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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 220 - Little Lili

Chapter 220: Little Lili

[It really was you guys! I knew it!]

Having received an affirmation, He Xiaochen was instantly excited.

[My parents and I went to HG for dinner and I happened to see you!]

He Xiaochen had been about to go over to say hello, but since it was time for their dinner reservation, her mom had rushed her to leave and said that she was probably mistaken because it could not be such a coincidence.

However, how could He Xiaochen be mistaken about this striking couple?

Thus, He Xiaochen had hurriedly snapped this picture and followed her parents to the restaurant.

When she had come back out, He Xiaochen looked around again, but she did not meet them.

[Ning Li, did you go to the movies with your second brother?]

Ning Li replied with a “yes” and told her what movie they had watched.

He Xiaochen was the one who had suggested that Ning Li should bring her second brother along, so it was not surprising to hear her say so.


[Hahaha! Did your second brother buy you a balloon? What was he thinking?]

The couples around them all had flowers and gifts, which were so lame.

He Xiaochen laid on the bed and clicked on the photo. She had a doting smile on her face.

The photo turned Goddess Ning Li into Little Lili! It was just too adorable!

Her second brother was also so handsome, unattainable, and noble, creating a huge contrast with this balloon. He looked especially cute as he handed over the balloon to Ning Li.

[He only bought it because he saw some children selling it. By the way, the movie’s pretty good!]

He Xiaochen was already interested in this film, so when she heard Ning Li say so, she quickly started talking about the movie.

The two girls talked for a while and discussed their reading comprehension before they hung up.

Towards the end of the school year, the atmosphere in Second High seemed a lot more tense than before.

This was especially true for the senior class.

Students would hold books and study them in the corners of the corridors and staircases. During after-school hours, the playground was also much less crowded than before.

In the classroom, most of the students were burying their heads in their books, constantly doing papers and questions.

In comparison, Ning Li did not seem that much different from before.

She had finished reading one of the books that she had borrowed from Lu Huaiyu and was now reading the second one.

However, this one did not have his handwriting on it.

The small writing, “8.17”, was etched into the depths of Ning Li’s heart.

In the blink of an eye, Saturday quickly arrived.

That morning, Ning Li took the earliest high-speed train to Lincheng.

It was only an hour’s drive between Yunzhou and Lincheng, and the high-speed train got her there in twenty minutes.

After getting out of the train station, Ning Li saw a familiar SUV.

She walked over to it.

Ji Shu poked his head out of the car window and smiled at her.

“Sister Li!”

Ning Li paused in her footsteps.

“Why are you here?”

‘Shouldn’t Ji Shu be in Yunzhou now?’

Ji Shu laughed and said, “Null showed me the photo of that car and told me that you’re taking on this case. How can I miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?”

That silver-gray supercar was a classic limited edition from many years ago. There were no more than a hundred units worldwide. Not to mention, this was a custom model, so it was all the more precious.

He had long wanted to see it, but unfortunately, he had never gotten the chance.

Thus, he was determined to make this trip no matter what.

Moreover, Ning Li herself had promised to repair it personally.

That was all the more reason to come over.

Ning Li got into the passenger seat. “Let’s go to Second Garage.”

Ji Shu whistled and started the car engine.

Ning Li looked out the window, and the scenery on both sides of the road continued to recede.

This was a newly developed area. The high-speed railway station had opened less than two years ago, and the surrounding area was also being developed slowly.

There were many tall buildings, and it looked quite prosperous and lively.

The old city where Ning Li and her grandmother had lived seemed like a different world compared to this new area.

Since she had left Lincheng, this was the first time she had come back in almost three months.

“Hey, if you didn’t have to attend classes yesterday, I would’ve brought you here with me yesterday.”

As soon as Ji Shu saw Ning Li, he could not help but say, “I wanted to see that car first, but Null wouldn’t allow it and said that I would have to wait for you to come.”

‘Such bias…’

Ning Li recovered from her musings, not feeling surprised. “You don’t even know how to fix it, so what’s the use of you seeing it first?”

Ji Shu was rendered speechless.

He knew how to repair cars. After all, he had been in the game for a long time.

However, in front of Ning Li, he could not refute that statement.

“I just wanted to take a look. Sister Li, do you know what the selling price of that car was back then?”

Ji Shu did a quick mental calculation and snorted. “Anyway, the point is that it’s not something that can be bought with money. By now, the price of that car has gone up again.”

The Ji family was considered one of the richest families in Yunzhou. If even Ji Shu felt that it was expensive, then it must be very expensive.

A collector’s car was always on a different level.

If it were not so rare, he would not have made this trip.

“By the way, I remember that this car was discontinued some years ago. Are all the related parts used in this repair from the original factory?”

Ning Li nodded her head.

This was the reason she had agreed to fix it.

Ji Shu gave her a thumbs up.

“Having this car is already awesome, yet they are still able to get so many of the original parts?!’

Ning Li said, “That car belongs to Gu Siyang.”

Ji Shu had been oblivious to this and was stunned.

“It’s his?! The Gu family!”

‘No wonder!’

After all, Gu Siyang was the Young Master of the Gu family.

It made a lot of sense now that he considered this.

Ji Shu suddenly thought of something.

“Then, does he know that you’re fixing it this time?”


Ning Li leaned back and pulled her baseball cap down further.

“There’s no need to tell him.”

At the same time, Gu Siyang and Gu Tinglan were also driving towards Lincheng.