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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 246 - I Have Something to Say to You

Chapter 246: I Have Something to Say to You

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ning Li saw the calendar and felt that it was about time.

She replied to Lin Fengmin’s email and closed her laptop.

Ning Li looked at her desk. Although it was a holiday, the school had assigned them a lot of homework because it was close to the final exam.

She pulled out a science paper.

Ye Ci sat in her room and held her phone with both hands as she stared at the messages and frowned.


She stared at them for a while, and eventually deleted them all.

Afterward, she picked up a pen with the intention of continuing with the math paper that she was halfway through, but she was so distracted that she could not calm her mind. She pondered for a long time before she could solve the first two small problems, but could not think of a solution for the last one.

Ning Li was home, but Ye Ci would never ask for her help.

After a while, she took a picture and sent it to Lin Zhouyang.

[Lin Zhouyang, have you solved the third sub-question?]

Although Lin Zhouyang’s English was horrible, his math was above average, and he had a total score of 145 marks.

Lin Zhouyang replied as soon as he saw her message.

[I haven’t done it yet, wait a sec.]

Ye Ci: [There’s no rush.]

Lin Zhouyang found his schoolbag and dumped all of its contents on the bed.

Since it was a holiday, he had not even opened the zipper on his bag.

It was rare for Ye Ci to ask him questions, so he certainly had to seize the opportunity.

After flipping through his things, Lin Zhouyang finally found the math paper from a pile of crumpled papers.

He pulled over a chair and solved it as he messaged Ye Ci.

[Didn’t Ning Li solve this already?]

Ning Li would still have been able to tackle this problem even though it was quite difficult.

They both lived in the same house, so was it not more convenient for Ye Ci to ask Ning Li?

Lin Zhouyang would not have asked this before.

After all, everyone could see that the relationship between Ning Li and Ye Ci had never been good.

However, since Ye Ci had borrowed Ning Li’s notes and placed fifth in the provincial physics competition, Lin Zhouyang had now changed his mind.

Ning Li had always been generous and selfless when it came to learning.

[Ning Li went back to Lincheng for the past two days and only just arrived home. She didn’t look well-rested, so I didn’t want to bother her.]

Lin Zhouyang understood.

[No wonder. Then wait a minute, I’ll finish it right away!]

He then sent his solution to her.

Ye Ci looked at Lin Zhouyang’s messy handwriting and frowned.

Without waiting for her to reply, Lin Zhouyang seemed to have realized the problem and texted her again.


[Ooops, it’s a little messy. Hold on.]

Two minutes later, he sent another picture.

The solution was written neatly on a blank A4 paper.

Although his handwriting was still very ugly, it was still legible.

Ye Ci thanked him and sent him a smiley face emoji.

It looked very cute and polite.

When Lin Zhouyang had first looked at that emoji, he felt very happy. After a while, he felt a little annoyed.

He had been feeling frustrated since he had inadvertently overheard the conversation between Ye Ci and Cheng Xiangxiang previously.

Ye Ci had admitted that she liked someone.

For so long, Ye Ci had countless admirers, but she had never shown any special interest in anyone.

She had even agreed to go with him to the painting exhibition, so he had thought that she might like him too. However, her attitude since then had proved that he had been overthinking things.

Ye Ci had said that the guy was not from the First Class.

Then, who could the person be?

‘It can’t be Ding Xi…’

As for the others, there were no signs that Ye Ci liked them.

Ren Qian suddenly called and interrupted Lin Zhouyang’s thoughts.

“Yo, Linny! Are you coming? We’re waiting for you at the court. Where are you?”

Lin Zhouyang slapped his head.

He had been so focused on solving the problem for Ye Ci that he had almost forgotten about it.


Ren Qian’s house was just across the street, so it was convenient for them to play basketball.

Ten minutes later, Lin Zhouyang arrived at the basketball court in Ren Qian’s neighborhood.

Two other boys who lived in their neighborhood had joined them at the court.

Pei Song was also there.

“Sorry, I was just doing homework.”

Lin Zhouyang said as he trotted over.

Ren Qian looked at him as if he had seen a ghost.

“Are you sick?”

“You’re the one who’s sick!”

“You’re doing homework on a holiday?”

Ren Qian took a step back and held the ball.

“Stay away from me!”

Lin Zhouyang snorted, but his face betrayed a little of his excitement as he bragged.

“Ye Ci asked me to solve a problem.”

Ren Qian and the others looked at each other.

‘Tsk tsk… It was because of Ye Ci… It’s no wonder…’

Ren Qian asked casually, “Why didn’t she ask Ning Li since they live together?”

Lin Zhouyang walked over and snatched the ball as soon as he could, before saying nonchalantly, “Oh, Ning Li went back to Lincheng two days ago and only just came back today.”


Ren Qian froze for a moment.

“Didn’t you say that she lived with her grandmother before? Then…”

‘Did she spend the holiday by herself?’

“Right…” Lin Zhouyang dribbled slower and suddenly thought of something. He looked at Pei Song.

“Hey, speaking of which, Brother Pei, did you spend the New Year alone too?”

Pei Song’s parents were abroad, and his grandmother was recuperating in the Capital.

Although his aunt’s family was also in Yunzhou, he basically lived by himself.

Pei Song gave him a dull look. “Mm.”

It was not the first time that this had happened, so he was already used to it.

Lin Zhouyang felt aggrieved.

“Then, why didn’t you reply to my New Year’s Day wishes?”

Ren Qian laughed. “Brother Pei always sleeps early and never bothers with things like these. Don’t talk about you, he didn’t reply to mine either! Just get used to it!”

Lin Zhouyang shrugged his shoulders. ‘Right…’

“Hey, Pei, you can’t always be so cold. I sent one to Ning Li and she replied.”

He then made a pass.

Pei Song suddenly intercepted it.

Lin Zhouyang was slightly stunned.

“Aren’t you on my team?”

Pei Song lifted his chin. His eyes were aloof and calm.

“You’re late, so you’re on your own.”

Ren Qian immediately understood and scoffed.

“Yup! That’s how it is! Linny, us five against you!”

The rest followed suit.

“Yeah! You almost ditched us for Ye Ci. You must be punished!”

“Tsk tsk… Bros before hos, man!”

Lin Zhouyang was speechless.

Pei Song seemed a little distracted. He dribbled in place, before jumping to make a shot.

It was a clean shot!

Lin Zhouyang thought, ‘I’m only a little late… Why is Pei Song so angry?’


Ye family.

In the evening, Ye Ming did not come back for dinner.

The Qinghe Bridge project had officially started, so he had been quite busy at the office.

Although Su Yuan wanted to ease the relationship between them, she still had not found the right opportunity. She could only put it aside temporarily.

The atmosphere at the dining table was quiet.

Ning Li finished eating and was about to get up and leave.

Su Yuan suddenly said, “Ning Li, wait. I have something to say to you.”