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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 247 - Isn’t It Interesting?

Chapter 247: Isn’t It Interesting?

Ning Li paused in her movements and sat back down again, making a gesture that she was all ears.

She looked at Su Yuan with a faint smile and said in a lazy voice, “Years ago, I didn’t know that you had so many things to say to me.”

Su Yuan almost choked, yet she could not refute this.

After all, Su Yuan had not inquired about Ning Li in the past ten years.

Su Yuan had not even made a single phone call, much less met her face-to-face.

Since she had picked Ning Li up, they rarely spoke to each other. Every time they did, they would get into a disagreement after only a few words.

Ning Li did not listen to Su Yuan and did not even pretend to care.

Thus, Su Yuan could not even speak to Ning Li properly even if she wanted to.

After the previous experiences, Su Yuan finally realized that her previous method was useless in dealing with Ning Li.

Su Yuan was straightforward this time.

“I know you don’t like me, but since you moved in, you’re considered part of the Ye family. In future, you should stay here during the holidays. As for Lincheng…”

She paused.

That was a place she did not want to mention ever again.

If she could, Su Yuan did not want to have any more contact with that city.

“As for Lincheng, you shouldn’t go back there in the future.”

Su Yuan’s words were very straightforward and her tone was much stronger.

This was not a discussion. It was an order.

She had given up trying to communicate with Ning Li gently because that simply did not work.

It was more effective to be direct.

Ning Li looked cold, before suddenly letting out a laugh.

“That’s my home. Why can’t I go back?”

Su Yuan’s eyebrows knitted together.

‘What was so good about that shabby and crowded hutong?’

Now that Ning Li’s grandmother had passed away, Ning Li did not have any other family members or friends over there.

How could that kind of place be called “home”?

What was the Ye family home to Ning Li then?

“Ning Li, why do you always have to go against me?”

Ning Li held her cheek with one hand.

“You think too much. I’m not that bored.”

With the final exams coming, the winter training for the physics competition, and George’s persistence in getting her designs, Ning Li really was quite busy.

Su Yuan choked and looked at Ning Li. Her lips were trembling with anger.

The air seemed to freeze.

Ye Ci’s eyes swept back and forth between the two and hurriedly tried to ease the situation.

“Sister Ning Li, Mom is just saying this for your own good. After all, if you live by yourself in Lincheng, it’s quite unsafe…”

Ning Li suddenly raised her eyes and looked over. Her gaze was sharp and cold.

She spoke slowly, enunciating each word methodically.

“I’ve been fine all this while living in Lincheng. How is it unsafe?”

Ye Ci’s voice came to an abrupt halt.

She had wanted to skip this topic, but Ning Li had looked at her with such sharp eyes as if she could see through everything.

Ye Ci averted her gaze and said in a soft voice.

“I…I heard that people would go and make a scene…so…so I was just worried…”

Ning Li raised her eyebrows.

“Did you mean Zhang Yang and his family?”

Ye Ci’s lips twitched.

“I heard that these people are trouble. Sister Ning Li, if you’re alone…”

Ning Li suddenly looked at Su Yuan.

“I don’t think you know who Zhang Yang is, right?”

Su Yuan froze.

Ye Ci’s expression stiffened.

Su Yuan also seemed to sense that something was wrong and frowned.

“Who’s that?”

Ye Ci’s hand that was under the table slowly tightened.

There was no expression on Ning Li’s face.

“He’s Zhang He’s brother. Oh, Zhang He was the victim of that car accident back then.”

Su Yuan had already left Lincheng by that time. After the accident, Ning Li’s grandmother had used various methods to try and reach her.

However, Su Yuan had been determined to leave. After hearing about this, she had been even more determined to never go back.

Su Yuan had not asked about Ning Haizhou’s case, so naturally, she would not know those names.

Hearing Ning Li say this, Su Yuan’s face changed slightly.

Ning Li looked at Ye Ci.

“Ye Ci, I didn’t know that you cared so much about me.”

Su Yuan also looked at Ye Ci with curiosity.

Su Yuan herself had not known the other party’s name, so how had Ye Ci found out that those people had caused trouble for the Ning family in the past?

Ye Ci’s palms broke out in cold sweat.

She hung her head and said, “I…I accidentally saw it when those people berated you on the internet last time.”

Ye Ci was talking about the time when Ning Li had just entered Second High and almost pushed someone down the stairs. Someone had taken a video and uploaded it to the internet.

At the time, countless netizens had identified Ning Li’s act as school violence and verbally attacked Ning Li.

Some people had even dug up her past and exposed it.

It was still possible that Ye Ci had found out about it from that incident.

“Then, thanks for your concern.”

Ning Li’s lips curved slightly with a touch of mockery in her eyes.

“You even remember these small details so clearly.”

Ye Ci pursed her lips.

She knew that anything she said would sound wrong, so she simply kept quiet.

Su Yuan was dubious and seemed to be a little nervous.

“Is it true?”

‘How many times did those people go to the Ning family to create trouble?’

“Not everything on the internet is real.”

Ning Li glanced at Su Yuan.

“Don’t worry, they don’t have the guts to make a scene here yet, much less implicate you and the Ye family.”

At most, they would only wait for her to go back to Lincheng.

Su Yuan felt humiliated that Ning Li had seen through her thoughts.

“Ning Li, I don’t…”

“Since you’re so concerned about this, there’s some good news that I’d like to share with you.”

Ning Li interrupted Su Yuan’s words and smiled at Ye Ci.

“I’ve already sued those social media accounts that spread those rumors. Their court hearing will be in three days. The lawyer said that they were just taking orders from someone. Ye Ci, isn’t it interesting that someone is so willing to spend so much money just to mess with me?”