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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 221 - Meet

Chapter 221: Meet

Gu Tinglan was the one who drove.

Gu Siyang sat in the passenger seat and was on his best behavior.

He looked at the scenery outside the window. “So, this is what Lincheng looks like…”

Gu Siyang had wanted to visit Lincheng before, but had never had a chance to.

He had only come because of the accident, when he had personally sent the car over. However, at that time, all his thoughts had been on the car, with no room to think of other matters.

This time, he felt a little more relaxed and began to pay attention to the surroundings.

Gu Tinglan only let out a faint “mm”.

He did not come here much but was more familiar with Lincheng compared to his nephew. That was because he had done some research on the place before he had returned from abroad.

Gu Siyang looked around and sighed.

“It’s…kind of different here.”

This was a euphemistic way to put it.

Most of the Gu family’s businesses were abroad, so they spent most of their time abroad.

In recent years, the Gu family had gradually begun to expand their business domestically, so Gu Tingfeng had brought Gu Siyang back to stay for some time.

However, Gu Siyang mostly stayed in places like the Capital.

He had never had an opportunity to visit small townships like Lincheng.

Gu Tinglan said, “The scenery is quite nice.”

Gu Siyang turned to look at him. After a moment’s hesitation, he said, “Lil Uncle, are you really sure it’s Lincheng?”

Gu Tinglan shook his head.

He had not found anything the last time he had come over.

This made him waver a bit.

However, this did not affect his impression of Lincheng.

Gu Tinglan did feel that this was a nice place.

“My original plan was to come back after I found some more clues, but thanks to you, it’s ahead of schedule.”

Gu Siyang shut up in defeat.

He also knew that he had made a big mistake this time, and he was now like a dog with his tail between his legs.

The only thing he wanted at the moment was for the car to be repaired as soon as possible so that if his father found out, he could still live to see another day.

He pointed ahead. “Lil Uncle, turn right at this intersection. We’ll be there in another half an hour.”

Ji Shu drove towards the west of the city.

The further west they were, the more historical the city looked.

Finally, they went to an abandoned repair shop in the suburbs.

This area was quite large. There were seven or eight cars parked in the yard that looked so dusty, as if they had been shelved for a long time.

There were two dilapidated metal garages further in.

Ji Shu parked the car in the yard.

Ning Li jumped out and walked towards the back of the garage.

The door was locked.

Ji Shu followed behind her.

“Null said that he’s in the first garage and won’t be back for another hour. Let’s wait for…”

Ning Li fished out a key from her pocket to open the door.


The lock opened.

The rest of Ji Shu’s words were stuck in his throat and he coughed violently.

“Sister Li, you have a key?!”

‘Isn’t this Null’s place? Then this key…’

Ning Li nodded and pushed the door open. “I asked him for it when I left Lincheng.”

Ji Shu was speechless.

‘Great… I just wanted to come and take a look. I even begged Null, but he still didn’t budge. But now, Ning Li has a key?! She can come whenever she likes?!”

It felt like a huge blow to Ji Shu.

“Sister Li, I’m so jealous!”

Ning Li headed inside. “You could ask him for one too.”

Ji Shu replied, “Thanks for the suggestion, but I don’t want to make a fool of myself.”

If he actually dared to make such a request, Null would show him what it meant to be treated differently.

As he said that, he followed Ning Li inside.

This place looked like a simple and dilapidated garage from the outside, but it was completely different on the inside.

At a glance, there were more than ten vehicles placed here.

Some looked like ordinary vans, while others were top-of-the-line race cars.

Next to them were various tools, instruments, and parts.

Suddenly, Ji Shu’s eyes lit up.

“Sister Li! It’s that one!”

Ning Li had already seen it.

The silver-gray supercar was parked in the innermost area of the garage.

Although she had already seen the photos, it was still quite a shock to see the car in person.

Even though the front body of the car had been distorted from the crash, the smooth and perfect curvature of the body was still breathtaking at first glance.

Ning Li walked over.

Ji Shu followed behind and stared at it. His eyes were glued to it.

“It’s really stunning… Just imagine driving this car…”

Ning Li’s gaze fell onto the car window.

There was a line of very small markings on the inside.

She raised her eyebrows slightly.

Top-grade reinforced bulletproof glass.

‘The owner of this car is…quite interesting.’

Although Gu Siyang had sent this car here, it was somewhat old and obviously not his.

She put her backpack down.

Gu Siyang pointed to the dilapidated factory in front of him and said, “Lil Uncle, we’re here! Let’s park right here.”

Gu Tinglan looked at it.

The young man hurriedly said, “Lil Uncle, this place may look a little run-down, but it’s very proper!”

Gu Tinglan laughed.

How could a private garage specializing in car modification and repair be proper?

However, he did not bother to get into it with his nephew.

“Let’s go down and take a look.”

Gu Siyang agreed and immediately got out of the car, before walking towards the garage.

Ji Shu was standing on the side observing seriously when he heard movement in the yard, which made him feel a little strange.

He looked at his phone.

“Is Null back already? I thought he would be longer?”

Ji Shu glanced out the door.

There was another garage in front, so he did not see anything.

“Sister Li, I’ll go and check it out.”

Having said that, Ji Shu went outside.

Just as he went out, he came face-to-face with Gu Siyang.

“Gu Siyang?”

Ji Shu’s voice came from the outside.

Ning Li stopped in her tracks.