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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 210 - Is That Something You Can Drive?

Chapter 210: Is That Something You Can Drive?

This was an old neighborhood, and the space between the front and back buildings was not far.

All it took was a low magnification telescope to get a clear view of the situation in the room across the street.

A window appeared in view.

Although it was broad daylight, the curtains were tightly drawn.

However, Ning Li did not fret and added another camera. After she set everything up, she looked over again.

At this time, her phone that was in the master bedroom next door vibrated.

She walked out of the room and locked the door behind her.

When she came to the master bedroom, she saw that she had received a message from Null.

It was a picture.

A silver-gray supercar seemed to have been involved in a violent collision, so much so that the bumper had fallen off completely and the front hood of the car was twisted and deformed.

It was pretty much scrap metal.

[You want it?]

Ning Li clicked on the picture and examined it for a while.

[In this condition, the cost of the repair would be enough to buy a new one.]

Moreover, it was obvious that this was a custom model.

It would be more expensive, so the repair would be more troublesome.

[Money’s not a problem. The client only asked for it to be fixed as soon as possible.]

Ning Li took a sip of water, not feeling surprised.

Those who could afford this kind of car were certainly not short of money.

However, she was not interested.

[Didn’t they stop production on this model five years ago? I’m afraid it won’t be easy to repair.]

The reply came back quickly.

[You don’t have to worry about this. The client will provide all the original parts. They just want to restore it to the exact condition as before.]

Null then sent her the client’s offer.

Ning Li stared at the string of numbers and with hardly any hesitation, she replied.

[I’ll take it.]

Although she was not short of money now, it was always nice to earn more.

[Okay, then I’ll accept this order for you. Oh, I forgot to tell you. This car is now at Second Garage in Lincheng. Try to come over as soon as possible.]

Ning Li was speechless.

[What made you so sure that I would take this case?]

There were two garages in Lincheng. First Garage was for the masses and was an ordinary repair shop, but Second Garage was extremely private, and only very few people knew about it.

Taking the car to Second Garage meant that he was sure that Ning Li would take this case.

After a while, Null replied.

[You’re already considering LY, so don’t you want to help your future boss to repair his car?]

Ning Li froze.

‘LY’s boss? Had that car been sent over by Gu Siyang?’

Ning Li understood.

Null was much more well-informed than Ji Shu and knew more about this.

She had only revealed it to Null once before, but she had not expected him to take Gu Siyang’s case.

[Don’t worry. He doesn’t know that you’re the one doing the repairs.]

Currently, Gu Siyang only knew that Ning Li could race and did not know that Ning Li was responsible for a lot of the business with Null.

Ning Li thought about it for a moment.

[Thanks. There’s no need to tell him this for now. I’ll be there next Saturday.]


“The car has been sent over?” In the study, Gu Tinglan sat behind the desk and asked calmly.

Gu Siyang stood in front of him, extremely nervous.


Gu Tinglan did not say anything and only looked at him silently.

His nephew pitifully put his hands together and begged.

“Lil Uncle, it’s all my fault… I just wanted to take that car out for a spin… I didn’t expect…”

‘I didn’t expect to be so careless and end up in a car crash.’

Gu Siyang only had some small injuries, but the car was totaled!

He had not seen his uncle like this for many years.

Gu Tinglan was really mad this time!

“Lil Uncle, don’t worry! That garage has a great reputation and can definitely repair it! I…I…I won’t do this again next time…”

Gu Tinglan’s face was emotionless.

“There are so many cars at home. Why did you choose that one? Is that something you can drive?”

Gu Siyang lowered his head and did not speak.

He really had not thought much about it at the time. He had thought that driving it for a short distance would not be a big deal. Who knew…

Gu Tinglan pinched the bridge of his nose.

If not for the fact that Gu Siyang had almost been injured badly, he would never have been able to say these words to him so calmly at this moment.

“You’d better fix it fast, and not let your father know about this.”

If Gu Tingfeng knew that his son crashed the car, Gu Siyang would be beaten to death.

Gu Siyang obviously knew this very well and was extremely grateful. “Thank you, Lil Uncle! You’re still the best!”

Gu Tinglan snorted. “Don’t be too happy so soon. Your father loves that car, so he’ll probably notice the problem sooner or later.”

Gu Siyang’s face sank.

He knew his father’s temper all too well.

The only hope now was that the garage could try to restore that car to its original state.

This way, his chances of survival would be a bit higher.

Gu Tinglan closed his eyes for a while before asking, “You said the car has been sent to Lincheng?”

Gu Siyang hurriedly nodded his head.

“There’s a private garage there, and it’s very reputable in the industry.”

Not only in Lincheng, but even the underground racing cars in Yunzhou and nearby regions were usually sent there.

Gu Tinglan was not interested in these, but that car was very important, so he must personally see to it.

“Come with me to Lincheng in a few days.”

Gu Siyang knew that he wanted to see the car and quickly agreed.

Heyuan District.

Time passed slowly. Gradually, the sky turned dark.

Ning Li entered the last set of data, closed her laptop, and went over to the bedroom next door.

The lights of a certain room in the opposite building were already lit.

She pulled over a chair, clicked on her phone again, and studied the photo of the car for a while.

After about fifteen minutes, the light in that room went out.

Ning Li turned off her screen.

After waiting for another ten minutes, she got up and packed her things to leave.