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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 244 - Inconvenient

Chapter 244: Inconvenient

Lu Huaiyu was right next to Cheng Xiyue.

Lu Huaiyu should have heard the conversation between Xu Yini and Cheng Xiyue just now, but he had not said anything and had not shown any intention of talking to Xu Yini.

Moreover, Ning Li was also there.

Ning Li was from Lincheng.

Xu Yini was smart. With this sentence, she had already figured out a lot of things.

Lu Huaiyu had also been in Lincheng last night.

It was evident whose house he had been in that had that table and that bowl of soup.

Lu Huaiyu was an extremely picky person. Aside from Ning Li’s house, he would not step foot into such a humble place.

He had actually gone there and even eaten dinner in such a place.

Moreover, he had even posted it on his WeChat Moments.

Xu Yini clutched her phone, her knuckles turning white.

The feeling of uneasiness that had arisen when she saw Ning Li at Yunding Fenghua that day overwhelmed her again.

Lu Huaiyu really cared for Ning Li.

Xu Yini had known him for so many years and had never seen him treat anyone that way.

‘Could he really…’

Xu Yini did not reply for a long time, so Cheng Xiyue called out to her again.


Xu Yini recovered her senses and tried to make her voice sound calm.

“Huaiyu’s not used to sleeping outside, so he probably didn’t get to sleep well last night, right? I won’t bother you guys then.”

Ning Li took back the box of mint and ate one herself. When she heard this, she subconsciously glanced at Lu Huaiyu.

However, he was leaning back on the seat, so she could not see his expression.

Cheng Xiyue thought to himself, ‘How would I know if he had slept well or not?’

He smiled and said, “Okay, then I’ll hang up now.”

After the call had ended, the car became silent again.

The cool minty flavor diffused in her mouth. Ning Li hesitated for a while and asked, “Second Brother, did you not sleep well last night?”

Lu Huaiyu laughed. “I slept quite well.”

Ning Li was skeptical. After all, his insomnia was indeed quite serious.

However, since that was his answer, she did not ask any more questions.

Cheng Xiyue suddenly thought of something and asked, “By the way, I heard that Gu Tinglan and Gu Siyang were also in Lincheng these few days?”

These words were directed to Ning Li.

She nodded. “Yeah. I bumped into them the day before yesterday.”

When Cheng Xiyue heard this, he suddenly recalled how he and his friends had been tortured the other night and had an epiphany.

The day before yesterday.

‘Hadn’t Gu Siyang posted a picture?’

He recalled carefully and asked tentatively, “Then…did you guys have dinner together?”


Cheng Xiyue took a deep breath and silently stepped on the gas pedal.

‘Gu Siyang! I’ll get back at you!’

“Ah-choo!” Gu Siyang sneezed fiercely.

He rubbed his nose.

“Who is missing me so much?”

Gu Tinglan followed Null as they headed towards the garage.

As they walked, Null said, “The car has been fixed. You can check to see if there’s any problem. If everything is to your satisfaction, we will then do the final overhaul and maintenance, and you’ll be able to pick up the car in two days time.”

As he said that, he opened the door of the garage and entered first.

Gu Tinglan followed closely behind.

Gu Siyang quickly walked inside.

The last time they had come over, they had not been able to go in to check it out. This time, he would surely not miss this rare opportunity.

Gu Siyang was one of the bosses of LY. Although his racing skills were not great, he had seen a lot.

Even so, he was still amazed once he was inside.

This garage looked ordinary from the outside, but there were all kinds of equipment and tools inside.

Gu Siyang looked around and finally understood why Null’s garage was so famous around here.

Null had the capacity.

Gu Siyang swept a glance at those cars, still filled with amazement.

“This one is last year’s global limited edition, right? And this one! I’ve only seen two of these in the Capital. You actually have one here? Wow! This car is older than me, right? It’s so well maintained!”

Gu Tinglan did not really care much about cars. However, Gu Siyang’s attitude made him feel embarrassed to be related to him.

He closed his eyes and regretted once again for bringing his nephew here in a moment of weakness.

Null did not seem to mind and answered Gu Siyang’s questions very patiently.

He pointed to the innermost corner. “Your car’s right there.”

Gu Tinglan had already seen it.

He walked over and stood by the car.

From the outside, no signs of damage could be seen.

He pulled open the door, and checked a few places. He started the car to listen to the sound of the engine for a while before exiting .

Null asked, “Well?”

Gu Tinglan nodded. “It’s good.”

Null and the mechanic responsible for repairing this car were smart enough to know what should be repaired and what should not be touched.

“I’ll make the final payment when I pick up the car.”

Hearing him say this, the long-held tension in Gu Siyang’s heart finally settled down.

This meant that the whole ordeal was finally over!

“This car is very important to us, so we really appreciate your work.” Gu Tinglan looked at Null. “If it’s possible, I’d like to thank the mechanic who repaired the car in person. Is it convenient?”

Null shrugged his shoulders.

He was not surprised by this request, but…

“That won’t be possible because the mechanic has been quite busy lately. Besides, Mr. Gu, you’re paying for our service and we’re just doing our job, nothing more.”

Gu Tinglan smiled gently.

“In that case, I won’t force it, but please help me to convey my thanks to the mechanic.”

“No problem.”

Null made an “okay” gesture.

Cheng Xi Yue sent Ning Li back to the Ye family home first.

Ye Ci was studying in her room.

The final exam was coming up soon, and she had fallen behind in her other courses due to her preparations for the physics competition, especially in mathematics. She still had a pile of papers and exercises that she did not have time to do.

The last midterm exam had been a great blow to her. She was afraid that a similar situation would occur again, so she was busy cramming.

She even refused to go shopping when Cheng Xiangxiang had asked her out.

Even so, it was hard for Ye Ci to catch up.

The senior math course was very intense. If she even missed a small section, it would affect her learning progress later.

Ye Ci did not have time to properly understand a large part of the content, so she had a headache at the moment.

She stared at the three-dimensional geometry calculation on the paper and frowned.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of a car engine outside.

Ye Ci glanced out the window, her gaze suddenly transfixed.

That was Cheng Xiyue’s car.

‘At this time, why would he come…’

A slender and tall figure came down from the back of the car.

It was Ning Li.

Ye Ci immediately got up and went to the window.

Ning Li walked to the passenger seat and seemed to be saying goodbye to the people inside the car.

After one minute, Ning Li stepped back and waved her hand.

The car drove away.

Ning Li turned around and walked inside.

Suddenly, Ning Li seemed to sense something and raised her head slightly, looking straight at Ye Ci.