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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 250 - Very Convenient

Chapter 250: Very Convenient

Ye Ci looked at Ning Li and frowned slightly.

‘What friends did she have in the Capital? She even wants to stay for a few more days?’

The last time Ning Li had taken leave and said that she had gone back to Lincheng, she had actually gone to the Capital alone instead.

Ye Ci had been meaning to ask Ning Li what she had gone to do at that time, but she knew that even if she asked, Ning Li would not tell her anything.

She thought that Ning Li had gone to the Capital on a whim to have a break because she had been in a bad mood, but now it seemed that it was not the case.

Zhou Fei waved his hand.

“All right, the exams are over, so you can go home first. Pack your things and get ready to leave the morning after tomorrow!”

Ning Li walked out of the office.

It was already dark outside.

Ren Qian also happened to come out from the math team office and took a few quick steps to Pei Song.

“Brother Pei, what time is your flight?”

“10:00 am the day after tomorrow.”

“Eh? Then we won’t be together. Mine is at 2:30 pm the day after tomorrow.”

Ren Qian felt regretful.

The training location for the math and physics competition was different, so the arrangements would also be slightly different.

Ren Qian had been expecting to go there together, but now it seemed impossible.

“Then let’s come back together?”

That was more flexible.

Pei Song’s eyes swept past the slender figure in front of him and faintly said, “We can talk about it later.”

Ren Qian quickly understood. “Oh right, I almost forgot. Your family is also in the Capital, right?”

The last time Pei Song had gone to the Capital was because his grandmother had been sick and been hospitalized.

This time, Pei Song would probably go back home after the training.

Pei Song let out a faint “mm”.

“Lil Ci!”

Cheng Xiangxiang had been waiting nearby. When she spotted Ye Ci, she quickly waved at her.

Seeing Ning Li pass by, she secretly rolled her eyes.

Ye Ci walked towards Cheng Xiangxiang.

The final exams were finally over, so they wanted to go to dinner together in the evening and do some shopping to relax a little.

“Lil Ci, is your winter training time already set?”

“Yeah, we’re leaving the morning after tomorrow.”

“So early? I asked a few friends to come along, so let’s celebrate for you this evening.”

Ye Ci smiled and nodded.


Cheng Xiangxiang had an envious look on her face.

“My mom told me to go home after the exam, but once she heard that I was hanging out with you, she immediately agreed. She said that if my physics score was half as good as yours, she would be thanking God. Sigh… She’s just making things difficult for me. You placed fifth in the whole province. Even if I study till I die, I still won’t be able to reach your level!”

Ye Ci was already an excellent student. After her achievements in the competition, Cheng Xiangxiang’s mother was even more disappointed in Cheng Xiangxiang.

She could only hope that Cheng Xiangxiang’s results could improve if she spent more time with Ye Ci.

Cheng Xiangxiang thought that her mother was being ridiculous.

She had been good friends with Ye Ci for many years, yet her results had always been the same.

However, considering the fact that this would make it easier for her to go out and have fun, Cheng Xiangxiang did not refute it.

As Cheng Xiangxiang was rambling away, she did not notice that Ye Ci’s expression had stiffened.

“Oh right, Lil Ci, I heard that your training will be held at Capital First High! It’s one of the best high schools in the Capital! When you go, remember to send me pictures!”

Cheng Xiangxiang had been to the Capital countless times, but she had never been to Capital First High, so she was curious.

Ye Ci came back to her senses and smiled lightly. “Sure.”

Cheng Xiangxiang looked at the time. “It’s almost time. Why don’t you get your driver to send us over?”

Ye Ci hesitated for a moment.

“But that place is the opposite direction from home. Sister Ning Li…”

Cheng Xiangxiang snorted lightly.

“Why do you care about her so much? Ask your driver to send us there first before sending her home. She can take a taxi too. She doesn’t have an appointment, but we have people waiting for us, so it’ll be bad to be late.”

Ye Ci looked torn for a while but she finally nodded.

“I’ll discuss it with Sister Ning Li then.”

She walked a few steps faster and caught up to the front.

“Sister Ning Li.”

Ning Li turned back.

They had arrived at the entrance of the school.

Students were coming out of the school one after another, so it was crowded.

“Sister Ning Li, Xiangxiang and I have a dinner appointment and it’s almost time, so…can Uncle Zhou send us there first before sending you home?”

Ning Li looked at her dully.

Ye Ci inexplicably felt a little nervous.

Since the day that Ning Li had said those words at the dinner table, she felt uneasy whenever she faced Ning Li.

Cheng Xiangxiang saw that she had not said anything and said, “Ning Li, do you not want to agree? Have you forgotten that Uncle Zhou is the Ye family’s driver?”

She was very blunt.

Zhou Hua was the Ye family’s driver, but Ning Li was not a part of their family.

Ye Ci was the heiress of the Ye family, so of course, the driver would have to prioritize her.

“If you don’t want to, you can take a taxi yourself.”

Cheng Xiangxiang shrugged her shoulders indifferently.

Ren Qian was walking and suddenly noticed that Pei Song had stopped in his tracks.

He turned around and asked, “What’s wrong, Brother Pei?”

Ren Qian then followed Pei Song’s line of sight.

Not far away, Cheng Xiangxiang and Ye Ci seemed to be discussing something with Ning Li.

It seemed to be about their driver.

Cheng Xiangxiang was still talking.

“Anyway, since you are capable of going to the Capital by yourself, surely you can go back home by yourself…”

Ning Li’s face was expressionless.


Cheng Xiangxiang froze, not expecting her to agree so quickly, so she did not know what to say.

“Ning Li.” Pei Song suddenly spoke.

Ning Li looked to the side.

“Have you finished looking at the mock questions that Mr. Zhou gave us?”

Ning Li nodded her head.

“Yeah, I finished reading it. It’s at home. Do you want it now?”

Pei Song said, “Mm. I would like to finish reading it before the training. Is it convenient for you to give it to me today? Or I can go over and get it.”

Ning Li hesitated.

‘In that case…’

“It’s convenient.” A deep and nonchalant voice suddenly interrupted them.

Ning Li turned around. “Second Brother?”

She had not realized when Lu Huaiyu had arrived.

There was a faint smile on his handsome and elegant face.

“I’ll take Lili to dinner first, then I’ll bring the book to you later.”