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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 235 - His Precious Girl Can’t Suffer

Chapter 235: His Precious Girl Can’t Suffer

Lu Huaiyu had ways to return whatever pain and grievance that these thugs brought to Ning Li. He would get back at them a hundred times more.

The Second Young Master of the Lu family from the Capital was born to be proud, with an innate arrogance, and was certainly not easy to please.

He would not endure any irritation or suffering.

Ning Li looked at him blankly without any reaction.

The man in front of her had such a handsome face and deep eyes. He permeated class and self-restraint and was so unattainable.

His thin lips curved slightly with a hint of a smile as if what he had said earlier was simply a casual joke.

However, in the depth of his eyes seemed to lie a pool of ice that exuded bone-chilling coldness.

Ning Li knew that Lu Huaiyu was not joking.

Lu Huaiyu had already thought it through.

Ning Li’s heart was torn. When she faced these people, she would always choose patience, no matter how hard or torturous it was.

Lu Huaiyu did not know when she would be able to get over this mental block, but it did not matter.

If she could not take this step, he would step in. It was all the same anyway.

Although she could endure all the abuse and bullying, he could not.

His precious girl that he carefully held in the palm of his hand was being bullied like this. If he could endure this, then he was not Lu Huaiyu.

Lu Huaiyu smiled nonchalantly, recklessly, and widely.

“Anyway, I’m known as a big bully, so bullying a few more won’t matter to me.”

Lu Huaiyu was adamant about protecting this girl.

Ning Li stared at him in a daze. Her mind was blank, but her heart was rapidly surging with emotions, filling her chest. It was sore and full.

She did not know how to describe this feeling and was just lost.

There seemed to be an invisible hand that was clutching her heart tightly, dragging it downward.

Something threw her into the vortex of the unknown.

There was silence all around, but it seemed like a gentle air was wrapped around her.

She could not escape, nor did she want to break free from it.

“Then…those people…”

“Cheng Xiyue will deal with it first. We can talk about it later, but you don’t need to worry about these things. However, there is something you still need to pay attention to. You left Lincheng three months ago and this is the first time you’ve come back since. It’s only been a day, yet they already knew about your arrival. This news spread a little too fast.”

Lu Huaiyu inclined his head and pondered.

“Looking at their appearance, they don’t seem to be resourceful, and they wouldn’t have that kind of time and energy to monitor this place 24/7, right?”

Ning Li faintly wrinkled her eyebrows.

At first, she had not thought too much about it, but on second thought, this matter was indeed fishy.

That family lived quite far away from here, yet they had been waiting here to ambush her, which only proved that they knew she was back in Lincheng.

This meant that someone had informed them, but it was not easy to tell who the informer was.

Many residents in the neighborhood had seen her return, or perhaps it was someone else.

After all, Ning Li had not deliberately concealed her whereabouts.

“We can ask them later.”

Anyway, they had already caught them, so it would be simple to check this.

Ning Li nodded her head.

“Thanks, Second Brother.”

‘I should’ve been more alert.’

Lu Huaiyu looked around, and for the first time, he examined her room.

This was his girl’s bedroom.

He was a little curious, but he had not expected to check out her bedroom in this situation.

Her single bed was covered with sky blue sheets, and the closet and desk were very simple in style.

Probably because she no longer lived here, there was nothing much.

She did not have any dolls and other things that girls liked either.

It was just extremely simple and clean.

“Have you finished packing?” Lu Huaiyu asked.

Ning Li froze and nodded a little hesitantly. “Yeah.”

Actually, she had come back to take a shower and get changed, but in this condition…it was not quite appropriate.

Noticing that Lu Huaiyu was looking at her room, Ning Li inexplicably felt embarrassed.

Although there was nothing to see in this room, this was indeed the first time after all these years that someone other than her grandma had come in.

“Second Brother, I’ll go get you a glass of water.”

As she said this, she was about to get up, but then realized that she was still holding Lu Huaiyu’s hand.

They were both sitting face to face, so when she suddenly stood up, she was just standing in between Lu Huaiyu’s long legs with no room to move.

She was only a few centimeters away from him.

Lu Huaiyu leaned back and looked up slightly with a smile.

“I’m not thirsty.”

Ning Li immediately let go of his hand as if she had been electrocuted. Her hand also felt like it was burning.

The heat spread quickly and made her whole body burn up.

‘Have I been holding his hand all this while?!’

Ning Li tried her best to make her voice sound calm.

“Excuse me, Second Brother. I’m thirsty.”

His long legs were right in front of her. How would she go over them?

Lu Huaiyu let out a faint “oh”, then turned slightly to the side to make some space for her so that she could pass.

When Ning Li walked out, her knee brushed against his inner thigh.

Although it was very cold, Lu Huaiyu was wearing thin pants.

The girl’s long legs were straight and slender. The place they touched was incredibly warm and soft.

Ning Li noticed that Lu Huaiyu’s body temperature always seemed to be higher than hers.

She hurriedly walked out.

Lu Huaiyu took a glance at her back before quickly withdrawing his gaze.

He tilted the chair, leaned back, and inclined his head as he crossed his long legs.

Ning Li turned back again and shouted, “Second Brother, do you really not want a drink?”

Lu Huaiyu closed his eyes.

This room was so small that the sweet and soft fragrance of her body was overwhelming and did not disperse.

The tip of his tongue was pressed against the roof of his mouth to suppress his restlessness. Only then did he speak.

“Ice water please.”

Ning Li was a little surprised. “Are you sure?”

There was no heating in this room, so it had gotten quite cold after some time.

Moreover, Lu Huaiyu seemed to have come over in a hurry because he was only wearing a shirt and had not brought a jacket.

He was dressed like this yet he still wanted ice water?

Lu Huaiyu assured her.

Ning Li saw that he insisted, so she did not ask again.

The kitchen was right next door, so he could hear her movements clearly.

Lu Huaiyu opened his eyes and looked around her room again trying to divert his attention.

He saw a desk, a closet, and a bed.

She had slept here last night, so the covers were a bit messy. There was also a set of pajamas on the bed.

Lu Huaiyu pressed his temples.

‘It’s better not to look.’

After waiting for a while, he got up and walked outside.

The sound of the kettle gurgling came from next door.

Ning Li was standing there waiting.

When she heard his footsteps, she turned her head and found Lu Huaiyu standing in the living room.

He did not fit into this ancient little house at all.

Seemingly sensing her line of sight, Lu Huaiyu also looked over.

Suddenly, his eyebrows furrowed.

He had not noticed it earlier, but on closer inspection, he could see that Ning Li’s clothes were stained.

It looked like…

“Lili, what did you do this morning?”