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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 212 - Sneaky

Chapter 212: Sneaky

Ning Li turned over and saw that Lin Zhouyang was holding a box with an apple and a milk candy inside.

He Xiaochen was surprised. “Huh, who sent this? They actually know that Ning Li likes milk candy?”

“Ning Li, you like milk candy? Who’s the person who is so attentive?”

Lin Zhouyang smiled, then turned the box over but found that there was nothing else besides these.

“Eh? There’s no love letter?”

Everyone else sent apples, but only this one contained a piece of milk candy as well, so this person must have known Ning Li’s preferences.

There was not even a note inside, not to mention a love letter.

Lin Zhouyang handed it over. “Ning Li, I guess you’d better keep this then?”

This one was quite special, so he would not distribute it.

Ning Li shook her head. “It’s alright, you can take it.”

Lin Zhouyang scratched his head in confusion. “Really? But, don’t you like milk candy?”

Ning Li cleaned up her drawer and made sure that everything had been taken care of before shaking her head.

“I’m fine with it.”

Pei Song put his bag down.

There were also a lot of small gifts piled up inside his drawer.

Most of them were apples, with some chocolates and other snacks.

There were also a lot of delicate love letters.

Pei Song took out the gifts with a cold and indifferent expression.

This kind of situation was something Pei Song would encounter during the few holidays every year.

Lin Zhouyang was also used to this and said, “Brother Pei, should I take care of these?”

Pei Song nodded.

Lin Zhouyang took the pile of gifts and distributed them to everyone.

A bunch of people gathered around, the whole classroom atmosphere was very lively.

“Tsk! Is this the benefit of being in the same class as the most popular people in school? I love it!”

“I’m so jealous! The Class President and Ning Li could start a wholesale market with these goods, right?”

“Sob… I didn’t even receive a single gift today. The only things I got were two apples from the Class President and Ning Li… Sob… Sob… But I must say that these apples are quite delicious…”

There were too many gifts, so Lin Zhouyang went around twice.

Pei Song took Ning Li’s box with the apple and placed it into his bag.

Everyone was busy doing their own thing, so no one noticed Pei Song.

Lin Zhouyang finally came out from the crowd and held the milk candy.

“Ning Li, do you really not want it? I’ll take it then!”

Pei Song swept a glance at Lin Zhouyang’s hand and quickly withdrew his gaze. His eyes were distant.

Ning Li nodded casually.

She had never been interested in these things. Besides, there was no name on the box, so it was impossible to return it to that person.

Lin Zhouyang was very happy because he really liked this brand of milk candy.

“Thanks, Ning Li!”

He then peeled off the candy wrapper and ate it as his eyes squinted in satisfaction.


Pei Song flipped open the book.

He Xiaochen came up next to Ning Li and asked in a whisper, “Ning Li, didn’t you say that you liked milk candy before?”

Ning Li thought about it and said, “I don’t like it that much lately.”


He Xiaochen was not bothered about it and changed the topic.

Pei Song was looking down, seemingly reading the question.

Lin Zhouyang took a sideways glance and hurriedly said, “Hey, Brother Pei. I didn’t do this question yesterday. I was planning to ask you how to solve it.”

He leaned his head over to Pei Song, and the rich and sweet smell of milk candy flooded Pei Song’s nostrils.

Pei Song put down his pen with a cold expression on his face.

“I haven’t gotten to it either.”

Lin Zhouyang looked shocked.

“No way! Are there questions that you can’t solve, Brother Pei?!”

He had been friends with Pei Song for so many years, but this was the first time he had heard Pei Song say this!

Pei Song gave a light “mm”.

Lin Zhouyang urged him.

“Then, you should look at it more. I’m sure you’ll get the answer soon!”

Lin Zhouyang was ready to sit and wait for Pei Song.

Pei Song paused for a moment, before standing up. He then took his water bottle, and went outside.

“I’m getting water. Read it yourself first.”

Lin Zhouyang murmured strangely. “Brother Pei, don’t you come to school every morning with a full water bottle? How did you forget today?”

Ren Qian happened to come by. “What are you guys talking about?”

“Qianzi, catch!” Lin Zhouyang turned and casually took a leftover apple from the table, then threw it over.

Ren Qian caught it with one hand and gave Lin Zhouyang a suspicious look.

“When did you get so good at cheesy quotes?”

Lin Zhouyang wanted to punch him.

“Nonsense! These are gifts from our Class President and Ning Li!”

Ren Qian suddenly understood. ‘I thought so.’

He took a bite of the apple and went back to his seat.

“By the way, did you see Brother Pei when you came in?”

Lin Zhouyang mysteriously lowered his voice.

“I don’t know what’s wrong, but Brother Pei doesn’t seem to be in a good mood today.”


Ren Qian looked at Pei Song’s already cleaned-out drawer and rubbed his chin.

‘Is it because he got too many gifts and love letters?’

After all, this was not the first time he had received so many.

Lin Zhouyang was also puzzled.

“Yeah! Is it because he couldn’t solve that question?”

Ren Qian thought about it for a moment.

That was more likely based on Pei Song’s character.

‘But…was there really a question that Pei Song couldn’t solve?’

“Which question is it that Brother Pei can’t solve?” Ren Qian asked casually.

Lin Zhouyang raised his hand and pointed at a question. “Just this function problem.”

Ren Qian glanced at it. “Hm? Isn’t this…”

‘Isn’t this the one I discussed with Pei Song yesterday?’

At that time, Pei Song had even given two solutions.

Ren Qian stopped abruptly.

Lin Zhouyang was confused. “Isn’t this what?”

Ren Qian looked at him with a vague hint of sympathy.

“Isn’t this the one that I can’t solve either? Let’s wait for the solution later in class.”

‘Wow, it must be really difficult if these two math gods don’t know the solution.’

“Alright.” Lin Zhouyang was not someone who would get hung up on a problem and quickly put this matter behind him.

Ren Qian sat down in his seat and looked at Ning Li.

She was reading an English book.

It seemed that all this hustle and bustle had nothing to do with her.

The apples that had been gifted to her had all been distributed, and only one was left on her bookshelf.

On second look, he saw big gold letters on the wrapper that read: From Ning Li’s one and only designated deskmate, He Xiaochen.

It was as if He Xiaochen was afraid that other people would not know that her gift was the one that Ning Li had accepted.

Ren Qian rubbed his eyebrows and skimmed the remaining questions as he sighed silently.

As soon as Ye Ci came to the class, she noticed that the atmosphere was very lively.

She was not surprised.

Second High was known for its serious discipline, but during the holidays, adolescent teenage girls would become quite excited.

The teachers also turned a blind eye to the situation and did not care much since it was the festive season.

Ye Ci went to her desk and found that she had received fewer gifts than before.

Lin Zhouyang’s voice came from the back.

“There’s still a bunch of apples left from Ning Li! Who else hasn’t received them? Hurry up and come get it! It’s not something you can get every day!”

Ye Ci’s expression became stiff.