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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 237 - I’ll Question Them Personally

Chapter 237: I’ll Question Them Personally

The Caesar Hotel was a property owned by the Cheng family and was the highest-end hotel in the whole of Lincheng.

It was New Year’s Eve today, so it was not unusual that the hotel would be fully booked.

However, listening to Lu Huaiyu’s tone, he would not consider any other hotel other than Caesar’s.

It made sense because Second Master Lu was so picky. His food, clothing, and accommodation always had to be of the highest standard.

If he did not want to settle, then no one could persuade him otherwise.

Ning Li was in a pickle. “Then…what should we do?”

Cheng Xiyue had stayed back to handle things, and Lu Huaiyu was no exception.

After all, he was the one who had beaten up those thugs.

Thus, he had to stay in Lincheng for the night.

Lu Huaiyu did not seem bothered by it.

“You don’t have to worry about it. I’ll head over to the police station later, so I don’t know when I’ll be back. Stay here and call me if anything happens.”

He was going to deal with this personally.

Ning Li was actually not worried about this. Those thugs had been at fault in the first place. Not to mention, Lu Huaiyu and Cheng Xiyue were not to be messed with.

This was not a big deal to them. They just had to go through the process, then find out who had leaked the news of Ning Li’s return to those thugs. That was basically all they had to do.

‘But…where will Lu Huaiyu sleep tonight?’

“Stay alert since you’re home alone.” Lu Huaiyu admonished.

Ning Li nodded.

Knock knock.

Someone was knocking on the door.

Ning Li frowned slightly.

Lu Huaiyu said, “I think it’s the locksmith that Cheng Xiyue hired.”

As he said that, he went to open the door.

Sure enough, there was a cleaner and a locksmith outside.

The two workers seemed to know each other. They cleaned up the traces on the door and installed a new lock.

It took them an hour to sort it out.

Although there were still some traces of the smashing, it looked much better than before.

Lu Huaiyu handed the new key to Ning Li.

“Take good care of this. Don’t lose it.”

Ning Li held the key in her palm and felt a little like it was burning.

She said softly, “Thank you, guys…”

“It’s a small thing. Don’t worry about it.”

Lu Huaiyu looked at his phone. “I’ll go over there first.”

Ning Li sent him downstairs.

After sending Lu Huaiyu off, Ning Li saw that it was almost 4:00 pm.

She remembered that the refrigerator was empty, so she did not go back upstairs. She put on her hat and turned to walk in the direction of the supermarket.

Ning Li had only intended to stay for one night, so there was no food at home.

If she was by herself, she would just order takeaway. However, Lu Huaiyu and Cheng Xiyue were here for her, so she wanted to cook for them as a token of appreciation even though she did not know if they were free to come back in the evening.

Ning Li strolled around the supermarket and went back with a handful of groceries.

Lu Huaiyu first went to the hospital.

Cheng Xiyue was standing in the corridor. When he saw Lu Huaiyu, he immediately walked over.

“Two are in the operating room, and two are in the ward. Chief Dou and the officers are inside.”

Lu Huaiyu had been ruthless earlier. Four of the thugs had different degrees of fractures and other injuries.

Cheng Xiyue had already expected these, but when he saw the injury report, his eyelids still twitched. He was glad that he had managed to pull Lu Huaiyu away in time. He was even more thankful that Ning Li had been there at that time.

If not, these people would probably have been bedridden for life.

“Mm.” Lu Huaiyu nodded, before glancing at the door of the ward. “Did you manage to get an answer?”

“The situation’s a bit troublesome.” Cheng Xiyue frowned slightly.

“The gang leader is called Zhang Yang, and his younger brother Zhang He was the victim of the car accident back then. The remaining three are his relatives and friends who had been called over by him at the last-minute. Zhang Yang said that an unfamiliar number had sent him a text message yesterday saying that Ning Li was back in Lincheng, but he didn’t know who that sender was.”

Lu Huaiyu’s eyes narrowed slightly. “He doesn’t know?”

“Yeah. He deleted the text message and doesn’t remember the number. Chief Dou has asked the technical department to investigate, so we should have news soon.”

However, even if they had the phone number, they still might not be able to figure out the identity of the other party.

The other party was obviously prepared with multiple backup plans, so they would not be so easily exposed.

However, if that was the case, it proved that this incident had indeed been a premeditated plan by someone.

Lu Huaiyu pondered for a moment and asked, “Lili said that they had not bothered her very often these past few years, so why did they go there this time?”

Cheng Xiyue looked surprised. “You guessed right. Zhang Yang didn’t go to vent his grievances this time. He did it for money. He’s addicted to gambling and had lost almost all of his family’s money. When he heard that Su Yuan had taken Ning Li back to Yunzhou, he had come up with this idea. He could not afford to offend the Ye family, so he hadn’t made a move before. This time, as soon as he heard that Ning Li had come back by herself, he had immediately seized the opportunity to look for her.”

Unfortunately, Zhang Yang had run into Lu Huaiyu.

Not only did they not get the money, they had even landed up in the hospital.

“It’s obvious that the person who sent him that message knows a lot about both Ning Li’s and Zhang Yang’s situation.”

Lu Huaiyu was expressionless. “As long as they are willing to spend some money and effort, it’s not difficult to find out what happened.”

The main question was, who would go to such lengths?

Cheng Xiyue thought about it and felt an oncoming headache.

“Who did Ning Li offend over here?”

She was a seventeen-year-old girl, so who would spend so much effort to target her?

“Second Master Lu?” Dou Lifeng heard the commotion outside and walked out.

He had a good relationship with the Cheng family and had met Lu Huaiyu a few times before.

As far as he remembered, Second Master Lu from the Capital was noble and arrogant and did not care much about anything.

Dou Lifeng had not expected that this time…

He recalled the miserable state of the group of people earlier and silently sighed.

They had really hit the jackpot this time.

Out of all the people they could offend, they had offended this Young Master?

“Chief Dou.” Lu Huaiyu greeted him. “I have something that I want to ask. Is it convenient for me to go in?”

Dou Lifeng immediately understood that Lu Huaiyu was planning to question them personally.

He thought about it and quickly agreed.

Since Lu Huaiyu had already beaten them up, what else could he do?

Besides, this was a hospital, so Lu Huaiyu would probably not do anything out of place.

Of course, if Lu Huaiyu did do something out of place, there was nothing they could do either.

“Be my guest, Second Master Lu.”

Lu Huaiyu nodded to thank Chief Dou and pushed the door open.


The door of the ward slammed shut.

Several police officers followed Dou Lifeng and came out.

Dou Lifeng was a little worried and held a cigarette.

Cheng Xiyue reminded him. “Chief Dou, this is a hospital.”

“I know. I’m just holding it. I won’t smoke.”

Dou Lifeng was a little frustrated and let out a long sigh.

‘This matter is really hard to deal with…’