walked to the front door.

The number plate “No. 17” was on the right side of the door.

He rang the doorbell and the door opened soon after.

It was Pei Song.

Seeing Lu Huaiyu standing outside the door, Pei Song was slightly stunned.

“Mr. Lu?”

His gaze subconsciously looked over Lu Huaiyu at the cab parked on the roadside.

The car window was half open and he could see a familiar slender figure inside.

“Lili’s on the phone, so I came to deliver the book for her.” Lu Huaiyu said as he handed the book that was in his hand over to him.

Pei Song withdrew his gaze and took the book. “Thanks.”

Lu Huaiyu’s thin lips had a very faint arc.

“I did it for Lili, so you don’t need to thank me.”