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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 224 - The Body Is Honest

Chapter 224: The Body Is Honest

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lu Huaiyu laughed.

“So you’re asking me to pack my bags and go back now?”

It was almost New Year’s Day, so his grandfather’s call was a little late.

Old Master Lu had expected this answer, but he was still very displeased.

“You do the math… How many times have you been home in the past few months? Your big brother doesn’t come back because he’s on a mission, but you’re just staying in Yunzhou and refuse to come home. What are you trying to do?!”

The last time they had met, the old man had resorted to pretending to be sick to lure his grandson home.

Otherwise, he would not have gotten to see Lu Huaiyu.

If not for the fact that Gu Tinglan had told Old Master Lu that Lu Huaiyu’s time in Yunzhou had aided in his recovery, the old man would have already forced his grandson to go back to the Capital.

This time, Old Master Lu had taken advantage of New Year’s Day to make this call.

“If you’re not returning on New Year’s Day, then are you not planning on coming home during the Spring Festival as well?!”

The more Old Master Lu spoke, the angrier he became.

“I’ll go home,” Lu Huaiyu said.

“Everyone celebrates Chinese New Year together, but…wait…what did you just say?”

Old Master Lu was shocked.


Lu Huaiyu’s thin lips curved slightly.

“Yeah, I’m going back in another two weeks until after Chinese New Year.”

This news was such a surprise that Old Master Lu was momentarily confused.

However, since Lu Huaiyu had said so, it was obvious that he was serious with his intention.

The old man was instantly in a good mood.

“Great! You’ve been in Yunzhou all year. If you don’t even come back for Chinese New Year, people will think that you have a secret family there!”

The old man thought, ‘It’s great that this child is coming back to the Capital!’

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows slightly but did not refute this statement.

He had decided to go home for Chinese New Year because, on the one hand, he wanted to spend some time with his grandfather, but on the other hand…

“Don’t worry, Grandpa. I’ll be going home soon.”

After finally getting a satisfactory answer from his grandson, the old man hung up the phone feeling contented.

Lu Huaiyu’s eyes casually swept to the bookshelf and saw two books placed side by side on it.

Those were the books that Ning Li had borrowed the first time. It was a Chinese translation and the original German version.

He thought about it and sent another message to the person he had called before.

[Besides the Chinese version, please send the original version as well.]

The other party seemed to be surprised.

[You want both? Didn’t you say it was for a kid?]

Would a kid understand the original German version?

[The original version is more accurate.]

The other party quickly agreed.

[Makes sense. Since you’re around, the kid can always ask for help if she doesn’t understand something.]

Lu Huaiyu looked at the message and thought, ‘That’s true…’


By the time Ning Li came out of the garage, it was already dark outside.

Ji Shu followed behind.

“Sister Li, it’s basically almost done. Will it be fixed by tomorrow?”


The rest of the work was all external, such as paint and so on, which would not take much effort.

“Sister Li, where will you be sleeping tonight?”

Ning Li put on her baseball cap.


Ji Shu froze. Only then did he react to what she meant.

She was not going back to the Ye family home, but back to the house she lived in when she was in Lincheng.

Ji Shu was a little hesitant.

“But Sister Li, you haven’t been back for quite a long time. Now…”

‘Is it still livable there?’

Ning Li smiled and did not explain much. She just got into the passenger side of the SUV that Ji Shu had been driving before.

Null had something to do in the afternoon and had already left.

Ji Shu intended to help her book a hotel, but seeing that Ning Li had already made a decision, he got into the car.

“Then I’ll send you home.”

Ji Shu drove towards the old city and eventually stopped at a familiar intersection.

Ning Li got out with her backpack.

Ji Shu said, “I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning then!”

Ning Li waved her hand without looking back and walked straight into the alley.

It was a Saturday evening, and the place was very lively.

A few children were running around happily, and the aroma of home-cooked food was coming from the building.

Ning Li went upstairs and stood in front of a door.

It looked very old and had some markings from being bashed.

These marks were from a long time ago.

At that time, Ning Haizhou had just gotten into an accident and gone to prison. The family of the victim who had died in the car accident had come to make a fuss many times.

Ning Li took out the key to open the door.


The lights came on.

It was a very small house with old and simple furnishings, but it was clean.

After Ning Li had left Lincheng, she had specially hired someone who would come over regularly every month to clean and tidy up.

She put her backpack on the sofa and walked to one side.

There was a photo frame on the table and the old woman in the photo had a warm and kind smile.

“Grandma, I’m home.” Ning Li whispered. “Did you miss me?”

There was no answer.

Those gentle eyes in the photo just looked back at her quietly.

Ning Li wiped the picture frame carefully and held it for a long time before putting it down.

Everything in the house was still exactly the same as when she had left.

She went to her room and pulled out a change of clothes.

When she had first gone to Yunzhou, she had only taken some of her things with her and left some here.

After working all day in the garage, she was very grimy and greasy.

She took her clothes and went to the bathroom.

Half an hour later, Ning Li came out of the bathroom, took a new towel, and lightly dried her hair.

The sky outside was already completely dark, and looking out, she could see a lit-up window across the street.

She casually picked up her phone, and only then did she see that there was a missed call from Lu Huaiyu.

It was from an hour ago.

Ning Li thought back. That should have been around the time that she had just left the garage.

She had been busy all day and felt tired as she sat in the car, so she had muted her phone and put it away.

That was why she had missed his call.

Ning Li thought about it and sent him a message.

[Sorry, Second Brother. My phone was on silent mode and I was busy, so I missed your call.]

Soon, Lu Huaiyu called her back.

She was the only one at home, so she had simply ordered takeout, sat cross-legged on the sofa, and continued to rub her hair.

“Lili?” Lu Huaiyu’s voice came through.

Ning Li answered, “Second Brother, is there a reason you are looking for me?”

Lu Huaiyu chuckled. “Can’t I call you if there’s nothing?”

Ning Li paused for a moment as she wiped her hair.

Since the day she had watched a movie with Lu Huaiyu, she vaguely felt that something was not quite the same, but she could not pinpoint it.

Lu Huaiyu seemed to be unconcerned and nonchalant. “So busy? I seem to remember that you guys are having your final exams soon, right?”

“Yes, next week.”

Lu Huaiyu thought that she had missed the call because she had been busy studying earlier.

However, she had been busy because of the car, not because of the exams.

Lu Huaiyu let out a faint “mm”, then there was a short silence.

It was a little awkward.

Ning Li took the initiative to speak.

“Second Brother, have you eaten yet?”

“Yes, how about you?”

Ning Li had not actually eaten, but she still obediently replied, “Yes, I’ve eaten.”


Ning Li’s stomach growled in response.

Then there was a dead silence again.