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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 215 - Watch a Movie

Chapter 215: Watch a Movie

The items were not expensive, but they were thoughtful and nice.

Ning Li picked up the rabbit plushie, which was soft and fluffy. She had a feeling that she had seen it somewhere before.

The reed diffuser’s fragrance was sea salt and lemongrass, which was light and refreshing.

The cheesecake was freshly made. When Ning Li opened the lid, the sweet aroma instantly filled the tip of her nose.

Although she had already eaten dinner, she still felt tempted by the smell of the cake.

As for the movie tickets…

“They gave you two tickets!” He Xiaochen sighed in admiration. “It’s so great to be rich…”

Even though HG’s things were ridiculously expensive, their service was amazing.

“Ning Li, why did they give you this?”

Ning Li thought of the text message she received.

“I think it’s because of my second brother.”

“Eh? Oh, right. Your second brother seems to be very rich.”

He Xiaochen did not know much about Lu Huaiyu’s family background and only heard a little about it from Ning Li.

“Several blockbusters are showing lately, so you can go and see them!”

HG’s top floor had an IMAX theater, and these tickets would be valid for any one of the movies showing tomorrow.

This small Christmas gift was really faultless.

“Ning Li, who do you want to go with?”

Ning Li looked at the two tickets, and a handsome, noble face suddenly crossed her mind.

“I haven’t thought about it.”

Ning Li put away the plushie and fragrance.

He Xiaochen saw that Ning Li did not seem very interested in this matter and hurriedly said, “Don’t waste them!”

Ning Li folded the movie tickets and stuck them into her book.

“The final exams are coming up soon, so my schedule is quite tight.”

He Xiaochen rolled her eyes and looked speechless. “Ning Li, are you serious?! Are you afraid that if you watch this one movie, you won’t be able to get 704 marks in the finals?”

As Ning Li’s deskmate, He Xiaochen knew of Ning Li’s study habits.

Generally, Ning Li would attend classes, but she would not take notes and would pick and choose the questions she would do for their homework.

If it was anyone else, He Xiaochen would have believed them, but coming from Ning Li, it was incredulous.

“Hey, senior year is so stressful. You should relax a little for the holidays!”

He Xiaochen was a very diligent student, so if she said so, Ning Li felt that it was indeed reasonable.

“Why don’t you come with me then?”

He Xiaochen’s eyes lit up but dimmed again. She covered her face in frustration.

“Ah! I really want to go with you, but I already have a dinner date with my parents tomorrow…”

It was a Tuesday tomorrow and they still had classes, so they only had time in the evening.

He Xiaochen put both hands on her cheeks and let out a long sigh. “Tomorrow is my parents’ twentieth wedding anniversary. I’m so sorry, Ning Li, I can’t go with you.”

The corners of Ning Li’s lips curved upwards slightly. “It’s okay. It’s such an important day, so you should be with your family.”

He Xiaochen pouted. “I’m just a third wheel even if I go. When the two of them are together, they don’t even sense my existence…”

Ning Li knew that He Xiaochen’s parents had a good relationship and that she was the only daughter in the family, so she was also very pampered.

They were a happy family of three that got along extremely well, which Ning Li admired.

He Xiaochen suddenly said, “Hey, you can invite your second brother!”

Ning Li’s eyelashes fluttered gently. “I think he’ll be quite busy.”

“Busy?” He Xiaochen was a little surprised. “Didn’t you say that he’s from the Capital and came to Yunzhou just for a vacation?”

Ning Li paused for a moment.

“He even came to school several times for you…”

‘It didn’t look like he was that busy…’

Ning Li did not say anything.

In fact, the first candidate that had come to Ning Li’s mind was Lu Huaiyu, but for some reason, she felt that it was a little odd to ask him to the movies…

“It’s settled then. Since the only reason you got this small Christmas gift is because of him, you should invite him to the movies. Wouldn’t that be normal?” He Xiaochen said with little concern.

Ning Li’s heart skipped a beat.

‘This sounds…reasonable, I guess?’

She closed the book. “Let’s see how it goes.”

Night self-learning.

The classroom was quiet.

Ning Li flipped through a math paper. Halfway through writing, she stopped and took her phone out.

She tapped on Lu Huaiyu’s name and hesitated.

Having learned her lesson from last time, Ning Li did not type and delete her message this time. She just frowned slightly and thought about it over and over again.

‘Should I ask Lu Huaiyu to watch a movie together? He doesn’t seem to be very interested in this. It’s also Christmas, so it doesn’t seem very appropriate if it’s just the two of us…’

However, this movie ticket was a gift, so not using it would indeed be a waste.

He Xiaochen also had a point. These tickets should have been his in the first place.

Ning Li thought about it for a long time and finally sent a message.

[Second Brother, Merry Christmas Eve!]

After sending it, she felt it was a bit inappropriate.

She did not have the impression that Lu Huaiyu celebrated Christmas.

‘Does it seem childish?’

Ning Li thought of this and quickly recalled the message.

However, Lu Huaiyu’s reply came right away.

[How can you recall a wish?]

Ning Li’s eyes widened slightly.

She had sent this message just five seconds ago, yet Lu Huaiyu had seen it?

Looking at this text, Ning Li could imagine the look on his face as he raised his eyebrows slightly with a smirk.

Ning Li knocked her forehead on the desk in frustration.

“Thud.” There was a faint sound from her actions.

Pei Song glanced at Ning Li and saw her holding her phone with her head down. He could not see her expression clearly.

Just when Ning Li was hesitating with her reply, Lu Huaiyu sent another message.

[Come downstairs.]