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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 194 - I’m Coming to Pick You Up

Chapter 194: I’m Coming to Pick You Up

There was an address attached to the bottom of the message.

Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Ning Li blinked.

“What kind of party is Second Master Lu suddenly hosting? I haven’t heard about any of his recent activity in Yunzhou.”

“Who knows? Anyway, Mr. and Mrs. Ji have already gone over there. It sounds like they’re not the only ones who went too…”

Several people whispered among themselves.

Su Yuan frowned.

At this moment, Ye Ming also walked over. “What’s going on? What are you talking about?”

Su Yuan turned back to him and told him what had happened.

The smile on Ye Ming’s face froze.

Ye Ci spoke hesitantly, “But…didn’t Uncle Ji already say that they were coming?”

They had sent out the invitations to the celebration banquet two days ago, and the Ji family had replied to the RSVP.

Now, they had bailed at the last minute.

This was quite rude of them.

The woman who had called the Jis earlier interjected, “Apparently, Second Master Lu sent out the invitation this afternoon, so…”

It looked like Lu Huaiyu was deliberately stealing their guests.

Ye Ci slowly clenched her fists, and her lips were tightly pursed.

The Ji family had disrespected the Ye family.

Ye Ming took a deep breath. “I’ll go make a phone call.”

He then walked off to the side and took out his phone to call Ji Wenyuan.

Ye Ci looked at Su Yuan. “Mom…”

Su Yuan gently patted her hand to comfort her.

The other women present looked at each other. None of them said anything.

The situation has already come to this. What else was there to say?

The Ye family’s invitation had been important, but how could it compare to Lu Huaiyu’s?

Lu Huaiyu was very famous in the Capital and had been in Yunzhou for almost a year, but so far, he had been very low-key.

So many people wished to build a relationship with him, but people rarely saw him around.

This was the first banquet that Second Master Lu had hosted. Was it not surprising that no-one would not want to seize this opportunity to attend?

In comparison, the Ye family’s celebration party for Ye Ci was not really worth mentioning.

Even if this irked the Ye family, the Ji family clearly did not care.

It was simply common sense as to which was the better deal.

Ye Ming returned after the phone call.

“Lil Ci, Uncle Ji said that he had some last-minute plans, so he can’t come over today. He’ll make it up to you another day…”

Before he could finish his sentence, his phone rang again.

He looked at it and went aside to answer it.

Ye Ci frowned because she had seen that the caller was Cheng Baiqing.

Just as the Ji family had said they were not coming, the Cheng family was now calling as well…

A trace of uneasiness surged in her heart.

Soon, Ye Ming returned with a glum face.

“Your Uncle Cheng also said that they’re not coming…”

There was dead silence all around.

At this point, everyone could guess what was happening.

Lu Huaiyu had intercepted these people who were supposed to attend Ye Ci’s celebration banquet.

He had even chosen to hold his party at the Grand Hyatt, which was right across the street from Jinsheng Hotel.

There was no way Lu Huaiyu had not been aware of the Ye family’s arrangements this evening. It was clearly an intentional move, but what was his intention for doing that?

Su Yuan walked up to Ye Ming looking worried and anxious. “What’s going on? Did we offend him?”

Ye Ming was also annoyed. “How would I know?”

He had not spoken more than ten words to that man. How could he have offended him?

As for the project, that was even more impossible.

They did not have any business dealings with each other. Moreover, the size of the Ye family’s business was very small compared to the Lu Corporation, so there was no possibility of any competitiveness between them.

Ye Ming was also baffled.

The gentry of Yunzhou consisted of the Cheng, the Ji, and the Ye families.

Now that the Cheng family and the Ji family had refused to attend a banquet held by the Ye family, it was equivalent to a slap in the face for the Ye family.

Ye Ming suddenly remembered something and looked around.

At this point, it would have been reasonable for most of their guests to have arrived. However, only less than half of their guest list had attended.

Su Yuan’s phone rang as well.

After answering the call, her face became even more sullen.

“Mrs. Yu and the girls aren’t coming either.”

It was clear as day where everyone who had not attended their party had gone.

News soon spread throughout the banquet hall, which made the atmosphere tense.

The Ye family had invited nearly thirty people, but half of their guests had gone to Lu Huaiyu’s party at the Grand Hyatt across the street from them.

The remaining half had only stayed because they had not been deemed as qualified to receive an invitation by Lu Huaiyu.

This banquet that should have been a lively celebration had now become very awkward with everyone looking at each other apprehensively.

Ning Li turned around and walked outside.

Su Yuan immediately said, “Ning Li, where are you going?”

Ning Li said in a light voice, “I’m going to get something.”

Su Yuan’s brow furrowed even tighter.

What was Ning Li getting at this hour?

She did not seem to have left anything behind either.

Soon, Su Yuan realized that Ning Li was not heading upstairs, but towards the main entrance of the hotel.

Su Yuan took a few steps forward and blocked her way. She said impatiently, “What’s so important that you have to get it now?”

She was already in a horrible mood because of the bad turnout at Ye Ci’s celebration banquet.

It was at this precise time that Ning Li wanted to leave to get something. Was she too slow-witted to have noticed the situation?

“The banquet is starting now, so get whatever you need later.”

No matter what, this banquet had to go on. Otherwise, it would be even more unpleasant if word got out.

Ning Li’s eyes narrowed slightly. “It’s very important.”

She then bypassed Su Yuan to leave.

Su Yuan looked at her with disbelief.

She knew that Ning Li was stubborn and disobedient, but she had not expected Ning Li to behave like this in front of so many people.

Su Yuan grabbed Ning Li’s wrist. “Ning Li! This is a celebration banquet for you and Lil Ci!”

Ning Li turned around and looked down at Su Yuan’s hand that was holding her wrist.

Long ago, Ning Li had wanted this person to take her hand, but now, she loathed her touch.

“Please let go of me. I have something to do.”

Su Yuan was so furious that she did not listen to what Ning Li had to say.

The Ye family had endured enough humiliation for the day. If Ning Li left now, it would be even more embarrassing for them.

Ning Li frowned.

Just as she was contemplating what she should do, a deep, nonchalant voice suddenly came from behind her.

“Excuse me.”

The entire banquet hall suddenly fell silent as everyone looked in the direction of the voice.

A tall, dapper young man appeared just outside the door of the banquet hall.

He had donned a black suit with a black shirt and casually stood there, attracting everyone’s attention.

That was Lu Huaiyu.

Everyone was puzzled as to why Lu Huaiyu had appeared here.

‘Wasn’t he…’

Ye Ming was the first to react. He quickly stepped forward. “Second Master Lu…”

“I’m sorry to disturb your party, but…” Lu Huaiyu interrupted his words with a smile. Even as he apologized, his tone still sounded as noble and cold as usual.

Ye Ming paused in his footsteps.

Lu Huaiyu glanced at his watch before looking straight at Ning Li, who was in the hall. He raised his eyebrows and smiled lightly.

“Lili, why are you so slow? Everyone’s waiting for you.”