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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 208 - She Likes You Very Much

Chapter 208: She Likes You Very Much

When that photo was first released by the media, Lu Huaiyu was mad, which was why he had demanded that Xu Yini make a clarification immediately and remove all related news.

However, after that, Lu Huaiyu had completely put it out of his mind.

That incident had happened so long ago.

He was a busy man and did not have time to think about such things.

Xu Yini felt Lu Huaiyu’s straightforward and dry reply like a stab in her heart.

Her face turned pale.

Over the years, Lu Huaiyu had always been very cold towards her.

However, Xu Yini knew that he was like this with other women, so she had always consoled herself that way.

‘That’s just how he is… As long as I persist I might get a chance.’

After all, no one was more compatible with him than she was, right?

Now, she finally realized that she was wrong.

The pair of rabbit slippers that Ning Li was wearing kept resurfacing in her mind.

A wave of unspeakable panic rose from the depths of her heart.

Ning Li glanced in the direction of the door again.

She did not know what the two of them were talking about for so long.

If they had so much to say, why did Lu Huaiyu not invite Xu Yini in?

If they did not have much to talk about, then they had been standing at the door for quite a long time.

Ning Li glanced at the bowl of hangover soup and rubbed her temples.

She tried to recall what had happened last night, but unfortunately, nothing came to her mind.

Ning Li only vaguely remembered that she seemed to have a dream that was related to Lu Huaiyu, but could not remember the exact content.

Finally, the door was shut.

Ning Li looked up and saw Lu Huaiyu walking over alone.

She was curious and asked, “Second Brother, did Ms. Xu leave?”


Lu Huaiyu sat down across from Ning Li and without seeming to care much about Xu Yini’s sudden visit.

“She just came over to tell me something and left.”

Xu Niyi had been used to Lu Huaiyu’s coldness over the years.

However, his attitude today had rarely been seen.

After all, Xu Yini was a spoiled princess, so how could she not lose her temper after getting rejected by Lu Huaiyu?

She could not stand listening to Lu Huaiyu’s harsh words and left.

Lu Huaiyu did not think to share it with Ning Li for fear of affecting her appetite.

Ning Li glanced out of the floor-to-ceiling window and saw Xu Yini’s departing back.

Even though it was just a glimpse of her back, Xu Yini was still elegant and beautiful.

Ning Li withdrew her gaze and stirred her porridge as she spoke slowly, “Second Brother, Ms. Xu seems to…like you a lot?”

Lu Huaiyu paused in his movements and lifted his eyes to look at her.


Ning Li froze as she had not expected this reaction from him.

Lu Huaiyu tapped his finger on the table and smiled with interest.

“Yesterday, you said that you would only focus on your studies, yet you’re asking me questions like this now?”

Ning Li said in a small voice, “I was only asking…”

Inexplicably, she recalled what He Xiaochen had said.

Xu Yini was indeed very beautiful with an excellent temperament. Her family background also matched his.

This kind of woman had chased Lu Huaiyu for many years, yet he was still unmoved.

Lu Huaiyu did not seem to be interested in continuing this topic.

Ning Li hesitated for a while and decided not to say anything in the end.

After all, that was between him and Xu Yini. Ning Li was in no position to ask about it.

After Xu Yini walked out of Yunding Fenghua, she called Cheng Xiyue.

Cheng Xiyue was very surprised to receive her call. “Yini? What’s wrong?”

Xu Yini heard the grogginess in his voice that sounded like he had just woken up.

“Brother Xiyue, did I disturb your sleep?”

Cheng Xiyue was lying on his bed with his eyes closed. “No, I just woke up. Why? Do you need something from me?”

Xu Yini paused and said, “I’ve just been to Yunding Fenghua.”

Cheng Xiyue jerked up from the bed. “What?!”

‘Then…wouldn’t she have bumped into Little Ning Li?’

“Why so suddenly?” Cheng Xiyue pondered his words. “You know that Huaiyu doesn’t like that…”

“I saw Ning Li,” Xu Yini said.

Xu Yini still could not calm herself down at the thought of what she had just seen.

Cheng Xiyue could not see Xu Yini’s expression through the phone, so that was not obvious to him.

“Ah, right…”

Cheng Xiyue chuckled.

“Ning Li was drunk last night, so it wasn’t very convenient to send her back to the Ye family. That’s why I sent her there temporarily. How is she? Is she better now?”

Xu Yini frowned. “You sent her over?”

Cheng Xiyue thought, ‘Of course, I sent her over… That’s because Little Ning Li was nestled in Huaiyu’s arms and grabbing his shirt, insisting on going home with him. Even Huaiyu agreed to it. I was just their driver…’


Cheng Xiyue sounded happy, as if not he did not feel that there was anything wrong with that.

“Ning Li got first place in the provincial physics competition, so we had a gathering to celebrate.”

Cheng Xiyue did not mention that this “gathering” was a party Lu Huaiyu had specially held for Ning Li.

Xu Yini did not come to Yunzhou often and never stayed here long. If she did not inquire about it, she would not have known these things for the time being.

Even if she knew, it did not matter.

Lu Huaiyu had done it willingly, so what else could she do about it?

Xu Yini felt slightly relieved.

She had seen the Ye family’s attitude towards Ning Li the last time they had been at the Cheng’s.

‘I guess it’s normal not to go home if she’s too drunk… But why Lu Huaiyu’s house?’

After breakfast, Ning Li packed up, ready to leave.

Lu Huaiyu sent her to the door.

Ning Li put her slippers back when Lu Huaiyu looked at her and said, “Is there nothing else you want to ask me?”