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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 200 - Why Did You Just Come?

Chapter 200: Why Did You Just Come?

Lu Huaiyu was slightly stunned. He tightened the jacket over her and said in a deep voice, “You’re not allowed to drink anymore.”

Ning Li stopped talking and looked down at her toes.

George took the initiative to extend his hand, smiling as he said, “Mr. Lu, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Lu Huaiyu swept a glance at his hand without moving to take it. “Mr. George, I don’t think you came all the way from the Capital just to say this to me, right?”

Prior to this, the two had not had any personal encounter whatsoever.

This was actually their first official meeting.

However, George had appeared in various entertainment magazines for years, and his highly distinctive face was hard not to recognize.

In contrast, Lu Huaiyu was extremely low-key.

The reason George could recognize him at a glance was because of Lu Huaiyu’s stunning face and noble aura that were unique only to him.

There was also another reason.

“Of course not. I came here for someone else, but getting to meet Mr. Lu is a pleasant surprise.” George smiled as he spoke sincerely.

George swept a glance over the two of them.

“You guys…know each other?”

Lu Huaiyu smiled lightly and said, “This party is being held for Lili.”

George was slightly stunned.

Of course, he could see that Lu Huaiyu and Ning Li had an unusual relationship, but he had not expected this.

“Mr. George, I didn’t know that you’d be here, so I didn’t send you an invitation. I would ask you to stay for a drink, but…” Lu Huaiyu looked at his watch. “The party’s almost over. It would be better if we take a raincheck.”

George was speechless. He could have sworn that Lu Huaiyu had no intention of letting him stay since the beginning.

He shrugged his shoulders and laughed nonchalantly. “Fine, but Mr. Lu, you do need to buy me a drink.”

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows slightly, then he heard George sigh and say regretfully, “After all, my ex-ex-ex-girlfriend broke up with me because of you. She even smashed three bottles of whiskey on her way out.”

Lu Huaiyu’s eyes turned cold.

Ning Li looked up and glanced at George and Lu Huaiyu.

‘Wow… Was there such drama between these two?’

Lu Huaiyu’s voice was cold and sullen. “Mr. George, you should watch your words.”

“Does the name Lulu ring a bell?” George frowned with some annoyance. “She’s also from the Capital. A very beautiful girl called Yu Lulu. We were fine until the day she got drunk. She suddenly cried and said that she had held a crush on you for three years and that she still couldn’t forget you even after being with me. Then, we broke up.”

George shrugged his shoulders.

He was a frank person who did not like to get entangled in complicated situations. Thus, he always dated and broke up with women with ease.

However, this incident had left a deep emotional scar on him because it had been very frustrating.

As the heir to G&S, George had never faced any problems in dealing with women. This was the first time he had ever been ditched by a woman.

Although it had not been overly difficult to break up with her after that incident, the image of her hugging a bottle of wine as she cried out that Lu Huaiyu’s name was something he could not forget.

If not for this, George would not have come downstairs to check out the party.

However, after seeing Lu Huaiyu in person, George felt relieved.

It was not that bad to lose to such a man.

“No, it doesn’t.” Lu Huaiyu looked at George coldly. “My apologies for that, but I’m not interested in knowing about your relationships. I need to send Lili home soon, so please excuse us.”

After saying that, Lu Huaiyu then pulled Ning Li’s wrist and walked away.

George was puzzled as he had not expected this man to leave so quickly. “Hey, but Ning…”

He was just about to chase after them when Ning Li suddenly looked back at him.

George instantly stopped and pondered.

Ning Li had previously insisted on keeping her identity a secret. Now, it seemed that even Lu Huaiyu did not know about it?

He remembered the dangerous gaze that Lu Huaiyu had given him earlier and could not help but rub his chin and smile.

When his ex-ex-ex-girlfriend had gotten drunk and cried about her love for Lu Huaiyu, she had cursed Lu Huaiyu for rejecting her and not understanding her feelings.

She had pursued him for so many years, but he did not even spare her a second glance.

At that time, she had also cursed him by saying that such a heartless man deserved a lifetime of solitude.

Now, it seemed that would be hard to achieve.

However, Lu Huaiyu did not seem much better off either.

Meeting Lu Huaiyu in person was completely different from what he had expected when based purely on his former girlfriend’s description.

‘That’s interesting…’

Lu Huaiyu noticed Ning Li looking back at George. His eyes grew cold.

Objectively speaking, George was indeed very handsome.

With his wealthy background and infamous considerate, gentle, and affectionate personality, George was loved by all women.

He certainly had the capacity for it.

“Did you have a nice chat just now?” Lu Huaiyu asked in a light voice.

Ning Li looked back at him. She could feel the slight coldness in Lu Huaiyu’s voice, but she thought that it was because he was still angry about her having a drink.

“No, it was just a casual chat,” Ning Li answered softly.

Lu Huaiyu glanced at her.

Her soft hair draped over her shoulders and her fair, delicate face had a hint of blush. From his angle, he could see her thick curly eyelashes that fluttered gently, which was tantalizing to his heart.

A bright pearl would always attract attention.

Lu Huaiyu suddenly felt a trace of regret.

‘I should keep her hidden…’

“You should focus only on your studies now.”

Ning Li froze slightly. ‘Wasn’t that what she had been doing all along? Why was he saying this…’

“Okay…” She responded. Ning Li had sensed the slight hostility that Lu Huaiyu had shown towards George earlier.

A moment later, she hesitantly asked, “Second Brother… Are you unhappy because of what he just said about his ex-girlfriend?”

Lu Huaiyu paused for a moment. “It’s his ex-ex-ex-girlfriend.”

‘Could she not see what kind of person George was?’

“Also, I don’t know or recall such a person anyway.”

His voice was aloof and indifferent.

Ning Li lowered her eyes.

‘Right… There are so many people who liked him. How could he possibly remember each and every one of them?’

She rubbed her head that now felt slightly aggravated.

“Second Brother, I want to go back.”

Lu Huaiyu was worried that she might feel uncomfortable after drinking that glass of wine and standing in the cold breeze on the terrace, so he agreed right away.

“Wait for me next door. I’ll be there soon.”

Ning Li nodded. “Okay.”

Ning Li went into the small sitting area next door by herself.

It was quiet and peaceful all around.

She felt a little sleepy, so she lolled on the sofa as she leaned back to rest her eyes.

After a while, Ning Li heard the sound of footsteps.

She opened her eyes and saw Lu Huaiyu standing in front of her.

He leaned down slightly and said in a low and gentle voice, “Lili, come on, let’s go.”

Ning Li looked up at him dazedly. “Lu Huaiyu.”

She had not called him Second Brother.

Lu Huaiyu had come over after greeting his guests. As soon as he came in, he saw Ning Li lying haphazardly on the sofa.

Hearing her voice, he paused for a moment and felt that Ning Li was not in the right state of mind.

He frowned slightly and reached out to touch her forehead.

Ning Li suddenly held on to his hand and looked at him in a daze. Her eyes and the tip of her nose were red. She whispered, “Why did you only just come?”

Lu Huaiyu’s body stiffened.

She buried her face in his palm, looking very dependent and aggrieved.

“Why did you come so late?”