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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 242 - From Yunzhou

Chapter 242: From Yunzhou

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ning Li came out of the bathroom, wrapped in a thick robe. Lu Huaiyu was sleeping in the room next door.

She glanced at the door and saw that the lights were turned off. Thus, she thought that Lu Huaiyu was asleep.

However, she still moved lightly towards her room, step by step, before gently closing the door again.

For fear of waking up Lu Huaiyu, she did not use a hairdryer and just towel-dried her hair.

Her phone suddenly lit up, so she looked at it and saw several New Year’s wishes.

Only then did she realize that it was already past midnight.

He Xiaochen: [Dear Ning Li, Happy New Year!]

Ji Shu: [Happy New Year, Sister Li! Please bless me so that I can compete this year!]

Gu Siyang was straightforward and sent her a red packet.

Ning Li replied to their messages.

The senior class group chat was also very lively.

She read for a while and was about to go to sleep when she received another message.

It was from Pei Song. [Happy New Year.]

There were no other extra words, just a plain and straightforward wish.

From this, Ning Li thought of his usual cold and indifferent expression.

It had been sent to the group. After all, Pei Song was the Class President.

Ning Li replied anyway. [Happy New Year.]

After that, she saw her list of messages and spotted Lu Huaiyu’s name.

There was no message from him, probably because he had gone to bed early.

Ning Li put her phone down and wiped her hair for a while before lying down to sleep.

During the New Year, Zhou Fei would be very busy.

He would get so many wishes from parents and students that it was overwhelming.

Zhou Fei was nestled on his sofa as he looked at the long list of unread messages with little red dots. He let out a long sigh and began to reply to them one by one.

Suddenly, a familiar name appeared.

[Go online.]

Zhou Fei could not believe his eyes.

This was a message from Lu Huaiyu!

Second Master Lu never played games at night.

‘Why is he suddenly so free, especially on New Year’s Day?’

However, this opportunity was rare, so Zhou Fei did not think much about it and immediately replied. [Coming!]

The last time, Zhou Fei had been defeated so badly that he had uninstalled the game and did not touch it again for a while.

Then, he felt that he was being a coward, so he picked it up again and practiced hard, waiting for the time to get back on the field.

He had not expected this opportunity to come so soon!

Zhou Fei immediately sat upright, rolled up his sleeves, and excitedly opened the game.

[I’m here!]

Half an hour later, Zhou Fei was staring as he witnessed himself dying for the millionth time. His hand trembled slightly.

Then, he chucked his phone aside.

[I’m out!]

Ning Li slept soundly that night. When she woke up, it was already 10:00 am.

Lu Huaiyu was already awake.

Ning Li walked out and saw him standing by the living room window talking on the phone.

The other party was talking, and he only answered occasionally. He deliberately lowered his voice.

When he heard footsteps, Lu Huaiyu turned to look at Ning Li, said a few more words to the other party before hanging up the phone.

“You’re awake?”

Ning Li coughed lightly and felt a little embarrassed.

“Second Brother, you’re up so early.”

Lu Huaiyu looked at her with a smirk. “It’s not very early.”

Ning Li was speechless. ‘Right… It’s already 10:00 am…’

“Cheng Xiyue is coming over later, then we’ll go back to Yunzhou together.”

Ning Li was a little surprised.

“So soon?”

Lu Huaiyu nodded. “The investigation and evidence are pretty much complete. The rest can be left to them to go through the process.”

Since Cheng Xiyue and even Lu Huaiyu had personally stepped in, the efficiency of all parties was naturally amazing.


Lu Huaiyu pondered for a moment as he thought about what to say.

“The news of your return was deliberately revealed to Zhang Yang. Do you know about it?”

Ning Li’s eyebrows twitched slightly, then nodded.

“Yeah, I figured.”

At first, she had not thought much about it, but after the incident, she had pondered it for a long time last night and felt that something was not right.

Ning Li had been away from Lincheng for three months and had only come back for one day, yet Zhang Yang had come to attack her at the door. They had acted extremely fast.

Years ago when the accident had just happened, Zhang Yang had been in a rage and had come to make a scene every now and then. However, ten years had passed and they had come less frequently.

As Lu Huaiyu had mentioned before, Zhang Yang was an ordinary person, so he could not just sit around here doing nothing all day just to keep an eye on Ning Li’s movements.

Thus, it was clear that someone had deliberately sent him the news.

However, she could not guess who it was.

Lu Huaiyu said, “The police technical department recovered the data in Zhang Yang’s phone and found that the number was from outside the country. However, the IP address shows that it’s from Yunzhou.”

Ning Li’s brows furrowed.


There were only a few who had such great hostility towards her.

Lu Huaiyu scrutinized her expression. “You know who it is?”

Ning Li shook her head. “I can’t be sure yet.”

Without sufficient evidence, Ning Li did not want to jump to conclusions.

“Shall we go back and investigate?”

Ning Li nodded her head.

Even if they found out who it was, it would not have any effect on that person.

The person who had sent the text message had not caused her substantial harm.

Even if the case was opened for investigation, the people who had smashed her door and threatened her were Zhang Yang’s people. That had nothing to do with the person who had sent the text message.

Lu Huaiyu came over. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll deal with this. You just need to focus on your final exam.”

Ning Li’s lips twitched as she wanted to say something, but there was a sudden knock on the door.

“Lu! Little Ning Li! Are you guys all packed? It’s time for us to go!”

It was Cheng Xiyue.

Lu Huaiyu went over to open the door.

Cheng Xiyue looked past Lu Huaiyu and directly inside the house.