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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 249 - Before the Departure

Chapter 249: Before the Departure

‘Move out.’

Ning Li was stunned.

She had not expected Lu Huaiyu to say this so suddenly.

Ning Li could hear that he was being serious.

She did not say anything.

Lu Huaiyu did not say anything else and only waited for her response quietly.

He knew that Ning Li did not like the Ye family.

Gradually, he had come to understand how dangerous and horrible the Ye family was to Ning Li.

If this could happen once, it would certainly happen again.

Since the night that Lu Huaiyu had sent Ning Li to the Ye family home and seen the deep panic and hatred that had flashed in her beautiful eyes as she looked at the Ye family’s main gate.

Ning Li had been so tense at the time that she was clearly avoiding and resisting it.

She clearly did not want to stay with the Ye family, and it was not just because she did not like Su Yuan.

So far, these were the things that Lu Huaiyu had seen. What about the things he did not see?

After Lu Huaiyu had seen the results of the investigation, he had deliberated for a long time. Finally, he could not help but to suggest that she move out.

He did not want to leave his girl alone in that place.

After a while, Ning Li said, “Second Brother, thank you, but I don’t want to move out right now.”

Lu Huaiyu leaned back on the sofa. When he heard this, he looked out through the floor-to-ceiling window calmly.

He was not surprised by this answer.

If Ning Li had wanted to move out of the Ye family home, there were many ways to do so, but she had not done it yet.

He knew that she had her own plans, so he had never mentioned this until now.

Lu Huaiyu finally could not hold back.

His fingers tapped on the armrest as he finally compromised.

“Then feel free to talk to me when you do want to move out.”

Ning Li knew that Lu Huaiyu did not approve of her decision, but he still agreed without asking.

She was slightly relieved.

“I won’t be living here for long anyway. Time will go by quite quickly.”

There was only less than half a year till the college entrance exams.

Lu Huaiyu let out a faint “mm” as his thin lips curled up slightly.

She thought that time was going by fast, but unfortunately, he did not feel the same way.

However, Lu Huaiyu did not intend on saying this to her.

“Well, then I hope that you can finish your exams sooner, become an adult and move out sooner.”

Ning Li blinked.

‘Why does this sound so strange…? I can’t control time…’

Ning Li did not think much about it and only thought that Lu Huaiyu wanted her to move away from the Ye family as soon as possible. She nodded and said, “Thanks, Second Brother.”

Lu Huaiyu hung up the phone with one hand on his forehead. Her sweet and soft voice still echoed in her ears.

He let out a low chuckle.

‘This kid isn’t even the slightest bit wary of me…’

“Lu, what did Ning Li say?”

Cheng Xiyue had just finished with a last-minute conference call and asked impatiently as soon as he got back.

Lu Huaiyu said, “She already guessed it.”

“She did?!”

Cheng Xiyue frowned slightly.

“If that’s the case, then why is she still staying with the Ye family?”

Lu Huaiyu pondered for a moment.

“She has her own ideas, let her be.”

“So, we’re supposed to forget about this?”

Cheng Xiyue glanced at him.

“You’re really not worried, huh?”

Looking at the current situation, it was hard to say what other troubles Ning Li would encounter.

Lu Huaiyu’s tone was relaxed, but his eyes seemed to be covered in ice.

“She didn’t say that. Nor did I.”

The holiday ended and soon, it was the final exam.

Ning Li was still in the first seat at the first examination room.

Two days passed by quickly.

After taking the last English exam, the entire senior building was in a state of jubilation.

“Finally, we’re done!”

“I’m going to sleep until noon tomorrow!”

“Winter break! I’m ready for my winter break!”

The hallway was filled with all sorts of noise.

Ren Qian impatiently stuck a finger in his ears and yelled at Lin Zhouyang, who was screaming the loudest.

“The final results will come out before Chinese New Year. Why are you guys so happy?”

Once these words came out, the group immediately went crazy.


“Before Chinese New Year?! Why is the school so inhumane?!”

“How will we still be able to celebrate Chinese New Year then? I’m afraid that after my results are out, I won’t be able to see the sun the next day!”

Ren Qian slapped the back of Lin Zhouyang’s head.

“We still have five months before the college entrance exams, yet you guys are still thinking about winter break?”

Lin Zhouyang was resentful.

“Qianzi, you can’t let us have a winter break just because you don’t have one, right?”

Ren Qian had also qualified for the national math finals and would soon be going to the Capital for the winter training.

“Look at Brother Pei and Ning Li, they won’t have a break either. They even work so hard on their grades. Why can’t you learn a thing or two from them?”

Lin Zhouyang felt a little suffocated.

“There’s a difference between humans and gods! Don’t you get it?!”

‘How could Qianzi compare himself to such geniuses? Did he want to crush his self-esteem?’

“Hey, Qianzi, are you and Brother Pei going to the Capital together?” A boy next to him asked.

Ren Qian was the only person in the Second High who had qualified for the math finals this year.

Thus, there were only four people from Second High who would be joining the winter training camp.

Three of them for the physics competition – Ning Li, Pei Song, and Ye Ci.

One for the math competition – Ren Qian.

Ren Qian shook his head.

“I asked Brother Pei. Their training is at Capital First High, and I’m at Capital Fifth High, so we won’t be together.”

He wanted to be with his classmates, but reality would not be allowing it.

Lin Zhouyang rubbed his chin.

“Then Brother Pei and the girls will be together. They can take care of each other…”

This also proved how amazing it was to have three people from Second High attend the winter training camp of the physics competition this year.

As he was packing his things, Ren Qian said, “Maybe.”

He picked up his bag and headed for the math team office.

The physics team office.

Zhou Fei sat behind his desk. Ning Li and the other two were there.

“The schedule of the winter training camp is out. The school has booked a flight for you at 10:00 am the day after tomorrow. When you arrive, a special teacher will be responsible for picking you guys up from the airport and will take you to the winter camp training grounds, which is Capital First High. The training period is two weeks. Are there any questions?”

Zhou Fei said as he handed over a form.

“Don’t worry, the teacher in charge is my former classmate and I’ve already sent my greetings to him. If you have any problems over there, just go to him directly.”

Zhou Fei was from the capital, and he was an alumnus of Capital First High.

Thus, he was not worried.

Pei Song swept a glance and said, “No problem.”

Ye Ci also nodded.

“We’re good with anything. We’ll listen to your arrangements.”

Ning Li looked at the end date and suddenly said, “Mr. Zhou, after the training, can I come back on my own?”

Their round-trip tickets had been booked by Second High.

Zhou Fei froze.

“You want to come back on your own?”

Ning Li nodded. “I have friends in the Capital, so I might stay there for a few more days.”

Zhou Fei did not think that it was a big deal and agreed without much thought.

“Okay! Just make sure it’s safe. I’ll talk to the school later.”

Ning Li smiled. “Thank you, Mr. Zhou.”