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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 214 - Small Christmas Gift

Chapter 214: Small Christmas Gift

Lu Huaiyu had never celebrated Christmas, but he thought that Ning Li probably did.

Feng Yao was dumbfounded when he heard this sudden request from his boss.

The mall’s program had been decided long ago. It was already Christmas Eve and tomorrow was Christmas Day, so all the activities had already been implemented.

‘Isn’t too late to take a look at the program now?’

However, he only dared to think about it secretly and did not dare to voice it.

Since this was his boss’ order, Feng Yao had no choice but to comply.

“Yes, sir. Please wait a moment.”

Lu Huaiyu thought about it for a moment. “Take it to the conference room. I’ll head up later.”

‘Why does he seem so serious…’

Feng Yao and the other executives did not know what was going on, but they did as they were told.

“Yes, sir.”

Conference room.

Lu Huaiyu looked over the proposal.

Feng Yao and the others were sitting on both sides of the table looking apprehensive, especially the few activity leaders, who were incredibly nervous and kept glancing at Feng Yao.

‘Mr. Feng, what’s going on?’

‘Why did the Second Young Master ask to see the Christmas activity plan so suddenly? Was there something they didn’t do well?’

Feng Yao also had a terrible headache. ‘I don’t know!’

This was now the only HG Mall in the country, but since Lu Huaiyu had been staying in Yunzhou for a year, they had the opportunity to come into contact with him.

The senior management at HG Yunzhou was already very flattered when Lu Huaiyu went over occasionally for a meeting, so they dared not bother the boss about minor things.

Feng Yao was regretful.

When the executives had presented the program previously, Feng Yao had only skimmed it casually and given them full authority to handle the event themselves.

If he had known that Lu Huaiyu would care about this, Feng Yao would have read it more diligently.

“Is that all?” Lu Huaiyu finished reading the document and asked.

The people in the meeting room straightened their backs in unison.

Feng Yao cautiously said, “Second Young Master… Is the program…not good enough?”

Lu Huaiyu looked deep in thought. “Bracelets, ties, bags… That’s all?”

Several people were bewildered.

One of the managers in charge of the event gathered enough courage and asked, “Second Young Master, are you referring to the raffle event?”

Lu Huaiyu nodded. “Do kids like these?”

The crowd was silent.

“Second Young Master, HG’s target consumer is generally the upper middle class, so the gifts for this raffle are carefully curated after we’ve done sufficient research. These are classic models of major luxury brands. As for children…they’re not our target group, so…”

HG was a luxury shopping mall, so why did Second Master Lu suddenly ask about what kids liked?

Lu Huaiyu did not speak and only tapped his fingers on the table.

Of course, he knew about these.

However, he figured that Ning Li would not be interested in these.

She had her allowance, so if she really liked these things, she would have bought them herself, but she did not.

Ning Li only wore her school uniform and carried that one black backpack.

Her new clothes were also bought by him.

Feng Yao looked at Lu Huaiyu and suddenly had an epiphany.

“Second Young Master, besides these programs, HG’s Public Relations Department has a plan mainly for the VIP customers who spend more than one million a year in HG. We have prepared special Christmas gifts just for these customers. For those who have children under the age of eighteen, there’s an additional small gift.”

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows at him. “Oh?”

Feng Yao looked serious as he explained, “The small gift box would include toys, desserts, fragrances, and so on.”

Lu Huaiyu asked, “No movie tickets?”

Feng Yao paused for a moment and nodded, “Yes, there will also be a set of tickets for the family.”

Lu Huaiyu looked quite satisfied. “That’s not bad.”

He then got up from his seat.

Feng Yao and the others also immediately stood up.

Lu Huaiyu walked outside and said casually, “Tomorrow’s Christmas, so it’ll be better to implement these as soon as possible.”

Feng Yao immediately responded. “Yes, Second Young Master.”

Lu Huaiyu looked back. “No need to follow me. Go ahead with your tasks.”

“Please take care, Second Young Master.”

Several executives sent Lu Huaiyu to the elevator.

Only when Lu Huaiyu had left did the managers in charge look at Feng Yao.

“Mr. Feng, why aren’t we aware of that activity that you just mentioned?”

Feng Yao coughed. “Well…now you do!”

The others were baffled.

‘Did he just make this up?’

“Mr. Feng, I’m afraid we won’t have time. How are we going to prepare these things now? Besides, it’ll take time to send these items.”

Feng Yao pressed his brow.

“Just get the list of VIP customers from the system. I’m sure there aren’t many who meet this condition. Also, move some people from logistics and security to the warehouse and pack these gifts as soon as possible. Use the city express and it must be done within twelve hours! It’s 11:00am now, so we still have time.”

Since he said this, the rest of the executives did as they were told.

“Even if there’s still time, this is too sudden…”

“Is the Second Young Master expecting a lot from us? He even came over to check on customer relations. I doubt that even HG headquarters gets this treatment.”

“Why do I feel like there’s something weird about this… Mr. Feng, what do you think?”

Feng Yao did not care to explain and said, “Prepare another set and send it to Second High for Ms. Ning.”

“Ms. Ning?”

This name already held a special place within HG.

“Ms. Ning? Ning Li?”

Feng Yao was impatient. “Other than Ning Li, who else could it be?”

A few of the executives then understood immediately.

One of them hesitantly asked.

“Then…this small Christmas gift for Ms. Ning… Should we put it under Mrs. Ye’s name? Or…”

Feng Yao threw a sidelong glance at the person who spoke and said, “Do you think Second Master Lu didn’t spend more than one million in our mall this year?!”

The man who asked the question immediately made an “okay” gesture.

The remaining few people were very impressed.

“Mr. Feng, you really have a bright future ahead of you!”

How many of them could have guessed this?!

Feng Yao finally settled his nervous heart and could not help but smile. “Alright everyone, let’s get back to work. If you do a good job, we might even get double the bonus!”



Ning Li received a text message at 6:00pm regarding an express delivery.

They were done with classes, so she had just eaten dinner and went to the mailroom to receive her package.

The box was not very big or heavy.

When she returned to class with the package, He Xiaochen saw it at a glance and was curious.

“Ning Li, did someone send you a package? Could it be someone from another school?”

After all, Ning Li’s name was well known in all high schools in Yunzhou.

Ning Li shook her head. “No, it’s from HG.”

“HG? The mall where everything is insanely expensive?” He Xiaochen was shocked. “Did you buy something from them?”

“No, but this looks like a small Christmas gift specifically for customers.”

Ning Li had already received a text message from them beforehand.

“Quite a few people should’ve received it.”

However, she had not expected them to actually send it to her school.

“Wow, aren ‘t they so thoughtful?”

Ning Li took a box cutter to open the packaging.

There was a greeting card, a rabbit plushie, a reed diffuser, a slice of crepe cheesecake, and two movie tickets.