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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 209 - Did She Provoke You?

Chapter 209: Did She Provoke You?

Ning Li certainly had a lot of things that she wanted to ask Lu Huaiyu.

For example, what happened last night?

Did she say anything that she should not have said after she got drunk?

What kind of people did Lu Huaiyu like?

Ning Li looked up at the man in front of her.

His handsome and noble face had a casual smile, as if this was no more than just small talk.

She shook her head. “No.”

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows gently.

“Then, I’ll get going first. Have a good rest, Second Brother!”

Ning Li said goodbye to him.

After Ning Li’s figure completely disappeared from sight, Lu Huaiyu laughed before he closed the door behind him.

When this girl sobered up, she went back into hiding and wrapped herself up tightly once again.

‘But…luckily I have all the patience in the world for her.

After passing through the first-floor guest bedroom, Lu Huaiyu stood at the door and looked inside.

The clothes that had been delivered had been sorted and placed into the closet.

However, it seemed that there were still some things missing.

Lu Huaiyu looked at it thoughtfully for a while and called Cheng Xiyue.

Cheng Xiyue had just ended the call with Xu Yini and was planning to catch up on his sleep when he was woken up by another call.

Seeing that Lu Huaiyu was the one calling him, Cheng Xiyue looked suspicious and closed his eyes in despair.

“Bro, it’s a Sunday! Can’t you let me sleep in?”

Lu Huaiyu’s tone was calm. “I didn’t sleep.”

“What does ‘you not sleeping’ have to do with me…”

Cheng Xiyue only realized that something was wrong halfway through his sentence. He then struggled to roll over.

“What did you say? You didn’t sleep? Are you having insomnia again? But how…”

‘Isn’t Little Ning Li there?’

Lu Huaiyu had been suffering from insomnia for a long time. He never got any proper rest while he was in Yunzhou.

However, his condition had become much better after meeting Ning Li.

Although Ning Li had been drunk last night, she was still quite well behaved and did not make a fuss.

“Did Little Ning Li provoke you? No, wait. Are you blaming Little Ning Li for your poor sleep?”

Lu Huaiyu snorted lightly.

‘It’d be strange if I could sleep through last night after what happened.’

“I need to buy some things. Come by this time tomorrow.”

Cheng Xi Yue said, “So…the purpose of your call is just to book your driver?”

Lu Huaiyu was too frank.

“I have to buy quite a lot of things, so it’s more convenient this way.”

Cheng Xiyue took a deep breath and suppressed the murderous intent that surged in his heart. He gritted his teeth and said word by word, “Second Master Lu, need I remind you that with your assets, you just need to make a list and send it to your personal shopper? Even if you hired a hundred people, it wouldn’t be a problem for you!”

‘Is my time not valuable?!’

Lu Huaiyu was so free because he had so many people just waiting to serve him!

“It’s settled then, I’m going to get some rest.” Lu Huaiyu hung up the call after.

‘I ought to pick it out myself if I want to buy something for my girl.’

Cheng Xiyue was speechless.

‘This won’t do! I must call Old Master Lu to ask this king to go home. I really can’t serve him anymore!’

Ning Li took a taxi back to the Ye family home alone.

As soon as she entered the door, she saw Ye Ci sitting in the living room.

When Ye Ci heard the door, Ye Ci turned to look at Ning Li with a smile on her face.

“Sister Ning Li, you’re back!”

She exclaimed as she scrutinized Ning Li.

Her eyes were sharp and immediately noticed that the clothes Ning Li wore were new.

‘Didn’t she stay at Lu Huaiyu’s house yesterday? These clothes…’

Ye Ci stood up and said, “Sister Ning Li, you left all your things in Jinsheng yesterday, so I brought it back for you. I was going to send it to you…”

There was indeed a bag next to Ye Ci with Ning Li’s clothes.

Ning Li heard her inquisitive tone and smiled faintly.

“Thanks, but I would’ve settled these minor things myself, so you didn’t need to worry about it.”

Ye Ci smiled. “Sister Ning Li, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to do so well in the physics competition.”

Ning Li walked over and took the bag.

“Don’t thank me. It’s your own hard work, so thank yourself.”

She really did think so because she had only given Ye Ci the notes. If Ye Ci had not been willing to learn or memorize them, then it would have been useless to attend the exam.

The reason Ye Ci could make it to fifth place in the province was largely due to the notebook Ning Li gave her.

Ye Ci had never liked Ning Li, so having to read Ning Li’s notes had been humiliating for her.

However, she could remember it so well because of that.

Ye Ci frowned as she could not guess Ning Li’s intentions.

On the one hand, Ning Li was cold towards her and had even embarrassed her at yesterday’s celebration banquet.

On the other hand, Ning Li had given her those notes without reservation.

Was Ning Li not worried that Ye Ci would have overtaken her and deliberately provoked her?

Seeing that Ning Li was about to go upstairs, Ye Ci took a few steps forward and said, “Sister Ning Li, Mom’s waiting for you upstairs and asked you to talk to her when you returned.”

‘Of course, Ning Li knew what Su Yuan wanted to talk about.’

After such a scene, the Ye family had lost their reputation, so Su Yuan would certainly take it all out on her.

Too bad, Ning Li was not interested in being her punching bag.

Ning Li glanced towards Ye Ming and Su Yuan’s bedroom.

“She’s sleeping?”


“Then I won’t bother her for now,” Ning Li said and went straight to her room.

Ye Ci was stunned, but before she could say anything, Ning Li walked out again with her backpack.

She took a few steps forward and asked, “Sister Ning Li, you just came back. Are you going out again?”

Ning Li nodded but did not say where she was going.

While Ye Ci hesitated, Ning Li already went out the door.


The door slammed shut, and Ye Ci kept quiet.

Ye Ci had not slept well all night yesterday. Every time she thought of Lu Huaiyu saying in a cool, low voice over the phone that Ning Li was right beside him and had fallen asleep, Ye Ci felt like her heart was on fire.

She could also tell that Lu Huaiyu was different when he talked to Ning Li compared to others.

Why was he so biased towards Ning Li?

Ning Li went out of the Ye family home and brought her bag to Heyuan District.

Just as she reached the entrance of the neighborhood, she saw a familiar figure.

Ning Li was startled.

Only after that person had walked into the neighborhood did she get out of the taxi.

Ning Li did not go over immediately and went to a boutique nearby instead.

When she came out again, she was wearing a baseball cap.

Ning Li lowered the brim of the hat so that most of her small face was hidden in the shadows.

With that, she walked into the neighborhood as she always did.

On Sunday noon, the neighborhood was very lively.

Many people came and went, and not many noticed Ning Li.

Ning Li went upstairs, entered the master bedroom, put her backpack down, and rummaged for a few things in the little space next to her before she took a few things to the bedroom facing north.

Soon, a small telescope was assembled.

Ning Li calibrated it and pointed the lens at the building that was opposite.