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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 222 - Do You Know Ning Li?

Chapter 222: Do You Know Ning Li?

Gu Siyang was also surprised to see Ji Shu.

“Ji Shu, you’re here too?”

He then glanced behind Ji Shu.

The door was half-closed, so it was not possible to see the situation inside.

Ji Shu smiled and walked over.

“Well…I heard that a top-range collector’s item had been sent over, so I purposely rushed over from Yunzhou to see it. Young Master Gu, I thought we were friends! How could you hide such a beauty from me?”

Ji Shu’s words were thick with admiration and envy, but Gu Siyang felt like crying.

‘Can you shut up? My uncle’s just behind me!’

“That’s not his car.” Gu Tinglan’s voice came from behind.

When he got out of the car, he casually swept a glance at the cars parked in the front yard and finally saw the two garages in front.

When Ji Shu saw him, he immediately became more serious.

“Dr. Gu?”

As Ji Shu greeted Gu Tinglan, he gave Gu Siyang a look.

‘Why is he here as well? I thought Gu Tinglan never bothered with the Gu family’s affairs. Why had he followed Gu Siyang here this time?’

Gu Siyang did not know what to say.

He had not wanted Gu Tinglan to come over, but he had no choice.

“Yeah, it’s not my car.” Gu Siyang said honestly. “I accidentally crashed it, so I sent it over to be repaired.”

When Ji Shu thought about it, this car was indeed not of the same era or style that Gu Siyang would like.

No wonder he was so nervous.

Ji Shu patted his shoulder.

“I told you before. With your skills, you really have to be careful on the road.”

Gu Siyang’s eyes widened, feeling a little bitter.

“That was just an accident…”

“Everyone says so. Siyang, you should reflect on yourself.”

Gu Tinglan spoke without mercy.

Gu Siyang was rendered speechless.

He would never admit it in front of Ji Shu, but it was different with his uncle.

Ji Shu was smug because it was rare to see the always proud and dashing Young Master Gu in defeat.

“Don’t worry, since you sent it here, it’ll definitely be fixed!”

Gu Siyang looked at him suspiciously. “Don’t tell me that you’re the one responsible for repairing the car…?”

He and Ji Shu had known each other for a while and even raced together a few times.

Although Ji Shu was talented in racing, his car repair level was really mediocre.

Ji Shu was rendered speechless by Gu Siyang’s doubtful eyes.

‘Am I really that substandard?!’

“Don’t worry, it’s not me!”

Besides, that car was so expensive. If he accidentally messed something up, he really could not afford to pay for it.

Gu Siyang breathed a sigh of relief. “Are they repairing it inside? Shall we go over and take a look?”

At the mention of this, Ji Shu paused in his footsteps and casually stopped him. He smiled and said, “It’s a little busy inside, maybe later?”

Gu Siyang froze. “Are you not allowing us to take a look?”

Null was very famous in this underground racing circle, so it was normal that Ji Shu would know him.

Knowing Ji Shu’s personality, he would indeed make a trip just to see that car.

Actually, Gu Siyang was not that interested in seeing the repair process, but this car was different. Not to mention, he had purposely brought Gu Tinglan over this time.

“No, it’s just messy…”

Ji Shu moved to the side. “I guess it’s fine if you really want to see it…”

Just then, another car drove over.

A man who looked to be in his thirties got out of the car.

The morning was still quite cold in the suburbs of Lincheng, but the man was only wearing a T-shirt and a black jacket.

He had a crew cut and prominent features, a very manly hunk.

The man walked over with a smile.

“What are you guys chatting about?”

Ji Shu saw who it was and felt more relaxed. “Null!”

Gu Siyang had met Null before, but this was the first time Gu Tinglan was meeting him.

They greeted each other in turn.

Gu Siyang then asked if he could go in to check it out.

Null simply refused.

“I’m really sorry, but the person responsible for repairing your car this time doesn’t like to be disturbed. If you really want to see it, you can wait until they’re done.”

He had a smile on his face, but his tone was firm and his attitude was very resolute.

Gu Siyang looked at Gu Tinglan.

They had made this trip for only one purpose.

Gu Tinglan smiled gently. “Don’t get me wrong. We wanted to take a look because that car is customized and many parts will need some extra attention. I thought it might be more efficient to communicate this in person.”

Null’s smile remained unchanged.

“That’s simple. You can talk to me directly. It’s the same thing.”

Since Null said so, Gu Tinglan did not continue to insist.

Gu Tinglan glanced at the garage at the back.

“Okay then. So, how long will it take to fix this car?”

Null narrowed his eyes and pondered for a while. “Three days.”

“That fast?” Gu Siyang was a little surprised.

“Since you provided all the original parts that are needed, it’ll be a lot easier to handle.”

Null was frank.

In fact, it should be done in a day because Ning Li was always very efficient in this regard.

However, that would make it seem like it was not worth so much money, so it was better to say that it would take longer.

Gu Tinglan nodded his head. “Then we’ll stay in Lincheng for three days.”

This time, it was Null’s turn to be surprised.

He knew the Gu family’s status.

That car was valuable, but for the Gu family, it should not be valued to such an extent.

Unless…that car had some sort of special meaning to them.

When Gu Siyang had come to deliver the car previously, Null had already gotten a vague sense of this. Now that he heard Gu Tinglan say this, he was even more certain.

Gu Siyang asked, “Lil Uncle, then should we explore the place during these three days?”

He was actually quite curious about Lincheng.

Gu Tinglan nodded his head.

He had the same intention as well.

Suddenly, Gu Tinglan remembered something and looked at Null. “By the way, you’re probably acquainted with Ning Li, right?”

Ji Shu was stunned.

Null’s hands were in his pockets as he leaned on his car door in a casual posture.

“Yeah, she’s a good racer. Why do you ask?”

Ji Shu and Ning Li were close with each other. Since Ji Shu knew Null, Ning Li would be no exception, especially since Ning Li was from Lincheng.

Gu Tinglan said, “Nothing, I’m just curious about something.”