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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 198 - Lu Huaiyu’s Scent

Chapter 198: Lu Huaiyu’s Scent

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The man was a little surprised by Lu Huaiyu’s words.

The Lu family was prestigious, and Lu Huaiyu himself was infamous for his proud and arrogant attitude in the Capital.

He had always done things on his own accord.

The man had even heard that Old Master Lu was not able to control him. However, Lu Huaiyu was indeed a rare talent, so the old man had eventually turned a blind eye to his behavior.

Now, Lu Huaiyu said that his family was strict with him?

Old Master Lu was thousands of kilometers away. How could he keep an eye on Lu Huaiyu?

However, since Lu Huaiyu had said that he would not drink, no one dared to persuade him otherwise.

Besides, they had not come over to drink today.

The other party quickly smiled and responded, changing the topic of conversation.

Ning Li sat down on the sofa next to her.

Ji Shu looked around, feeling bored, so he went over to Ning Li.

“Sister Li, I’ll be going to the Capital soon.”

Ji Shu pulled over a chair and sat down next to her.

Ning Li thought about it for a moment. “Is LY’s training going to start?”

Ji Shu smiled and his face lit up with excitement at the mention of this.


After signing the contract, Ji Shu had officially joined LY.

His daily training and preparation for the competition would gradually increase.

Ji Shu was incredibly excited. “It’s a pity that you can’t come along, Sister Li.”

This was the only thing that Ji Shu felt regretful about.

Ning Li glanced at him. “It’s only so that you would have someone to fix your car whenever and wherever you want, right?”

Ji Shu’s thoughts were exposed, so he immediately retorted. “I wouldn’t do that, Sister Li! Do I look like that kind of person to you?”

Ning Li nodded seriously. “Yes.”

Ji Shu was speechless, but he still wanted to show his loyalty.

“Sister Li, I swear! I really didn’t think of that. Okay, maybe just a little… Like really, really only just for a moment.”

He stretched out two fingers and made a tiny gesture.

“I’m just afraid that no one will be there to guide me if I go over by myself…”

Ning Li took a sip of juice. “LY is very professional in this area. You don’t need to worry.”

Ji Shu was very talented and full of enthusiasm. It was only a matter of time before he made his mark in the industry.

He was destined to be on the track.

Ji Shu shrugged his shoulders and sighed.

He did not deny this, but he was not sure whether those people would be better than Ning Li.

“Sister Li, it’s just too bad that you’re not going.”

Ning Li did not say anything because Ji Shu did not know about Gu Siyang’s offer to her.

Thus, Ji Shu was unaware of the fact that Ning Li had agreed to consider joining LY after the college entrance exams.

There was no need to tell him at this stage. It would not be too late to cross that bridge when it came to it.

Ji Shu crossed his leg, looked inside the banquet hall, and sighed.

“Speaking of which, Sister Li, Second Master Lu must be crazy about you.”

Ning Li’s heart stuttered slightly.

Ji Shu raised his chin.

“He’s been in Yunzhou for so long. Yet, this is the first time he’s hosting a party and it’s all for you. I don’t think a biological brother would do this, right?”

Aside from a biological brother, even Ning Li’s own biological mother was across the street at the Jinsheng Hotel celebrating with Ye Ci instead.

Ji Shu could not help but laugh and tease her. “What is he thinking anyway? Does he actually treat you like his own child?”

Ning Li put her glass down on the table, which made a slight thud.

Ji Shu saw it and recalled what had happened the last time they were at the bar.

“Oh, right, did anything happen last time when you went back?”

Ning Li was expressionless. “No.”

Ji Shu rubbed his chin and nodded. “I knew it. Although it’s not good to be in a bar, you didn’t even drink. Second Master Lu’s quite strict. Look at my parents! They don’t control me, but I still turned out well, right?”

Ning Li looked at him and said, “It’s not that they don’t want to, it’s that they can’t control you.”

Ji Shu was a wild child. The more they controlled him, the more rebellious he got.

That was why his parents were not strict with him. Otherwise, no one would know what else he would be up to.

Ji Shu coughed. “Sister Li, you can’t say that. You can’t expect everyone to be as obedient as you. I just think that Second Master Lu is really something… I guess the average person wouldn’t dare challenge him.”

Lu Huaiyu had such an indescribable aura that even just standing there inexplicably made others feel apprehensive.

‘Sigh… Now that I think of it, it makes sense why Sister Li listens to him!’

Ning Li suddenly got up.

Ji Shu froze for a moment. “Sister Li, what’s wrong?”

Ning Li’s expression was distant. “It’s a bit stuffy here, so I’m going to walk around for a while.”

Ji Shu wanted to tag along, but when he saw Ning Li’s expression, he swallowed those words back.

“It’s cold outside, so don’t wander around too long.”

Ning Li gave a faint “mm” and left.


The Grand Hyatt was located near the river. There was a huge terrace across the banquet hall.

Standing there, one could see the river winding through the city.

There were plenty of buildings on both sides of the river with bright and colorful lights.

The cool breeze whipped at her face, making her feel more alert.

Ning Li tightened the suit jacket around her body.

Ji Shu’s words kept echoing in her ears, which made her heart feel indescribably suffocated.

Of course, she knew that Lu Huaiyu had deliberately held this party for her.

She was grateful, but…

Ning Li reached into the jacket pocket and fumbled around for the chocolate candy.

Although a few of the creases in her heart had been smoothed out, this gold foil-wrapped candy seemed to cause more ripples to appear in her heart.

Ning Li looked around and saw an untouched glass of champagne on a small table nearby.

She walked over and picked up the glass.

The champagne was sweet with a very slight hint of alcohol. It tasted quite nice.

She quickly finished the glass and felt the heat warm up her throat and cheeks.

Ning Li stood there for a while before taking off the jacket. She had initially intended on putting it down, but after thinking about it, she held it in her arms instead.

When the wind blew, she felt that she could smell the wine quite strongly.

She hesitated and lowered her head slightly. The tip of her nose touched the jacket and she gently sniffed it.

It was the scent of crisp cedar.

This was Lu Huaiyu’s scent.

“Ning?” A familiar voice sounded.

Ning Li turned back.