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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 240 - Public

Chapter 240: Public

Xu Yini scrolled back up and zoomed in on the photo again.

It was a bowl of corn and pork rib soup.

Nothing special.

Even though there was not a single word in the caption, this was the first time Lu Huaiyu had posted in his WeChat Moments.

Xu Yini studied the picture and her first reaction was that it was not Lu Huaiyu’s home.

Lu Huaiyu had not returned to the Capital for the New Year, which Old Master Lu had nagged about for a long time.

However, this was obviously not in his villa in Yunding Fenghua either.

The dining table, porcelain bowl, and the light reflected on the spoon were all so ordinary and plain.

‘Whose home is this? How could Lu Huaiyu go to such a place? Moreover, it’s already past 8:00 pm and only a few hours until New Year’s Day.

Xu Yini was fixated on the photo.

Her focus was certainly not the bowl of soup that was featured, but the half-captured bowl next to it!

‘Two people… Who is he counting down the New Year with?’

Within a short time, quite a few likes had already accumulated on this picture.

All of them were their common friends.

Lu Huaiyu had made this post public.

“Nini, is this maple red lipstick okay for tonight?”

The makeup artist asked eagerly and pleasingly.

Although Xu Yini had debuted a year ago, she was already the hottest actress in the entertainment industry. None of the actresses that had debuted at the same time could compare to her, aside from Tang Wei who had recently soared to popularity because of G&S.

Moreover, she was from a prestigious family and had sizable resources. Several well-known producers and directors also had to gain favor with her, not to mention a makeup artist.

At this moment, Xu Yini was not in the mood and frowned impatiently.

“That wild strawberry color.”

The makeup artist immediately sensed that the superstar was in a bad mood and immediately nodded.

“Okay, then we’ll have to change your makeup slightly. Is this eyeshadow and blush okay with you?”

Xu Yini glanced coldly at the makeup artist.

“Are you the makeup artist or am I the makeup artist? If you ask me this kind of thing, what do I need you for?!”

The makeup artist had not expected her to burst into anger and froze momentarily. Her face turned pale from fear.

She was 31 this year, a few years older than Xu Yini, and was considered a senior makeup artist in the circle.

It was extremely humiliating to be reprimanded by Xu Yini in such an unforgiving manner.

Moreover, many other celebrities were attending the party, so they shared a common dressing room.

Besides Xu Yini, there were two other female artists and seven or eight staff members in that room.

The entire dressing room went quiet, and everyone looked over.

The air was stagnant.

No one spoke for a while.

The makeup artist was extremely embarrassed.

The two other female artists in the same room were an unknown newcomer and a 40-year-old singer.

In this kind of situation, the newcomer did not dare to come forward.

The singer just sat in her seat and looked at them unblinkingly.

Needless to say, the rest of the staff were also speechless as everyone in the circle knew that Xu Yini was not one to be messed with.

“Right… I’m sorry…”

After the makeup artist recovered herself, she lowered her head and apologized in a trembling voice.

Xu Yini kicked a chair, which fell and knocked the makeup artist’s leg.

The makeup artist took a step back and winced in pain.

Xu Yini sneered. “You’re not doing your job properly and this is the face you’re showing me instead?”

The makeup artist hurriedly waved her hands to explain.

“I didn’t! Yini, I didn’t mean that…”

“If you can’t do your job, get out now! There are plenty of others who can take your place!”

Xu Yini was in an extremely bad mood and behaving ruthlessly as she pointed to the dressing room door, signaling for the makeup artist to leave.

The atmosphere was tense and suffocating.

At that moment, Mei Li heard the commotion and hurriedly came over.

“What’s going on here?”

She had only stepped out to answer a phone call. How had Xu Yini gotten so angry in such a short time?

Mei Li looked at the superstar, in a complete pickle when she saw the actress’s expression.

Xu Yini did not have a good temper, but she had always done a good job in maintaining her external image.

After all this time, Mei Li had rarely seen Xu Yini in such a rage.

There were also other artists and staff here, so why had Xu Yini not held back her outburst?

Mei Li quickly stepped forward and pulled Xu Yini back as she looked at the makeup artist. She said in a gentle voice, “I’m sorry. Nini has been tired from running too many trips recently. She’s not feeling well, so her mood is not great. She didn’t mean to be angry, so please don’t take it to heart.”

Xu Yini would usually bring her personal makeup artist with her everywhere, but her makeup artist had been sick these past two days. She had not come because she was afraid of infecting her.

She had then used the makeup artist hired by the event organizer, just like everyone else.

Who knew that such a scene would have happened.

Mei Li was a top manager in the entertainment industry. Her status and means were well-known. Since she said so, the makeup artist did not dare to say otherwise.

“It’s okay. This is my fault. I should’ve prepared better. I’m not professional enough. I’m sorry!”

At this time, the middle-aged female singer who had been sitting silently next to them finally spoke up with a smile, “Yini, I’ve just finished my makeup, so you can use my makeup artist if you want.”

The singer was nice enough to offer, so Mei Li accepted it.

“Sister Ling, thank you!”

“It’s a small matter. Don’t worry about it. Luckily, Yini’s performance is the grand finale at midnight, so it’s not too late.”

After clearing up, the makeup artist left with her stuff. Xu Yini sat down again and changed to another makeup artist.

Mei Li sat next to Xu Yini and looked at her hands.

Since the beginning, Xu Yini had been clutching her phone.

‘What’s going on…?’