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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 229 - Still Going

Chapter 229: Still Going

If Lu Huaiyu wanted to pick someone up in Lincheng, that could only be Ning Li.

Cheng Xiyue glanced at Lu Huaiyu next to him.

‘Strange… He hadn’t mentioned this when he was on the phone with Little Ning Li earlier. Why so sudden?’

Besides, Lincheng and Yunzhou were not very far away, so it was very convenient to go back and forth.

‘Did Little Ning Li go back alone this time?’

Since Lu Huaiyu did not say anything else, Cheng Xiyue did not ask anything further, especially at a time when Lu Huaiyu was in such a state.

‘My arm is still sore!’

“Okay. What time?”

Lu Huaiyu took out his phone and sent a message to Ning Li.

Cheng Xiyue was speechless.

‘So… It’s a last-minute decision that even Little Ning Li doesn’t know about yet!’

[What time are you coming back tomorrow? I’ll go to Lincheng to pick you up.]

When Ning Li received Lu Huaiyu’s message, she had already gone home and had just washed up to prepare for bed.

She saw the message and was a little puzzled.

[Second Brother, you don’t have to come. I’ll just take the high-speed train tomorrow by myself.]

Originally, she had planned to let Ji Shu send her home. However, since she had bumped into Gu Tinglan and Gu Siyang, it was not ideal since she had rejected their offer.

Fortunately, this was also her intention, so it was not a problem.

[Cheng Xiyue’s going back to Lincheng for a bit, so it’s no trouble.]

Ning Li remembered that Cheng Xiyue had been to Lincheng quite a few times before.

The distance between the two cities was short, and the Cheng family also had businesses in the new area of Lincheng.

‘But…isn’t this still too much trouble?’

Ning Li started typing in the dialog box, but before she could send it, Lu Huaiyu called.

She inexplicably felt a hint of Lu Huaiyu’s insistence.

Ning Li was lying on her bed at this moment and had nestled under the quilt.

This house was very old and had no heating, so it was quite cold now at night during the winter.

Seeing his incoming call, Ning Li hesitated before answering the phone.

“Hello, Second Brother?”

Her voice sounded a bit muffled.

Lu Huaiyu paused for a moment.

“Are you already asleep?”


Ning Li pushed away the covers to expose her head.

“But almost.”

Lincheng was a laidback city. The roads were basically deserted before 10:00 pm.

Everyone was at home and rested early.

Ning Li knew the meaning of his call and spoke after some deliberation.

“Second Brother, I still have something to do tomorrow. I’ll probably leave in the afternoon, but I’m not sure when exactly, so I won’t bother you and Brother Xiyue.”

Lu Huaiyu looked out the window.

“Oh, right. Gu Siyang seems to have gone to Lincheng too. It’s all the same if you take his car back.”

Cheng Xiyue, who was driving, silently turned up the heating in the car.

‘It’s so cold…so very cold…’

Ning Li rubbed her nose.

“Gu Siyang? He and Dr. Gu seem to be busy with something over here, so it’s not very convenient for me to ride with them.”

‘Strange. I’m only returning to Yunzhou from Lincheng. Why did all these people want to send me home?’ She thought.

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows slightly. “Oh really…”

Ning Li let out a faint “mm”.

“Second Brother, it’s better if I go back by myself.”

Lu Huaiyu responded, “Okay.”

Cheng Xiyue glanced at him and saw that he put away his phone before asking carefully, “Since Little Ning Li insists on coming back by herself tomorrow…”

“We’re still going.”

Lu Huaiyu closed his eyes.

Cheng Xiyue froze slightly, then shrugged his shoulders. “Alright.”

Anyway, this was not the first time he had done this.

In the past year, Lu Huaiyu had gone to Lincheng once or twice a month. Each time he had gone, he would not do anything and had spent most of his time on the road.

He had only stopped going in the past two or three months. It was not that troublesome to take the time to pick Little Ning Li up anyway.

After all, this was much better than before.

After Ning Li had hung up the phone, she wrapped herself up tightly with the quilt and soon fell into a deep sleep.

The Ye family home.

“Where’s Ning Li?”

Su Yuan had gone out shopping during the day. She had bought a lot of things for Ye Ming, Ye Ci, and Ye Cheng, so she had only returned in the evening. Only then had she found out that Ning Li was not home yet.

Ye Ci helped her mother with the bags and explained, “Mom, Ning Li went out in the morning. I think she went back to Lincheng.”

Su Yuan did not like to hear the word “Lincheng”.

Moreover, Ning Li had lied to her once before about going back to Lincheng, so she was even more skeptical about it now.

Seeing her expression, Ye Ci knew that Su Yuan did not believe it and quickly said, “It’s true. When Ning Li left in the morning, I saw her taking out the high-speed train ticket to Lincheng.”

Su Yuan was still skeptical.

Ye Cheng saw his gifts and squealed with joy.

When he heard Ye Ci, he spoke as he looked at the gift box without raising his head. “Buying a ticket doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll go! Who knows what she’s up to again?”

Ye Cheng wished that Ning Li had really gone back to Lincheng for good because he did not welcome her in this house at all.

They used to be a happy family of four, but since Ning Li’s arrival, everything had been different. The whole house was a mess!

If she left and never came back, that would be the best.

Ye Ci wrinkled her eyebrows slightly and looked at Ye Cheng disapprovingly.

“Lil Cheng…’

Ye Cheng spat out his tongue.

“Sister, she’s not even nice to you, Mom, or me, so why do you always speak up for her? Also, this time Dad’s angry because…”

“Ye Cheng.”

Ye Ci darted a glance at Su Yuan, her voice containing a hint of warning.

Su Yuan did not say anything, but her face became a little darker.

The Ye family’s reputation had gone down the drain since that celebration banquet.

Although Ye Ming did not show his anger, he had been cold to Su Yuan for a solid period.

Every day, Ye Ming would leave early and return home late, and when he was at home, the atmosphere was always very tense.

Even Ye Cheng could see that something was wrong.

Thus, Su Yuan had been stepping on eggshells lately in an effort to pacify Ye Ming. However, this matter was too big. The entire upper-class circle of Yunzhou was abuzz, so how could Ye Ming calm down?

Ye Cheng also kept his mouth shut.

Ye Ci looked at Su Yuan and said softly, “Mom, Dad just called and said that he has a social gathering tonight and probably won’t come back. Why don’t you go upstairs and rest first?”

Su Yuan’s already bad mood was exacerbated.

Ye Ci smiled and said, “Mom, Sister Ning Li is very independent and has her own ideas. She can definitely take care of herself, so don’t worry too much.”

Su Yuan felt that Ye Ci’s words were reasonable.

For so many years, Ning Li had been with her grandmother. There had basically been no one to take care of her and nothing had ever happened.

Moreover, Ning Li should be more familiar with Lincheng than Yunzhou, so there was even less to worry about.

“Let her be! Lil Ci, you should also go to bed early.”

“Okay, Mom.”


Early the next morning, Ning Li got up and took a taxi to Second Garage.

The original plan had been for Ji Shu to pick her up, but Gu Tinglan and Gu Siyang were there now, so to avoid unnecessary trouble, Ning Li went over by herself.

Null was not there today, but Ji Shu had already been waiting since morning.

Ning Li walked straight to the back of the garage.