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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 233 - She Said It Hurt

Chapter 233: She Said It Hurt

Ning Li’s soft and delicate hand landed on the back of Lu Huaiyu’s hand.

Lu Huaiyu stopped in his tracks but did not turn back.

“Go back in and wait for me. I’ll be there soon.”

He kept his voice nonchalant as usual as he spoke to her, but it was not difficult to hear the iciness and suppressed threat in his voice.

Cheng Xiyue was about to go crazy.

‘Even Ning Li’s pleas aren’t working?!’

Ning Li frowned slightly and grabbed Lu Huaiyu’s hand tightly.

“Second Brother, my hand hurts.”

After a short silence, Lu Huaiyu closed his eyes to cover the surging waves underneath.

When he opened his eyes again, the madness that had been about to break free from its cage silently vanished.

He returned to his usual calm demeanor as he tossed aside the wooden club in his hand and finally turned around.

“Where does it hurt?”

Lu Huaiyu looked at Ning Li’s hand and saw that there was a small gash on the back of her hand.

It was about a centimeter in length and had blood marks.

She had gotten this mark when she had dodged the people who had tried to harm her earlier.

Ning Li had not fought with them. She just quickly went inside and locked the door behind her.

‘This wound doesn’t look serious and will recover on its own in a few days, but she said it hurt.’

Lu Huaiyu held her hand.

“Do you have iodine and cotton swabs at home?”

Ning Li nodded her head.

Lu Huaiyu then looked at Cheng Xiyue.

“I’ll leave this to you.”

Cheng Xiyue quickly answered, “Alright.”

Only then did Lu Huaiyu lead Ning Li back into the house.

Once the front door was finally closed, Cheng Xiyue breathed a long sigh of relief.

‘Almost… It was such a close call…’

Cheng Xiyue glanced at the people and took out his phone in annoyance.

“Hello? Chief Dou? Where are you now? I would like to ask you for a favor. Is it convenient for you now?”

At this time, those thugs also seemed to finally realize the seriousness of the problem.

These two men were not easy to mess with…but they were wounded, so they could not leave even if they wanted to.

Finally, one person had the guts to shout at Cheng Xiyue.

“You! Don’t think that this is over! If something happens to us, you won’t be able to get away with it!”

Cheng Xiyue was so exasperated that he laughed.

He looked down at the hooligans in front of him and waved his phone.

“Don’t worry, I’ve already called the police for you. It won’t be so easy for you to die.”

Lu Huaiyu was not done venting his anger, so how could they try to run?

Dream on!

Those thugs had not expected Cheng Xiyue to do this. They did not know why he was so confident either.

They watched as he made several phone calls. He called the doctor and the police as if he really wanted to fight to the end with them. The man in the middle who was their leader finally said, “Her father hit and killed my brother! She owes us! She deserves it!”

“Shut the f*ck up!”

Cheng Xiyue impatiently interrupted him and laughed again.

“This isn’t the first time, right?”

He looked back at the bash marks on the door.

The old and the new marks were superimposed, so it was not difficult to imagine how Ning Li and her grandmother had survived all these years.


Lu Huaiyu had definitely seen these, but he could still endure it…

Cheng Xiyue silently sighed in his heart and thought, ‘Luckily Ning Li was here. If not, I really can’t imagine what would’ve happened today…’

“Wait till you get to the police station to say whatever you want to!”

Lu Huaiyu led Ning Li inside, looked around, then looked at her.

“Where’s the first aid kit?”

Ning Li pointed to her bedroom.

“It’s in the first drawer on the left side of the desk.”

This was just a small cut, so she could easily get it herself and put a band-aid on it.

In a moment of haste, she had made this excuse. However, now that they were in the house and the surroundings were quiet, Ning Li realized that her excuse was really lame.

However, Lu Huaiyu did not seem to feel that way. He held her hand gently and walked towards her bedroom.

The room was not big and contained a single bed, a desk, a chair, and a closet.

Other than that, there was no other furniture.

Despite this, these few items almost occupied the entire room.

Lu Huaiyu went to her desk and pulled open the left drawer.

When he saw what was inside, his eyes narrowed slightly.

There were indeed iodine and cotton swabs here.

Besides that, there was also disinfectant alcohol, bruising ointment, and some other topical medications.

Ning Li saw his expression and glanced over, then instantly regretted it.

She had gotten so anxious that she had forgotten that there were all the other things in there.

Ning Li used to get into fights quite frequently, so these had come in handy.

More often than not, she would win the fight, so she rarely used these.

However, she had not thrown them away, and just kept them here. She had forgotten about it till Lu Huaiyu had seen it.

“Second Brother…”

She spoke hesitantly, not knowing whether she should explain.

If she told him, it would be too presumptive of her because Lu Huaiyu had not asked her anything.

If she kept quiet, then he might have a skewed impression of her.

Lu Huaiyu took out the iodine bottle and the cotton swab, before closing the drawer again.


His voice was calm, as if he did not care about the other medication in the drawer.

Ning Li sat on the edge of the bed and swallowed back the words in her throat.

Well, since he had already seen such a violent and unpleasant scene earlier, these did not seem like much in comparison.

She hung her head slightly.

Lu Huaiyu grabbed the chair and sat down opposite her.

The room was really small, so the distance between the chair and the bed was less than half a meter.

Lu Huaiyu was also very tall, so when he sat facing her, the room suddenly seemed even more cramped.

His long legs brushed past her knees.

Lu Huaiyu frowned slightly.

Ning Li withdrew her legs.

Lu Huaiyu sat with his legs apart and pulled her hand over, then leaned down slightly.

His knees were resting on the edge of the bed.

Her slender legs were only a hair’s breadth away from him.