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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 223 - : The Kid at Home Likes It

Chapter 223: The Kid at Home Likes It

The few of them went to the garage in front.

There was an office inside.

The overall setup was very simple with three conspicuous desktops on the table.

However, the screen was black at the moment.

Gu Tinglan glanced at it once before withdrawing his gaze.

Null casually sat down on a chair.

“You’re asking how she got involved with racing?”

Gu Tinglan sat across from him and nodded.

On the way to the garage, Gu Tinglan had already heard from his nephew that Null was a very significant person in the underground racing circle around here.

Since Ning Li also used to race, Null would certainly know something about it.

Null narrowed his eyes.

“I guess it’s been a long time. She used to like driving around our garage when she was young. I saw that she was quite talented in it, so I took her along. It also allowed her to earn some pocket money. Why? Is there a problem?”

Gu Tinglan looked at him.

He could tell that Null was being frank.

However, he was more concerned about something else.

“I heard that Ning Li’s father was imprisoned because of a car accident?”

When Gu Tinglan mentioned this, Null frowned.

This was Ning Li’s scar.

She rarely ever mentioned it, so even more so they did not either.

‘Why did Gu Tinglan suddenly ask about this?’

Looking at Null’s reaction, Gu Tinglan knew what he was thinking.

Gu Tinglan smiled, in a gentle and polite manner. “Don’t take it the wrong way. I don’t mean anything else. It’s just that I’ve been doing some research and studies recently. Generally speaking, this kind of situation would bring great psychological distress and trauma, which would make people subconsciously ignore and avoid the trigger. However, Ning Li’s situation is somewhat special, so…”

He had come into contact with many children from families with similar backgrounds.

They usually shunned and hated objects that caused their misfortune.

For example, cars, alcohol, and so on.

When Ning Haizhou had gotten into the accident, Ning Li had only been seven years old, an age where she had already started to understand and remember things.

However, she was clearly not like most people.

She did not avoid cars and had even gotten involved in underground racing.

Gu Tinglan had seen Ning Li’s racing video on Xiaosong Hill.

She was determined, persistent, and fearless.

Null stroked his chin and pondered.

He roughly understood why Gu Tinglan was asking this, but…

“Everyone’s different, so it’s better if you ask her yourself.”

Gu Tinglan pondered for a moment and smiled. “You’re right.”

Gu Tinglan and Gu Siyang quickly left.

Seeing their car gradually disappear, Ji Shu leaned against the door feeling a little strange.

“They already know that Sister Li can race, so why is it necessary to hide that she’s repairing their car?”

Null turned on the computer without raising his head.

“If you hadn’t bumped into her back then and pestered her while shouting her name, do you think she would’ve told you?”

Ji Shu was speechless.

Back when his car had broken down, he had sent it here to be repaired and run into Ning Li.

It had been pure coincidence.

“Fine. Anyway, Sister Li is now so focused on school. I guess it’ll be a lot less trouble this way.”

As he said this, Ji Shu walked to the back garage.

“I’d better go and learn from her… Sister Li, why are you out here?”

Before he could finish his sentence, he saw that Ning Li had already walked to the door.

She had taken off her jacket and her sleeves were pulled up. Her face and hands were also stained.

Ji Shu was dumbfounded. “Sister Li, did you just come up from under the chassis?”

Ning Li ignored him and walked straight to NULL. “Have you seen it?”

Null was staring at the screen, looking a bit serious.

Ji Shu looked at the two and felt a little puzzled.

“Uh… What’s wrong? Is something wrong with that car?”

Null leaned back in her chair.

The screen showed the car in three different orientations.

One of them showed very clearly that there was an extremely clear bullet mark on the inside of the driver’s door where the handle was.

From the looks of it, a gun had been fired inside the car before.

However, it had been some years ago, and it had not been repaired.

Null suddenly recalled some of the details Gu Tinglan had mentioned to him earlier and looked up at Ning Li.

“Don’t bother with this.”

Ning Li walked to the side and opened a bottle of water.


This car belonged to the Gu family, and it was clear that it was very important to them.

It probably had something to do with this bullet mark.

Or rather, it was perhaps related to the owner of this car and the event that had happened.

However, this was none of her business. She was only responsible for repairing the car, so there was no need to ask too much.

Ji Shu was tormented by this tacit exchange between the two of them and walked over.

“What the hell is it? Let me see…”

Null shut down the computer immediately and the screen blacked out.

Ji Shu was baffled.

Null propped his legs on the table.

“It’s none of your business. Go learn from Ning Li.”

Ji Shu was speechless and looked at Ning Li for help.

Ning Li thought about it for a moment. “Come over here and pass me the tools.”

Ji Shu thought, ‘Thanks for the humiliation…’

Although Ji Shu wanted to know what was going on, these two people obviously had no intention of telling him.

Ning Li took a short rest before getting up to start work again.

When she walked to the door, she looked back at Ji Shu. “Are you not coming?”

Ji Shu immediately followed. “Coming!”

It did not matter if he was kept in the dark about this. What was more important was this rare learning opportunity!

Yunding Fenghua.

The large study was on the second floor.

Lu Huaiyu was standing in front of the bookshelf picking out books.

Estimating the time, he figured that Ning Li would probably have finished reading the books that she had borrowed the last time.

She would probably come over and return them soon.

Lu Huaiyu thought about the books that she had borrowed and could already guess her preferences and progression.

After searching his bookshelves for a while, he dialed a phone number.

The person on the other side quickly picked up and sounded surprised. “Huaiyu, why are you so free to call me today?”

The corners of Lu Huaiyu’s lips curved slightly.

“I want to borrow some books from you.” He spoke fluent German.

He then listed a few book titles.

The other party listened for a moment, feeling puzzled.

“Haven’t you read these before?”

Lu Huaiyu let out a faint “mm”.

“The kid at home likes these, so I wanted to borrow them for her.”

The other party laughed. “It’s rare to get you to ask for a favor personally. I’ll have my assistant sort it out and send it to you later. Oh, by the way, one of the books was borrowed by the doctor next door, so I guess it’ll take some time before I can give it to you.”

Lu Huaiyu did not mind.

“Then, thank you very much.”

After hanging up the phone, Lu Huaiyu did not get to put his phone away before someone called again.

He looked at it and saw that it was a call from his grandfather.

After hesitating for a moment, Lu Huaiyu answered the call.

“Hey, Grandpa.”

Old Master Lu was angry.

“Who were you talking to on the phone for so long?”

Lu Huaiyu looked at the time. That call duration had been less than three minutes.

However, the old man’s concept of time had always been like this, so Lu Huaiyu was used to it.

“Why are you in such a hurry to call me? Is there something wrong?”

Old Master Lu grunted.

“It’s the New Year soon, are you not coming home?”