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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 227 - Add You on WeChat

Chapter 227: Add You on WeChat

The moment Lu Huaiyu said this, he stood with his feet roughly shoulder-width apart, raised his arms, and aimed.

His jawline was smooth and sharp and his eyes seemed to have a layer of frost that made him look cool and ascetic.


It was a crisp and clear shot, a bullseye!

The bang echoed throughout the shooting gallery.

His friends had not expected him to move so fast and were stunned for a while.

Lu Huaiyu was not just fast. He had only raised his hands and taken a casual shot, yet he could hit the bullseye.

Song Zihang, who was the one that had wanted to compete with Lu Huaiyu, saw this and smiled, before choosing a gun.

“Whoa! Lu, you’ve been out of the army for so long, yet you don’t seem to be rusty.”

Both of them had grown up in a military family and were similar in age, so they had a good relationship.

However, Song Zihang had been consistently crushed in every way by Lu Huaiyu since he was a child, so he had bitterly considered Lu Huaiyu his rival for many years.

When Old Master Lu had made Lu Huaiyu draft into the army, Song Zihang had gone as well, intending on beating Lu Huaiyu in at least one thing.

However, from the first military physical fitness test to every competition during their training, Song Zihang still lost to Lu Huaiyu over and over again.

After Lu Huaiyu left, Song Zihang had stayed back in the army.

This time, Song Zihang had just returned from a mission and was granted leave, so he came back to Yunzhou with a few brothers.

Lu Huaiyu was very talented, but the outside was not the same as the army, so Song Zihang had thought that Lu Huaiyu would have regressed in this area.

He had not expected Lu Huaiyu to be so stable and even seemed to be better than before.

Lu Huaiyu did not say anything and pulled the trigger again.



He did not stop there and kept shooting at one-second intervals, one after another.




There was only one bullet hole in the target.

It was then that the group realized something was off.

“Song, why do I seem to feel a…murderous aura?” Someone asked in a whisper.

Song Zihang said, “Yeah.”

‘I f*cking felt it too!’

He then glanced at Cheng Xiyue.

“Didn’t you say that he was in a good mood?”

‘This idiot Cheng Xiyue! Which eye of his saw that Lu Huaiyu was in a good mood?!’

Cheng Xiyue was speechless and innocently raised his hands in surrender.

“I swear, before coming in here, he really was in a good mood! Why would I lie to you guys?”

Cheng Xiyue swept a sidelong glance at the group.

“Who knows which one of you is an eyesore to our Second Master Lu!”

Song Zihang almost pointed his gun at Cheng Xiyue.

If it was not for the fact that their families were friends, he really wanted to end Cheng Xiyue with a single shot at this moment.

Cheng Xiyue turned to look at Song Zihang and lowered his voice. “What’s wrong with you? Didn’t you say that you wanted to compete with Huaiyu before coming here? Are you chickening out?”

Before Song Zihang could respond, Lu Huaiyu emptied out the magazine.

Lu Huaiyu put the gun down, moved his shoulders, and turned to look at them.

“I’m done warming up. Shall we start?”

The crowd was speechless.

He had wrecked the target and said it was just a warm-up?

Song Zihang walked over with a stiff smile. “Coming!”

He stood in his lane as Lu Huaiyu was loading his gun.

Song Zihang held his breath, raised his gun, and aimed.


A shot was fired.


However, Song Zihang was confused.

He had not pulled the trigger yet his target was shot?

Song Zihang looked down and saw that his gun had not moved.

He suddenly realized something and turned to look at Lu Huaiyu, whose gun was pointing at his target.

Lu Huaiyu was the one who had hit his target!

“Lu, how could you…”


Lu Huaiyu moved his gun and hit another bullseye on his target.

It was still a perfect score.

Song Zihang felt suffocated. “Lu, why did you grab my bullseye for no reason?!”

Lu Huaiyu said dully, “You can grab mine too.”

Just as he said this, Lu Huaiyu took another shot at Song Zihang’s target. Bullseye, again.

Until now, Song Zihang had not even fired a single shot.

Song Zihang held back his anger and aimed his gun.


His shot was slightly skewed from the red center dot where there was an extra bullet hole.

It hit the ninth ring.

Song Zihang cursed.

A few people in the back watched the two compete with trepidation.

“Uh… Should we still go next?”

“Are you crazy? If you go up, you’re just gonna get wrecked by Lu!”

“Yeah… Just let Song take one for the team…’

Lu Huaiyu suddenly stopped, turned his head to the side, and looked over at the few others.

His handsome face was calm without the slightest bit of emotions.

“It’s on me today, right? Come join us.”


Gu Siyang suddenly felt a chill at the back of his neck.

He looked around. The store was heated and there were many people, so it was very warm and lively around here.

Gu Siyang shrugged his shoulders and did not think much of it. He then lowered his head again and took a big spoonful of soup.


Gu Tinglan looked at Ning Li and asked. “How are you going to go back tomorrow? Do you want me to see you off?”

Gu Siyang hurriedly said, “I’ll do it! I’ll do it! Lil Uncle, leave this kind of thing to me…”

Gu Tinglan threw a sidelong glance at him.

Since Gu Siyang had crashed that car, he had not allowed Gu Siyang to touch a car again.

Gu Siyang shrank his neck and silently swallowed the rest of his words.

His uncle was strict and he did not know how long this ban on driving would last.

Gu Siyang was just itching to drive, but without a green light from his uncle, he dared not be rash.

If he pissed his uncle off, no one would help to defend him when his dad found out about the car.

‘Sigh… My life sucks!’

Gu Siyang was annoyed.

“Boss! One more bowl please!”

Ning Li shook her head. “There’s no need to trouble you guys. I’ll just go back by high-speed train.”

Gu Tinglan suddenly said, “High-speed rail is good, but it’s more convenient to drive. By the way, did you know that Ji Shu’s also in Lincheng now?”

Ning Li’s eyes dropped slightly.

“Really? I didn’t chat with him recently because I’ve been busy with my final exams.”

Gu Tinglan nodded. “Yeah, exams are more important.”

Of course, Ning Li would not let him send her back to Yunzhou.

She still had to make another trip to Second Garage tomorrow to settle the finishing touches.

“Dr. Gu, did you come to Lincheng this time for something important?”

Gu Tinglan smiled. “Mm.”

Of course, he could hear what Ning Li meant, so he did not continue the topic and asked about Ning Li’s studies instead.

Gu Siyang was also concerned about this.

“Oh, right! Ning Li, I heard that you guys are going to the Capital for intensive training during the winter break?”

Since Ning Li had promised to consider joining LY after her college entrance exams, Gu Siyang was very attentive to Ning Li’s studies and even inquired about the physics competition.

“Yes, for two weeks.”

Gu Siyang was very enthusiastic.

“Then, did you want to take some time off to check out our training grounds in the Capital when you’re there?”

‘Maybe if she sees it, she would be more willing?’

“Oh, right… Ji Shu will also be there by then!”

Ning Li thought about it and did not agree nor refuse.

“It’s a closed training. I’ll see if I have time after the training is over.”

Gu Siyang was a little disappointed, but getting this answer meant that there was still hope.

He scrolled through his phone.

“Oh, Ning Li, we haven’t added each other on WeChat, right? Can I add you?”