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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 218 - Too Curious

Chapter 218: Too Curious

The little boy scratched his head.

“If that’s the case, then why didn’t he buy your flowers but bought a balloon from me instead?”

The little girl pondered the question as she walked, still holding the flowers in her arms.

However, she could not think of a reason either, so she said, “How would I know? Anyway, he was carrying the pretty lady’s bag for her, so why would he do that if he doesn’t like her? And…and…”

The little girl did not know how to describe that feeling.

This was not the first time she had been selling flowers on the streets, and she had always been very accurate at telling who was a couple.

She even saw that the guy had been laughing with the pretty lady just now.

After a while, the little girl concluded. “Hmph! Anyway, with their progress, he still has a chance to be with the pretty lady!”

The cinema was on the top floor of HG.

The elevator went straight up.

When Ning Li got out of the elevator, she realized that there were more people than she had initially expected.

Christmas was truly lively.

At a glance, most of the people there were in pairs.

There were two colleges nearby, so it was no wonder that so many people came…

Ning Li immediately felt that she and Lu Huaiyu did not fit in with the demographic.

Lu Huaiyu was very tall, so he easily attracted attention. With his handsome and noble face, he immediately became the focus of attention as soon as he entered the cinema hall.

Many girls kept looking their way.

The ones who were with their boyfriends were fine, but those who had come with their friends were much more liberal. They glanced at Lu Huaiyu while whispering in excitement.

As for Ning Li…

She was wearing a school uniform, so she also stood out there.

Ning Li pulled her baseball cap a little lower.

“Second Brother, which one are we watching?”

Lu Huaiyu pointed to the posters hung around the theater.

Ning Li looked over and saw that it was an animation.

This movie had been in theaters for two or three days, and it had a high rating and ranking.

The other movies that were showing at the same time were a romantic film and a comedy film.

All things considered, it was normal for Lu Huaiyu to choose this.

It would have been better if Ning Li did not hold this balloon.

“Wait for me here. I’m going to buy something.”

Ning Li watched him and saw that Lu Huaiyu was going to buy popcorn and drinks.

She said, “Second Brother, there’s no need!”

Ning Li had already eaten dinner and did not have a craving for these.

Lu Huaiyu looked at her and smiled. “Don’t they all have these?”

Ning Li was speechless for a moment.

The so-called “they” were the young couples who were waiting for the theater hall to open up.

The couples had these because it was part of the couple package. Very few people bought these just for eating.

However, this did not seem like the right thing to say.

Before Ning Li could say anything, Lu Huaiyu made his way over to the queue.

Lu Huaiyu had an outstanding figure, but his aura was cold and noble.

He was the type that could only be admired from afar, but was untouchable.

Thus, although many people were looking at him, almost none of them dared to talk to him.

Everyone could tell that although this man was young, he was different from the other guys there.

Lu Huaiyu’s phone vibrated. He took it out and looked at it. It was a message from Cheng Xiyue.

[Bro, are you free? Qin has a party tonight. Do you want to come?]

Lu Huaiyu replied very simply.


Cheng Xiyue was surprised.

[Do you have something to do?]

Usually, Lu Huaiyu would still join these events, so why had he refused so quickly this time?

“Hello sir, what would you like?”

When the cashier saw Lu Huaiyu, her smile was a bit more sincere.

Lu Huaiyu glanced up and pointed to one of the menu items casually. “That one.”

“Couple Package A? That’ll be 199 yuan, please.”

Lu Huaiyu suddenly looked towards the side. Ning Li was sitting alone and did not hear the cashier because she was quite far away.

He nodded faintly, paid the bill, and replied to Cheng Xiyue’s message.

[Watching a movie. It’s starting soon.]

[Don’t you have a private theater that was installed less than six months ago?]

[It broke.]

[Broke?! What kind of sh*tty quality is that?! Wait… I thought you don’t like going to the theaters. What film is so good that you have to go?]

Lu Huaiyu did not bother to reply. He put his phone away, and walked towards Ning Li with the popcorn and drinks.

He handed the popcorn to Ning Li, so she accepted.

After the ticket check, the both of them then lined up to enter the hall.

Lu Huaiyu chose their seats, which were in the middle of the last row.

The attendance rate was quite high, and when they went in, there were already many people sitting in front of them.

Lu Huaiyu walked in front, put away the two drinks, and put her backpack next to him where no one was sitting.

Ning Li followed him and sat down. She took off her hat and placed it next to her.

This animation was in 3D, so Ning Li put on the glasses provided.

The black lenses covered almost half of her face.

Lu Huaiyu looked at her and put them on as well.

His features were prominent. His brow bone to the bridge of his nose was so smooth and perfect like a sculpture. From the side, it added to his cool asceticism.

Ning Li offered him some popcorn. “Second Brother?”

Lu Huaiyu smiled and said, “I don’t eat this. You can have it.”

He then helped Ning Li to put the straw into her drink.

Ning Li was not at all surprised and took the popcorn back, before munching on it slowly.

The lights suddenly dimmed and the hall went dark.

A beam of light shone onto the large screen.

The music started and the movie began.

Ning Li had already seen this movie in her previous life, but it was nice to rewatch it.

Her initially complicated mood gradually settled as the movie played.

She had been busy during this period and it was rare that she could relax like this.

In fact, before this, she had never thought that one day, she would be close enough to Lu Huaiyu that they could watch a movie together.

Ning Li leaned back in her chair and watched with great concentration, occasionally stuffing some popcorn into her mouth.

The screen constantly changed and the light reflected on her face, giving off a serene and dreamy look.

After about half an hour or so, a small movement came from the seat in front of Ning Li.

It seemed to be a young couple.

The guy put away the armrest in the middle and put his arm over the girl’s shoulders.

Ning Li was not really bothered by it.

However, Ning Li soon realized that things seemed to be getting heated.

The young couple’s attention was not on the movie at all.

The girl’s head tilted as the guy wrapped her in his arms and lowered his head.

At that moment, Ning Li’s vision suddenly went dark.

Lu Huaiyu had taken her baseball cap and put it on her head. He had pulled it down to the brim to cover her vision.

Ning Li was stunned for a moment and subconsciously twisted her head.

She could not see anything, but she still “looked” in Lu Huaiyu’s direction.

Lu Huaiyu was also looking at her.

Most of her face was covered by the hat. Her confused face was slightly tilted and only revealed her sharp chin and full soft lips.

“Second Brother?” She said extremely softly.

An alluring voice came from the front.

In the darkness, it sounded extraordinarily clear.

Ning Li was dumbstruck.

‘This was…’

In the next moment, she could smell his refreshing cedar scent that seemed to get stronger.

His voice was deep and slightly muted. It was so compelling and had a lightness that made her ears tickle.

“Are you that curious?”