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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 231 - Embrace

Chapter 231: Embrace

Cheng Xiyue hurriedly said, “What’s wrong?”

Lu Huaiyu did not reply and walked towards the inside of the alley in large strides.

Cheng Xiyue remembered seeing Lu Huaiyu’s cold side profile earlier and instantly became worried. Without a word, he also got out of the car and followed him.

Lu Huaiyu was a striking man. As soon as he appeared, it immediately attracted the attention of several people in the alley.

After all, a man of such appearance and bearing was very rare here.

A middle-aged woman took the initiative and shouted, “Young man, who are you looking for?”

Lu Huaiyu did not reply. His expression was cold as he walked forward and quickly swept a glance at the building.

He had not been here before, but he had a very detailed profile of Ning Li in his hands.

Lu Huaiyu knew which building she lived in and in which household.

Cheng Xiyue followed close behind. “Lu, is something wrong with Little Ning Li?”

‘This is her house though! We also watched her walk inside earlier. What could have happened in such a short span of time?’

Lu Huaiyu did not answer his question and stopped in front of the innermost building.

He identified the building number and stepped inside.

Just then, there was a loud crash that came from upstairs.

It sounded like someone was smashing the door!

Cheng Xiyue was caught off guard and shocked by this sound.

He subconsciously raised his head and wondered.

“What’s that sound?!”

The commotion was coming from upstairs.

Lu Huaiyu was already flying up the stairs.

Cheng Xiyue’s eyelids twitched fiercely.

‘Oh no! A few people had come over earlier, and they seemed to be looking for something. Until now, those people haven’t left. Could it be…that they came to cause trouble for Little Ning Li?!’

Cheng Xiyue forgot about anything else and immediately followed Lu Huaiyu.

Bam! Bam!

The wooden club struck heavily on the door, making a dull sound.

It was accompanied by the sound of a few men cursing.

“Ning Li! Come out!”

“Your father killed someone, so why don’t you go to jail with him?! How can you still continue living?!”

“Your father broke someone’s family to pieces! Your family should have all died together! Go to hell!”

“I heard that you went to Yunzhou with your mother, right? She got close to a rich man and now she wants you to follow her? Why didn’t you continue to hide in the rich man’s villa? Why did you run back here? What, were you abandoned by your mother again?”

“Your father is a murderer, so you’re a little murderer! People like you deserve to be tortured for the rest of your lives!”

Ear-piercing and shrill curses came from outside.

Ning Li locked the door from the inside and stood in the living room.

This was not the first time something like this had happened.

When Ning Haizhou had caused the accident under the influence and killed someone, he had quickly been arrested.

Ning Li’s grandmother had taken out all of her family’s savings and even borrowed a lot of money to compensate the victim’s family.

It had not been so they could plead for a lighter sentence for Ning Haizhou, but it had been out of guilt and self-blame.

Her grandmother had blamed herself for not teaching her son well. Her son had killed someone’s family, so she was apologetic and regretful.

She was just an ordinary old woman. All her life, she had lived peacefully with other people and had not argued with anyone.

Her grandmother had not expected her only son to make such a grave mistake.

Later, she had even gone to the victim’s home to apologize in person but had been kicked out.

That time, Ning Li had not gone with her, but she knew that her grandmother had come back that day and cried for a long time. Her clothes had also been covered with a lot of dust.

Ning Li could only make a vague guess about it.

Her guess had soon been confirmed because that family started coming to the house to make trouble.

Once, twice.

Three times, four times.

Grandma was ashamed, so each time, she silently endured it. She would only ask them not to hurt Ning Li and would meet most of their demands to let them smash and bash whatever they wanted.

After Ning Haizhou had been sentenced, Ning Li had thought that the situation would get better, but it had not.

That was because he had not been sentenced to death.

The family was very unhappy with the verdict and had chosen to appeal.

However, the court had upheld the original verdict.

Thus, they took out all their discontent and resentment on Ning Li and her grandmother.

At one time, her grandmother had wanted to sell the house and take Ning Li away with her.

However, they had lived their whole life in Lincheng, so where could an old woman with a child hide?

At first, they came every week, but then it became once a month.

As time went on, the frequency of their visits gradually decreased, but they would still come.

Sometimes, it was a holiday, and sometimes it was just an ordinary day.

There was no reasoning. As long as they felt like it, they would come over and make a mess.

For this reason, Ning Li and her grandmother’s life had become very uncomfortable. Their neighbours had turned their eyes away and criticized them.

Having a murderer in the family had been enough to get them shunned. Not to mention, they also brought a lot of trouble for the neighbors.



It seemed like someone was smashing the door lock with a hammer.

Ning Li hung her head slightly. Her eyes were distant.

She had not expected that these people would come again when she was only back for one day after three months.

Her fists loosened and tightened until her knuckles turned white.

She looked up at the photo frame on the cabinet next to her and took a deep breath.

‘Forget it. They’ll go away.’

Ning Li closed her eyes.

‘I’ll just wait a little longer.’

Suddenly, a man’s alarmed voice came from outside.

“Who the hell are you people?!”

Suddenly, there was an unbelievably chaotic commotion outside.

Ning Li was startled and looked in the direction of the door.

Through the door, she could hear the muffled sound of a blunt instrument hitting someone.

Just then, Cheng Xiyue said in a somewhat tense voice, “Lu! That’s enough!”

Ning Li’s heart tightened and she immediately turned the doorknob.

“Second Brother!”

Once the door was open and before she could see anything, a man stood in front of her, blocking her line of sight.

In the next second, she was wrapped in a slightly cool and solid embrace.