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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Are You Going To Pay For It?

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Lu Huaiyu.

The Lu family from the capital—an honorable family since generations ago.

Besides, the second master of the Lu family was even more well-known.

Even though he was blessed with charming looks, Lu Huaiyu was unapproachable.

Despite him being lazy, cocky, and hedonistic, numerous celebrities from the capital were still interested in him.

Nevertheless, what was more well-known about him was his thrilling approach in the business field.

Lu Huaiyu did not have a wife or even a single rumored affair even though he was the authority figure in his family.

In her past life, Ning Li had met with him twice.

The first time was indeed in Yunzhou, but it was not at the Ye family’s residence.

That time, she had just heard about him from others. She also felt curious about why he came all the way to Yunzhou from the capital.

It was only later that she knew he came to Yunzhou to visit the doctor.

As for the details, not many people knew about it. Ning Li also accidentally heard some rumors about him. Even if he were the chosen one, not everything he did would be perfect.

Yet, never in her imagination did she think she would see him in the Ye family’s residence.

Even though the Ye family was respectable and influential in Yunzhou, they were nothing compared to the Lu family from the capital.

Ning Li remembered in her past life that Lu Huaiyu had no connections with the Ye family. Otherwise, based on their behavior, the Ye family would let everybody know that they had a relationship with Lu Huaiyu.

Therefore, they could not tell why Lu Huaiyu would lower his dignity and come here with Cheng Xiyue?


He did not get out of the car although he was here. Indeed, he really did not respect them at all.

His arrogance would be a pain for normal people to deal with.

Yet, for some reason, the man was Lu Huaiyu.

Su Yuan was shocked as well upon hearing about Lu Huaiyu’s identity from Aunt Zhao.

“He’s our honorable guest. Why aren’t we welcoming him into our house?” Su Yuan frowned a little and questioned, “That’s rude.”

However, Aunt Zhao quickly explained, “Madam, this is Master Cheng’s order. He said that Second Master Lu hasn’t been getting enough rest recently. He fell asleep in the car, so he asked us not to disturb him.”

Although Cheng Xiyue was the one who said those words, obviously, it was Lu Huaiyu’s idea.

Su Yuan found it weird when she heard about it, yet she did not ask anymore.

With his status, he could sleep anywhere he wanted, right? It would be unwise if they offended him by waking him up from his nap.

“We’re going in, then.”

Su Yuan uttered in a soft tone as she turned her head and urged Ning Li.

Ning Li withdrew her gaze and got out of the car with her backpack.

They walked toward the door.

In the car, Lu Huaiyu squinted his eyes for a little before laughing all of a sudden.

Yesterday, Cheng Xiyue had provided him with all the information regarding the young lady. He even warned him not to bully her because she was suffering from a lot of hardships.

Nonetheless, Lu Huaiyu realized that the young lady was not somebody who would get bullied by anyone.

Her temper was not hidden well enough.

“Mommy, you’re back!”

As soon as they entered the house, a joyful and clear voice came from the foyer.

The voice was so jarring that Ning Li’s eyelids twitched a little.

Calmly, Ning Li raised her head to look forward.

A lady in a white dress was striding toward them.

The well-tailored dress perfectly outlined her curves, and her silky-smooth waist-length black hair was let down. She was stunning with eyes that were bright and clear.

The lady was exuding a warm and noble temperament, mixed with a little intimacy and liveliness that could be felt when she was with someone close.

Su Yuan’s complexion became gentle upon seeing her. She then stretched her hands out to hug her and lightly patted her shoulder.

“Little Ci, didn’t you say that you’re going to an art gallery with Xiangxiang today? Why are you still at home, then?”

Ye Ci nuzzled in her arms and said coquettishly, “I was worried about you!”

Ye Ci pushed herself away from Su Yuan’s arms, and with concern between her eyes, she spoke, “I heard about the news regarding the accident on the highway yesterday. Even though I knew Mommy was staying at Lincheng for a night, I was still worried about you. Therefore, I’ve been waiting for you at home.”

Su Yuan touched her face, and she was heartbroken when she saw there were dark circles under Ye Ci’s eyes.

“You didn’t sleep for the whole night? Actually, you didn’t need to worry about me…”

Ye Ci smiled at her.

“I wanted to wait for you, though.”

Su Yuan then replied to her, “I won’t let you worry about Mommy next time. You don’t need to wait for me next time, and I’ll be heartbroken if you spoil your body. Do you understand?”

Ning Li stood aside as she glanced at them coldly with her irony-filled eyes.

What a mother and daughter duo.

Anybody who saw that scene would have thought they were biological mother and daughter.

Su Yuan was already heartbroken when Ye Ci had merely waited for her for a night.

Ning Li had waited 11 years, but she had never gotten an apology from Su Yuan.

Ye Ci moved her gaze, seemingly just spotting Ning Li.

However, Ye Ci’s smiley expression froze for a moment when she saw Ning Li’s face clearly.

The young lady in front of her was wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of black jeans. There was a black backpack on one of her shoulders.

It was just a simple outfit, yet it looked so good when she wore it.

Her black hair that was just past her shoulders made her neck look more slender and fairer.

The most noticeable thing was her face—clean and stunning.

Ning Li’s pair of eyes were shining, and they were giving off a lazy and unrestrained vibe.

Everybody’s attention would be caught by Ning Li even if she were to just stand there.

Ye Ci smiled.

“Mommy, is this Big Sister Ning Li?”

Su Yuan felt a little awkward.

In all these years, she had never mentioned Ning Li to the Ye family.

“Yes. From now on, Ning Li will stay here. Where’s your father?”

Ye Ci pointed upstairs and said, “Daddy’s on the second floor. Brother Xiyue is there too.”

Actually, the Ye family and Cheng family were both Yunzhou’s wealthy and honorable families. However, they did not share a very close relationship.

The Ye family was involved in the hotel industry in Yunzhou. They were considered second-rate back then, but they got promoted because of an opportunity a few years ago.

They were still incomparable to the Cheng family who was from a rich heritage.

However, Ye Ci and the Cheng family’s Miss Cheng Xiangxiang were besties, so she would just call him Brother Xiyue too.

Su Yuan said something to Aunt Zhao after she nodded, “Show Ning Li her room.”

Cheng Xiyue was here, and Second Master Lu was out there. Thus, it seemed like Ye Ming had no time to care about Ning Li’s matters.

Before Aunt Zhao could answer her, Ye Ci interrupted, “Mommy, her room is just next to mine. Let me show her.”

Su Yuan felt relieved upon seeing Ye Ci’s mature behavior.

“Alright then. Go get some rest after that.”

Hence, Ye Ci brought Ning Li upstairs.

However, there came a gust of wind all of a sudden when Ning Li was about to take her first step.

Ning Li squinted her eyes, and she ducked by moving her feet agilely.

Suddenly, a ding sounded out, and it seemed like something was knocked off, hitting the blue and white porcelain that was on the coffee table.


The porcelain was broken into pieces in an instant!

A 10-year-old boy screamed out loud all of a sudden. He rushed out from behind the couch and scolded Ning Li while pointing at her, “Hey! You broke my daddy’s beloved porcelain! You’ll pay for it!”

Stunned, Ning Li turned her head and looked.

It was unknown when Lu Huaiyu had gotten out of the car and was now leaning against the door. He was smiling while looking at the little boy.

“What a coincidence. Your daddy’s porcelain broke my watch as well. Are you going to pay for it too?”