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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 236 - Where Will You Sleep Tonight?

Chapter 236: Where Will You Sleep Tonight?


Lu Huaiyu lifted his chin. “Your clothes are dirty.”

Ning Li looked down.

Sure enough, the stains on the edge of her sleeves and pants were quite obvious.

It was from the spray paint and grease earlier.

Lu Huaiyu had not noticed it before, but upon closer inspection, it was not hard to spot.

Ning Li hesitated for a moment, deliberating on the answer.

Lu Huaiyu had already walked over.

His eyesight was excellent and almost immediately saw what it was.

“Did you go racing?” He asked.

Ning Li immediately shook her head. “No.”

She used to be involved in underground racing in Lincheng, and Lu Huaiyu was well aware of it.

However, he still did not know about her helping Null with Second Garage.

Ning Li said, “There was a problem with my friend’s car from a race, so I went to take a look.”

Lu Huaiyu thought about it. “Really…”

Ning Li poured herself a cup of warm water. She then took another cup and poured ice water into it before handing it to Lu Huaiyu.

Lu Huaiyu took it from her.

The cold water flowed down his throat.

He did not probe further, so Ning Li did not say anything.

Lu Huaiyu’s phone rang.

It was a call from Cheng Xiyue. “Hey, Lu. They’ve been sent to the hospital. Chief Dou and I are here.”

Lu Huaiyu answered in a lazy voice.

Ning Li was standing next to him and could vaguely hear their conversation.

Cheng Xiyue asked, “By the way, they insist on doing injury identification, so should we…”

“Do it.” The corners of Lu Huaiyu’s lips were slightly curved, but there was no hint of a smile in his eyes and his tone was nonchalant.

He wanted to do the injury identification so as to judge the extent of his next move.

Cheng Xiyue knew him all too well. When he heard Lu Huaiyu’s tone, he could already guess his intentions.

He turned and glanced into the ward.

Those thugs were inside with a few police officers standing guard.

They were shouting in frustration, saying that they wanted justice no matter what.

Cheng Xiyue scoffed. ‘They still don’t know the situation they’re in…’

“Oh right. Ask them how they found out about Lili’s return.”

Lu Huaiyu was more concerned about this.

That was because there was someone in the dark who still wanted to harm Ning Li.

It was easy to dodge an open attack, but it was hard to prevent an ambush.

If Lu Huaiyu had not insisted on coming over this time, those people would have been persistent and Ning Li would have had to endure this longer.

Thinking about this, Lu Huaiyu’s voice became a few degrees colder.

“Every bit counts.”

Cheng Xiyue also realized the problem.

Ning Li had made such a trip back, but had immediately been noticed by those thugs. How could it be such a coincidence?

It was obvious that someone was trying to harm her.

Cheng Xiyue became even more serious. “Okay, got it. It may take a while, so I don’t know if I can make it back to Yunzhou today.”

This was very important to Lu Huaiyu, and those thugs who were injured were relentless.

Both sides were at a standoff, with none of them willing to compromise.

It was not a big problem, but just time-consuming.

Lu Huaiyu said in a light voice, “There’s no hurry.”

Cheng Xiyue thought about it and said, “If we can’t make it home today, can you stay at The Caesar’s first?”

The Caesar Hotel was a new luxury hotel built by the Cheng family in Lincheng’s new district.

It was quite convenient for Lu Huaiyu to go there.

“Oh, bring Little Ning Li there too.”

Cheng Xiyue recalled the scene today and sighed.

The door had been covered with paint and smashed badly.

Those thugs had caused such a commotion that Cheng Xiyue wondered how Ning Li was at the moment.

After all, she was still young, so this had to have bothered her.

“I’ll get someone to clean up her house.”

Lu Huaiyu turned the cup in his hand and looked at Ning Li. “I’ll talk to you later after I ask her.”

“Okay.” Cheng Xiyue hung up the phone.

Ning Li had vaguely heard the word hotel. “Second Brother, you guys aren’t leaving today?”

“Mm. It’ll take some time to deal with those people.”

Ning Li held her cup and felt somewhat apologetic.

Lu Huaiyu smiled. “Don’t worry about it. He doesn’t have much to do these days anyway, so it doesn’t affect anything.”

Ning Li was a bit skeptical.

Lu Huaiyu reminded her. “It’s New Year’s Day tomorrow.”

Cheng Xiyue had always been very generous to himself. Everyone was on holiday, so of course, he would not be working either and had even given himself a week’s vacation.

Ning Li finally understood. “Ah…I almost forgot.”

She had come to Lincheng this time just for that car and she had not even remembered that today was already December 31st.

“What time is your high-speed train? Is it almost time? I’ll send you there.”

Lu Huaiyu asked.

Ning Li’s eyelids twitched slightly.

There was still more than an hour before the departure time, so she could still rush over, but…Lu Huaiyu and Cheng Xiyue would be staying on to deal with those thugs for her. If she left by herself, it would be weird.

“Then when will you guys go back, Second Brother?”

Lu Huaiyu looked at her and pondered for a moment. “Tomorrow.”

Cheng Xiyue was still quite efficient.

Ning Li hesitated and said, “Then…can I go back with you guys?”

Since it was a holiday tomorrow, it would be fine to stay here for another day.

Lu Huaiyu held the glass of water and took a sip before he spoke nonchalantly, “No… There’s nothing to do here, so you should go home first.”

Ning Li shook her head. “I want to go back with you guys.”

Lu Huaiyu smiled. “Alright then.”

Ning Li breathed a sigh of relief and asked another question.

“Second Brother, then where will you guys be sleeping tonight? Do you want to book a hotel?”

Lu Huaiyu put the cup down and tilted his head in thought. “Cheng Xiyue said that Caesar’s is fully booked.”