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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 248 - Move Out

Chapter 248: Move Out

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Ci looked stunned. “What?!”

Su Yuan was also very surprised.

“What did you say, Ning Li? You sued them?!”

Her delicate brows furrowed.

“You’re in your senior year. How could you get involved in a lawsuit?! Besides, you just started attending Second High at that time, so who would target you? Aren’t you thinking too much about this?”

Ning Li was not surprised that Su Yuan would say something like that.

After all, Su Yuan had never prioritized Ning Li, so she would never put herself in Ning Li’s shoes to think about these issues.

The first thing Su Yuan had thought of was that Ning Li had gotten her into trouble again.


“I’ve been to court since I was seven years old, so what’s the big deal about a lawsuit?”

Ning Li said indifferently.

What was more, with Cheng Xiyue’s help this time, Ning Li would not even need to appear in court. All she had to do was wait for the result.

“I’m also curious about what exactly I did to make someone go to such lengths to deal with me.” Ning Li laughed. “I think we’ll get the results soon.”

Ye Ci sat rigidly in her chair, without saying a word.

She had not known about this matter.

Originally, everything had been going well. Who could have known that the surveillance camera in the corridor that day would suddenly appear online.

Public opinion had quickly shifted.

Ye Ci knew that there was no chance to turn the tide, so she had quickly pulled out.

After the matter had subsided, she had thought that it would all be over.

Who would have known that Ning Li would actually sue those cyberbullies and conduct a thorough investigation?

Ning Li’s gaze felt incredibly heavy on Ye Ci’s shoulders. It made Ye Ci feel unbelievably flustered and suffocated.

Ye Ci took a quick glance at Ning Li. All of a sudden, she had countless thoughts.

She was not involved in that matter and had already erased all traces. Even if they investigated it, they would probably not trace it back to her.

If Ning Li already knew…then why would Ning Li talk to her so calmly?

At the thought of this, Ye Ci relaxed a little.

The corner of her mouth twitched a little.

“That…that’s pretty good! So many people online just don’t speak responsibly and must be held accountable.”

It sounded as if she agreed with Ning Li’s approach.

However, Ye Ci did not comment on what Ning Li had said about someone dealing with her.

Ning Li admired Ye Ci’s expression for a moment before her eyes curved in a smile.

“Right. Don’t worry, when the results of the trial come out, I’ll definitely come back and tell you first. Your care for me won’t be in vain.”

Ye Ci’s mouth stiffened. She no longer knew what kind of expression she should put on to face Ning Li. She just nodded stiffly. “Great.”

Ning Li seemed to be satisfied with her answer. Only then did she get up and leave.

Once Ning Li had disappeared around the corner of the stairs, Ye Ci finally let out a sigh of relief.

A chill ran down her spine and she was very shocked to realize that she had actually broken out in a cold sweat earlier.

Su Yuan and Ning Li’s conversation had once again ended in vain. Su Yuan was even more annoyed to find out that Ning Li was actually filing a lawsuit.

“Mom, I’ll be going back to my room first.”

Ye Ci greeted Su Yuan and went back to her room.

She checked her phone again and confirmed that all those things had been deleted, but somehow, her heart still felt very uneasy.

‘How much does Ning Li know?!’


At night, Ning Li received a call from Lu Huaiyu.

“Zhang Yang and the others will be charged for provocation. After they sort out the files, they’ll be prosecuted soon.”

Ning Li was a little surprised. “So soon? Why is it a public prosecution?”

‘Is it because of Cheng Xiyue and Lu Huaiyu…’

Lu Huaiyu seemed to have guessed what she was thinking and laughed.

“Besides your case, Zhang Yang is also involved in a huge underground gambling case. These past few months, he had been doing a lot of illegal business to raise gambling money.”

Ning Li understood immediately. “So that’s how it is…”

If this was the case, then Zhang Yang’s situation was much more serious than she had expected.

“I’m just informing you of this. You don’t need to worry about the details. Just prepare for your exam.”

Lu Huaiyu paused for a moment and continued, “As for the person who contacted Zhang Yang…”

Ning Li suddenly had a premonition. “You found out already?”


Ning Li looked at the time.

They had returned from Lincheng at noon, and it was only 9:00 pm now.

In less than twelve hours, Lu Huaiyu had already investigated it thoroughly. His efficiency was simply amazing.

Ning Li said, “It’s the same person who sent the video last time, right?”

Her tone was very calm and not inquiring. It was a definite statement.

“You already know?” Lu Huaiyu’s voice trailed slightly, seemingly a little surprised.

“Yeah, I figured it out.”

Hearing Lu Huaiyu’s tone, it was obviously the person that she had guessed – Ye Ci.

Lu Huaiyu was silent.

In order to get the results as soon as possible, he had used some means.

He had been contemplating how to tell Ning Li about this and had not expected her to have guessed it herself. Moreover, her reaction was so calm, as if she was not at all surprised that Ye Ci would do this kind of thing to her.

Lu Huaiyu was not sure if it was because of that previous experience of cyberbullying, or because Ning Li had long seen through Ye Ci’s character.

He said, “I’ll send you the evidence later. As for what to do next, you can decide.”

Lu Huaiyu had thought of some options, but looking at it now, Ning Li seemed to have other plans, so he chose to handle it the same way as the last time.

Ning Li paused for a moment and said solemnly, “Second Brother, thank you.”

Lu Huaiyu did not speak for a while. It was so quiet that they could hear each other’s breathing.

Ning Li felt a little strange. “Second Brother?”

“Lili.” Lu Huaiyu’s voice was soft and low. “Why don’t you move out?”